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Trip to Meribia

Head back to Burg. Buy Ramus a Short
Sword and go to the Item Shop. Try to
sell the Dragon Diamond and the
shopkeeper will tell you that you must
go to Meribia to sell it. Meribia is on the
Main Continent, and the only way to get
there is to take a ship through Saith. One
problem. The bridge is down.
Head west from Burg and north. Enter
the house and talk to the man inside. He
says that he can now fix the bridge, but
he needs his Axe, which is in his shed in
the Weird Woods. To find it, hug the
river and follow it north. Save before
you enter.
Beware here, as the monsters get a little
tougher. Mutant Flies are really not too
tough, but they are annoying to fight. If
you run into them, have Luna cast
Supersonic to kill them off. Head south
from the entrance. There are 2 chests
with Heavy Clothes and a Tiara on the
way. Give them to Luna. When you
come to a clearing, talk to the man. This
is Laike, the traveler.
After you talk to him, cross the bridge
to the west and head around to the shed.
Grab the Woodcutter's Axe from the
shed and get out of the Weird Woods.
Once outside, restore your MP at the
fountain and heal your HP. Head back to
the Woodcutter's house. Give him back
the Axe and he will get right to work.
Now head back to Burg. Ramus will leave
to ask his parents if he can go to Meribia.
Go to Alex's house and ask his father. He
will give you a Letter so that you can get
on a boat. Talk to his mother and say that
you are going anyways. She will give you
some Silver to help out. Leave town and
Ramus will join up again. Heal up at a
Healing Monument and cross the newly
built bridge.
Past this bridge, monsters get tougher, but
not too tough. From the bridge, head
southeast. Continue until you reach the
town of Saith. Nothing much to buy in
this town, though you may want to buy
some Poison Darts for Ramus. Head
to the docks and into the house. Talk to
the man behind the counter a few times
and he will read the letter. He asks that
you find a sea chart for him so that the
captain can sail to Meribia.
Talk to Nash a few times and he will
join with the Water Cane. Exit Saith and
head west, hugging the coastline.
Eventually, you will see a house in a valley
surrounded by mountains. Go inside and
talk to the Old Hag. Give her the Water
Cane in exchange for the Sea Chart. Head
back to Saith and give the Sea Chart to
the Captain. As he leaves, he forgets that
the Lighthouse is out, so he asks that Alex
light it for him. He gives you a Flint.
Once you have the Flint, head North to
the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is pretty
straight forward, and quite easy. On the
2nd floor are Leather Clothes. Give them
to Alex. Continue upward until you reach
the 5th floor. Grab the Sling from the
chest and light the Lighthouse. Everyone
will recieve 10 Experience Points. Exit
and talk to the man at the bottom of the
Lighthouse to heal. Return to Saith.
Remove Luna of her equipment and sell
it. Head to the docks and talk with the
Captain. He thanks Alex and says that
if he wishes to go to Meribia to meet him
at the end of the pierr. Save and go to
the end of the pier. Luna says that she
has to stay on the island for the sake of
Alex's parents. She says goodbye as
Alex, Ramus, and Nash head to Meribia.

Short Sword Leather Clothes Wooden Shield Dragon Ring
Poison Dart Heavy Clothes Garbage Can Lid Gloves
Cane Heavy Clothes