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The Trial

Enter the fountain. Walk to the circle on
the left and Nash will leave saying that
first timers must complete the Cave of
Trial. He warps to Vane. Save here and
enter the circle and you will be warped
to the Cave of Trial.
At the beginning is a man who can heal
you at anytime. Keep in mind that the
monsters here can only be damaged by
magic. Grab the Calm Herb from
the chest to your north and then head
right from the fountain. Go up and take the
first left. Follow to the stairs. I usually
stick around this floor until Alex learns
Blazing Fire (which is around Level 21).
Once you learn Blazing Fire, continue
to the next floor.
Go down and take the first path going
left. Take the 2nd path going down and
take a right at the fork. If you want, take
the first down and go left all the way to
get a Starlight. Either way, go right and
down. Take the path going left and follow
until you come to a big opening. Grab the
Silver Light and restore your HP. Make
sure you at least have more than 15 MP
left over. Go right and face the next boss.
The Bronze Dogs are really quite easy.
Keep in mind that they can only be harmed
by magic. If you wish to not get hit, Flee
on your first move and then cast Flamer
on the next 2 or 3. Flamer for about 2
or 3 rounds kills all four of them, as they
only have 68 HP. After the fight, collect
a 2nd Silver Light and a Holy Flute and
go up the stairs.
This last floor is huge. First things first,
go up, take the 2nd right, go up, left, and
follow up for a Chain Mail. Have Alex
equip it and head back down. Go right
at the T and take the 2nd path going right.
At the 4 way crossroads, go down for
a Calm Herb or up to continue. Grab
the Starlight on your way up and go left.
Go down and take either path going up.
Follow until you come to a big open room
like before. Heal and head towards the
This battle is a little tougher, but if you
have Blazing Fire like I suggested, this will
be much easier. On your first turn, use
Blazing Fire. The Truffle Troubler will
move closer. Flee on your 2nd turn and
on your 3rd turn onward, use Blazing
Fire. If 3 or 4 more shots doesn't kill it,
hope that your HP holds out, as this boss
can attack 3 times! The Truffle Troubler
has 300 HP, so around 5 shots with
Blazing Fire should kill it.
Go up and talk to the man guarding the
exit. He will let you pass and Alex gains
50 Exp. Go in and see a cutscene with
Vane overlooking Althena's Tower. You
are then welcomed by Nash. He says that
he must tell Master Ghaleon about Alex
and runs off to tell him. Now if you want
to buy some new equipment, do so now.
The only thing I buy now though is a Long
Sword for Alex. Don't sell your Carapace
Armor just yet.
When you are ready, talk around town a
bit. The people mostly talk about magic
and of Master Ghaleon. Go to the back
part of Vane and to the Silver Spire. Alex's
Dragon Ring will glow. Talk to the girl
standing inside. This is Mia. She talks
about her mother a bit. Lemia seems to
be acting strangely, or so she says. Now
head to the Magic Guild and you will find
Nash in the room to the right. He goes to
talk to Ghaleon. Follow him.
Talk with Ghaleon. He says that Nash
has told him a great deal about Alex, and
then says "Perhaps you can help me." He
then goes to say that he is ready to help
Alex get into the guild and he will talk to
Lemia as soon as Alex shows Ghaleon
how much power he has. Talk to his
assistant, Glumm, and he tells Alex to go
northwest to the village of Lann and to
find out if the man who claims to be the
next Dragonmaster is an imposter.
Talk to Nash and invite him to come along.
Sell the Music Box in the chest in
Ghaleon's room and give Nash the
Carapace Armor. Also give him the
Cascade Ring that you can find in the
Library. Exit Vane and take the road
that goes Northwest. When you come to
a crossing, continue northwest and follow
the road until you reach the town of
There is very little in this town. The main
thing to do is to visit the Mayor's house.
Talk to Jessica inside. She introduces
herself. Talk to her until she mentions a
fight with a jerk from Nanza. She offers
to join to blow off some steam. Take
her up on the offer.

Long Sword Chain Mail Leather Gauntlet Wooden Shield Helmet Dragon Ring
Bow Carapace Armor Gloves Cascade Ring    
Claw Cool Robe Tiara