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Knowledge and the Red Dragon Cave

First things first, go straight up and grab
the Dover Nut. Use it on Nash to raise
his Defense. Head to the stairs on the
right. Keep in mind that while fighting
the Pious Reapers to use magic on them.
From the stairs, go straight down and flip
the switch on the wall to open the gate.
Go through the nearby gate and shut the
gate with that switch. Go left, down, left,
then take the first path going up. Follow
and go right to flip the switch to shut the
You should now find the nearby steps and
walk along the wall. All of the gates should
be shut. Just follow along to the right along
the tops of the walls until you reach some
steps leading to a chest with the Spire
Key. Grab it and head back to the 1st
floor. Take the stairs on the left this time.
On the next floor, grab the 3 chests at
the bottom and take the stairs going up.
On the 3rd floor is a library. Read the
books if you would wish and take the next
set of stairs.
Go down and grab the Ice Cane. Go
down and right until you see a locked
door. Check it out and the key will unlock
it. Go in and talk to Damon. He will tell
you that Xenobia plans to attack Reza
next and capture a girl named Lily. Keep
talking and you will tell Alex that he must
become a Dragon Master in order to
defeat Xenobia and Ghaleon. Walk out
of the Spire and warp to Althena's Shrine
to rest. Now Warp to Reza.
Head to the pub in town (the entrance to
the Thieves' Bazaar), and Xenobia will
be there waiting. Nall demands that she
return Luna, but Luna is now at Ghaleon's
lair. Once she takes Lily, her mission
will be complete. She then warps off with
Lily, saying that she will see them in the
Frontier. Exit and warp to Meryod. Now
would be a good time to buy Alex a
Steel Armor.
Warp to Damon's Spire and exit it. Head
south past the turtle island and hug the
lake. Make your way northwest until you
reach the Red Dragon Cave. Heal with
magic and use the Healing Fountain to
recover lost MP. Save and enter. Press
any button and the Rain Cloud will be
used to cool down the cave. Enter the
Head straight down and right all the way
and up to the stairs. The monsters in here
shouldn't be much trouble (except for the
Earth Elementals). Just attack to get out
of a jam. On the next floor, take either
path going left (they both lead to the same
spot). Take the stairs on the far left. Follow
to another set of stairs and eventually you
will reach a chest with Sage's Clothes. Give
this to Mia.
Head back up 2 stairways. This time,
take the stairway to the right of the one
you just came out of. Follow and go
right to another stairway. Follow until
you reach a fork. Take the northwest
road to the stairway. Follow and when
you come to another fork, go left to yet
another stairway. Follow to another fork.
Go up to the stairway. Go down and take
the path to the right to recieve an Herb of
Althena. Follow back to the fork and go
down to reach some more stairs.
Follow the rest of the path and you will
soon end up at the dragon alter. Climb the
stairs and you will soon meet the spirit of
the Red Dragon. The spirit gives Alex his
powers. Walk up to the tablet and press
a button to recieve the Red Dragon Shield.
Alex will learn the Dragon Fire spell and
everybody will gain 250 exp. Equip the
Dragon Shield on Alex and exit. Warp
to Meryod and you will now notice that
the bridge is fixed.
Buy a Samurai Blade for Alex, a Great
Sword for Kyle, a Flail for Jessica, and
a Boomerang for Nash. Walk to the
right and enter the Stadius Zone (this is
a good time to fight around if you don't
have money for some of the weapons).
This is also a good time to build up levels.
Stay around Meryod for a while and build
you levels up to around 35-40.
From Meryod, head north, passing the
bathing springs (which the girls can bathe
in if they have soap), and a transmission
spring. When you reach a river, head east
and then south until you reach the town of
Lyton. This town consists mostly of bards
and such. Talk to everybody in town.
People will talk of the Blue Dragon Cave
nearby across the river. Talk to the wizard
in the northern most house in the town.
Tell him Alex's name and he will break the
curse on the river so that you can cross.

Samurai Blade Steel Armor Iron Gauntlet Dragon Shield Iron Helmet
Great Sword Steel Armor Steel Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Flail Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet Mirror Shield
Boomerang Magic Robe Charm Cascade Ring  
Recovery Cane Sage's Clothes Tiara Bracelet