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Meribian Sewers

When you arrive in Meribia, Nash will
leave the party for now. He says that if
you need him, that he will be on Black
Rose Street. Ramus says that he wants
to find a place to sell the Diamond. Before
you do so, check the town out. The
Mansion of Master Mel is at the northeast
part of town. Check it out and talk with
Mel. He doesn't say much, but you learn
about his daughter Jessica.
Don't bother buying any new equipment
just yet. Head to the Jeweler's shop (the
one with the diamond). Talk with Dross
and sell your Diamond. He says that he
will pay 4000 Silver for the Diamond.
Agree to it and he will take the Diamond
and not return. Ramus thinks that they
have been scammed. Follow him. Talk to
the 1st guy and he will say that Dross ran
by there Chuckling. Go down to the next
guy and he will say that only magic can
harm monsters in these sewers.
Nall wishes that Nash was with them. Go
to Black Rose Street (to the west side of
town). Go to the building furthest north
and talk with Nash. He says that this shop
can draw out magic if you have it. Talk to
the man behind the counter and he will
draw out Alex's magic. Alex can now use
magic, but Ramus still cannot. Nash will
not join just yet, but at least now you can
defend yourself with Magic.
Before going back into the Sewers to
get the Diamond back, exit town and head
east. Follow the road directly east and
you will find Althena's Shrine. You can
rest here anytime. While you are outside,
take some time to gain some levels. The
Monsters here are much stronger but give
out more silver and experience. Fight
around the shrine until Alex learns Flamer
(which is around level 14). Also save up
around 2700 Silver for a Carapace Armor
for Alex.
Buy a few Jasmines and Starlights. Have
Ramus and Alex equip them. When
ready, head into the Meribian Sewers in
the Jeweler's shop. Head straight down
until you come to the 1st door. The
monsters in here can be killed only by
magic, so have Ramus Flee and Alex use
Flamer (save time and magic). From the
fork, head right and weave around until
you come to a crossroads. Go up for a
Starlight and right to continue.
Take the first of the two paths going down.
Go down and left. Follow and take the
last path going left. Weave around to the
T and go right. Grab the Starlight in the
chest. Recover Alex's HP and MP
before heading to the door. Save then
go up towards the door, where you will
be met by a Water Dragon (your first
This boss can only be affected by Magic.
It has 250 HP and a nearly limitless supply
of MP. Have Alex use Flame on the
Water Dragon and Ramus Flee. If Alex's
HP should get low, have Ramus use a
Jasmine. If Alex's MP gets low, have
Ramus use a Starlight. Don't worry if
Ramus gets killed, just have Alex heal
himself when needed. About 10 rounds
should kill it. If Ramus is dead, then Alex
can take all the Exp. (which I encourage).
Head down the stairs. Take both Starlights
from the chests. Talk to Dross. He first
offers 1000 Silver for it. Deny it and he
offers 2000 Silver. Deny it again and he
offers 3000 Silver, which is all he has.
You can beat him up, but he still only
offers 3000 Silver. Take the offer and
he will leave saying that he will do nothing
but honest business from now on. Ramus
takes 1/2 of the money which leaves Alex
with 1500 Silver. Not bad.
Make your way out of the Sewers. When
you come to the entrance of the Jeweler's
Shop, unequip Ramus of everything and
then talk to Nash. He says that Alex
should study Magic. He then offers Alex
to go to Vane and study magic. Accept
the offer and Nash will join, but Ramus
will leave, saying that Magic is beyond his
grasp. Give Nash Ramus' old Gloves and
Leather Clothes. Sell the rest of it and buy
Nash a Bow. Buy Alex a Leather Gauntlet
and a Helmet, but no new weapon.
As you leave town, Nash says that you
can find a Transfer Fountain to Vane
far south of Meribia near the foot of the
Mountain Range. Exit town and heal at
Althena's Shrine. To get to the Fountain,
follow the road south. Don't take any of
the side roads, and eventually you should
reach the fountain. Save here.

Short Sword Carapace Armor Leather Gauntlet Wooden Shield Helmet Dragon Ring
Bow Leather Clothes Gloves