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Stadius Zone

Once the Wizard uncursed the river, head
north and you will see small rocks in the
river. You can now cross over. Head
north and at the fork (the place with the
plataeu and the 2nd Healing Monument),
head east and then north. Cross the rocks
and enter the waterfall into the Blue
Dragon Cave.
From the entrance, go left and pick up the
2nd Sage's Clothes. Give that to Jessica.
Head down to the bottom and take a left.
Take the 2nd path going up from the far
left and take the stairs. The monsters
here can be a nightmare, but not too much
of a problem. Dragon Fish should be
fought with Magic. On the 2nd floor, head
all the way down and take a right. Go up
and follow to the stairway.
Go all the way down (pick up the Starlight
if you want), go left and then all the way
up to another stairway. This next part is
a bit confusing, so listen up. Head right
and take the 4th path going down. Head
down and take the 2nd path going right.
Weave around and when you come to a
flat wall on the right, head down to the
fork and take the left path. If you did it
right, you will be rewarded with a Holy
Shield (for Jessica). Go right and take the
Heal up and save. Follow and when you
reach a big room, go towards the lower
right corner and you will meet the Brainiac.
This boss can be quite tough unless you
are at a high level. Have Alex use Dragon
Fire, Kyle fight, Jessica stay back and
heal, Nash cast Thunder Shot 2 (or
Thunder Thrust if he has it), and have Mia
cast Trouble Bubble (or Flameria if she
has it). Brainiac can cast Waterfall which
can hurt badly, but he also can attack 3
times, so be ready to heal.
About 2200 HP kills the Brainiac. Once
he is dead, head right to the Dragon Alter.
Go the stairs, talk to the Blue Dragon
Spirit, and go to the alter to recieve the
Blue Dragon Helmet. Alex will learn the
Dragon Tear spell and everybody will
gain 400 Exp. Start to leave and Xenobia
will show up and command Nash to grab
the Dragon Helmet and give it to her.
Nash takes the Helmet and goes to her.
They both then teleport away. You've been
Now that the party is Nash-less, get out
of the Blue Dragon Cave. Head back to
Lyton and head south from there. Follow
the narrow passage until you reach the
town of Tamur. Not much to do in Tamur.
Go across the bridge and sell any unwanted
equipment at the item shop. Go up the
stairs there and into the first house where
you will find Laike again. He says that in
order to become a Dragonmaster you need
to enter the Goddess' Tower from the sky.
Laike offers to show you where a man
named Myght lives. Myght can help you
to the Goddess' Tower. Take him up on
the offer and he'll join the group, but will
make Kyle, Jessica, and Mia stay behind.
Laike is POWERFUL! He only wields
a Scimitar, Heavy Clothes, and a Leather
Gauntlet, and that is all he will ever need.
Now would be a good time to build up
your level. Leave through the south gate
(Laike will leave) and Alex will be alone.
Now that Alex is alone, the Exp he hears
will be ALL his. The best place to fight is
around Lyton (where the Goblins live).
Alex could end up with over 1000 Exp
per fight if he fights around there. If you
want to make things easier, use Glow
Beam, Light Rain, or Dragon Bolt to make
things quick. If you run low on MP, use
the Healing Fountain near the Blue Dragon
Cave. Level up to around level 60 (Alex
gains a 3rd attack by level 57).
After you reach level 60, head back to
Tamur and pick up Laike. If you notice
the stats now, Laike and Alex are almost
similar now (except that Laike has 1 more
move and attack). Head to the north gate
and talk to the couple just below it. This
is Tempest and Freschesa (Fresca for
short). Talk to Tempest again and he will
tell you that he is looking for skilled
warriors. He challenges Alex to a fight.
After the fight, Tempest says that Alex was
his strongest opponent, besides Laike.
Laike is by far the strongest character you
will ever meet. 4 attacks, 4 moves, and
Coup de Grace, a skill that increases his
attack by 255. He also has Sybillium, a
very powerful attack skill. However,
Laike's MP is a lot like Kyle's, very very
low. If you leveled up Alex (which you
have better), then his and Laike's HP
should be similar. Anyways, from the north
gate go east and then north to Might's
Lab. Save and enter.

Samurai Blade Steel Armor Iron Gauntlet Dragon Shield Iron Helmet
Scimitar Heavy Clothes Leather Gauntlet