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Path to Damon's Spire

Warp to Iluk and visit the house in the
southeast corner. Talk to the man and he
will ask you to bring him the Spirit of the
Rain Cloud. If you already bought it, talk
to him again else go back to Reza and
buy it. He says that the entrance to the
Red Dragon Cave is blocked by lava
flow. Perhaps the Rain Cloud can
overcome this obsticle.
Now talk to the inventor in the northeast
house. He says that you can use the
balloon to get to Damon's Spire if you
go to the desert to the east and get the
Giant Root that the monsters drop. Well,
right now you have no choice. Heal up
and head straight east until you come up
to the Eastern Desert.
The monsters in this desert are pretty
tough and can take a lot of damage. You
are looking for Man Eating Plants. You
must kill them in order for them to drop
the Giant Roots. However, they might
not always drop them. They only attack
once attacked, so kill quick. It may take
a while, but once you have them, exit the
desert, as there is nothing else in here.
Head back to Iluk and give the inventor
the Giant Roots. Follow him to the
balloon and talk to him. Enter it and
Jessica will offer to steer it. You fly
around for a while over the Volcano and
Damon's Spire. The winds pick up and
Jessica tells everyone that the steering
is broke. The balloon then crash lands
in Reza. Remind yourself not to let Jess
steer again.
Talk around Reza and you will find out
that someone in Meryod has seen Damon.
Meryod is far north of Reza, so make
your way north and eventually you should
be in Meryod. Meryod is a real hick town.
People there hit on the girls left and right.
If you go to the Pub, one man says that
the man who has seen Damon is not here
at the moment. Also, don't buy any new
equipment yet.
Try to cross the bridge in the north part
of town. It will collapse (and Nall will rub
in the fact that he doesn't care). Everyone
gets swept away by the river to different
parts of town. Kyle is in the Pub getting
drunk. Jessica is in the house just southwest
of the Pub getting hit on by the hicks. Nash
is by armor shop blaming Alex for the
bridge incident. And Mia is on the bottom
docks being picked on by other hicks.
Now that the party is assembled again,
head to the Pub. Talk to the man on the
left and he will tell you how to get to
Damon's Spire. He says to go south from
Reza to a road in the mountains that lead
to a floating green island near the beach.
He then says to play some beautiful music,
which will be the key. Now if you want to
buy some new armor, go ahead. I usually
just buy Kyle a Steel Armor and Helmet.
Nothing for Alex yet.
Warp to Reza and head southwest. Follow
the mountain trail and you should soon see
the green island. Press any button and
Alex will play his Harp. The island starts
to move as Nall realizes that it is a huge
Sea Turtle. He takes you across the sea
and to Damon's Spire. In case you ever
decide to go somewhere else, you can
always warp back to Damon's Spire (but
only if you have already entered it.)
From the entrance of the Spire's Forest,
head east and take the 1st path going
south. Follow around until you head west.
Take the path going north and head east
on that path. Follow that path until you
reach a stairway leading to the inside of
Damon's Spire. Save here and enter.
Scimitar Iron Armor Iron Gauntlet Mirror Shield Iron Helmet
Dark Sword Steel Armor Steel Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Mace Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet Mirror Shield
Crossbow Magic Robe Charm Cascade Ring  
Recovery Cane Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet