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Opening the Frontier

When inside the lab, go up to the stairs.
This dungeon is probably the most
confusing one in the game, mainly because
of the pipelike structure of it. Monsters
here are not too tough if you built up
Alex's level. From the stairs, follow to the
fork. Go right all the way, down all the
way, left to the fork, then up. Follow until
you have the choice to go up or down
again. Go down, left, down, left all the
way, then up to the stairs.
Follow and go up at the fork. Follow to
another fork and go up and left. At the
crossing, go right and take the 2nd path
going up. Go right all the way and down to
another crossing. Go right all the way and
up. Take the chute to the right. Make
your way right but avoid the chute in the
middle of the lower area. Take the stairs
going back up. On the 3rd floor again,
follow to the crossing and take a left.
Follow in a straight path and take the
Follow and take the 1st path going right.
Follow around the corner and take the 2nd
path going left and the 1st path going up.
Take the stairs. Follow right and at the
fork, go down, right, down, right, and up
to the stairs. This will take you to Myght.
Talk to him (the old elf guy). He will order
you to leave. Talk to him again and Laike
will convince Myght to build him a hot
air balloon. Head left and take the stairs
to the roof.
On the roof you will meet Ghaleon. He
tries to convinve Laike to join him again
and help him rule the world. He even
promised to restore Laike's magic power
(whatever that means). Laike refuses to
side with Ghaleon, believing that power
by those means are useless. Laike says
that he is siding with Alex, believing that
Alex will become a Dragonmaster and
defeat Ghaleon. Before Ghaleon leaves,
he says that the next time they meet, Alex
will surely die. Ghaleon then disappears.
Head back to the 3rd floor and use a
nearby chute to exit the lab. Head back to
Tamur but before entering, unequip Laike
of his equipment. Enter Tamur and he will
leave the party. Sell his equipment and go
back to Laike's house to get your group
together. Once you have the group, Nash
will show up and say that he discovered
the way to the Frontier. The transfer
fountain is the way. Nash said that he was
wounded while trying to triple-cross
Talk to Nash again and tell him that you
believe him. He will rejoin the party and
will return the Blue Dragon Helmet. Give
it to Alex and reorder your party again.
Have Jess heal Nash and head back to
Myght's Lab (use the Healing Fountain
on the way there to restore Nash's MP).
On the 2nd floor, follow the same path
until you reach the fork that takes you
either up or down. Go up this time, down
at the next fork, and right to a red chest.
Open it to recieve a Music Box.
Sure the Music Box means nothing, but
it does give you some money. Warp out
and fly Althena's Shrine to heal, then to
Lyton. Head northeast until you find a
small cave. Go through this cave (no
monsters and it is straightforward). At
the bridge, a guard will let you pass
because Tempest told him that Alex would
be able to help. Continue to the outside.
Head east to the village of Pao.
Head to the biggest tent in the village.
Talk to both women there. Mia and
Jessica will start to feel sick. Jessica will
stay behind with Mia, so now it is just the
men. Talk to everybody in the tent again
and one person will say that you can
touch the Goddess Seal without having
to pay the penalty. Talk to everybody in
town and head east from town to the
water, then north to Grimzol's Cave.
The monsters in this cave can be a bit
tough. Make sure to keep an eye on
your HP. From the entrance, go right
until you see a treasure chest. Open it
to recieve a Pixie's Bow. Give it to Nash.
From there go up, right all the way, down
all the way, and left all the way to a chest
containing a Pixie's Whip. There are tons
of chest in this cave, but few worth getting.
Go up and right and you will run into
Tempest. He will join the party to find the
Goddess' Seal. Give him the Pixie's Whip.
The next floor is big, but nothing is worth
getting. Go down and then left until you
hit a wall. Go down, then left, down, then
left again. Go up and take the path going
right. There should be a chest with a
Holy Water in it. Go up to the stairs. The
3rd floor is huge. From the stairs, go down
all the way, right, up, and right until you
reach a Silver Light. Go back left and take
the 1st path going up. Go right and up all
the way until you reach a chest with an
Insane Sword. Give it to Kyle.
Head down and left. It should take you
right up to a door. Enter and the Inca
God will attack. This fight is not too tough
as long as you have Alex at a high level.
Have Kyle use his Insane Sword on Alex
and himself. Alex and Tempest should
attack, Nash should cast Thunder Thrust,
and Kyle should use Sybillium (or just
attack). Inca God has 4 attacks per turn,
but he won't do too much damage to Alex.
Once dead, you will recieve the Goddess'
Get out of the cave and head back for
Pao. Remove Tempest's Equipment
before entering. It seems that more people
have fallen sick. Head to the tent with
Jessica and Mia. Talk to the shrine maiden
and she will take the Seal and remove
the curse. The town is saved, but Tempest
is still to be punished. He leaves the party
and says that he wishes to see Fresca
before having his punishment. Talk to Mia
and Jessica to get them to join again.
Talk to the elder and he will get up. He
will give you the Mirage Water which can
reactivate the fountain to the frontier. Go
see Tempest before leaving and he will
thank Alex for helping him. Now that you
have the party together, gain some levels
in Grimzol's cave (get everybody to at
least above 45). Heal at Althena's Shrine
and warp to Meryod. Head out the east
exit and head northeast to the Fountain.
Use the Mirage Potion and the fountain
will fill.

Samurai Blade Steel Armor Iron Gauntlet Dragon Shield Dragon Helmet
Insane Sword Steel Armor Steel Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Flail Sage's Clothes Tiara Bracelet Holy Shield
Pixie's Bow Magic Robe Charm Cascade Ring  
Recovery Cane Sage's Clothes Tiara Bracelet