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Marius Zone

Before heading through the Nanza
Barrier, take some time and head back
to the Weird Woods. Remember those
Red Chests that you couldn't open? Well,
Kyle can open them with ease. The Wierd
Woods contain a Vigor Peach and a
Recovery Cane (where the Tree used to
stand). Give the Recovery Cane to Mia.
Warp to Meribia and to Master Mel's.
There are 2 Jewels and a Diamond Ring in
the Red Chests on the 2nd floor.
Now if you want to head back into the
Meribian Sewers through Master Mel's,
good time to do so. The Red Chests
contain an Earth Cane and a Diamond
Ring. At the bottom part, you will see
a man named Brett. He challenges you to
a game of Blackjack. I usually don't do so,
because I think this game is rigged. I only
win about once every 100 tries. Save your
money. Grab the rest of the treasures and
get out.
Buy Kyle a Leather Gauntlet and Helmet..
Warp to Vane. In case you never found
this before, read Ghaleon's Diary on the
desk at the Guild. He talks about sealing
Lemia's power and calling Xenobia to
pose as her. He then talks about keeping
an eye on Mel and Quark and the Human
Goddess. Seems that this whole thing
was a setup.
Warp back to Nanza. There is a Hyram
Nut in a chest in the house on the lower
right corner. Have Jessica use the Hyram
Nut on herself to raise her agility by 3.
Also here is a funny scene where a man
tells Alex that the chances of Alex
becoming a Dragonmaster are like the
chances of Ghaleon turning into a Spry
Leprechaun and dancing off into the
sunset. I like those chances.
Head to the big building and talk to the
man guarding the door. Go through and
grab the Chain Mail in the chest and give
it to Kyle. Heal up and head into the
Nanza Barrier. The first part of the
barrier is pretty straight forward. The
monsters come in groups of about 8 and
can put your party to sleep (at least the
Count Antulas). Just keep heading east
and you should eventually come to a
stairwell going up.
The next part of the Barrier is just as
straight forward as the last part, only not
as long. Take the path going up to recieve
a Starlight. Both paths lead to the same
place. Follow and take the next stairs.
The last part is again, straight forward.
Follow and when you come to a T, go
right for a Calm Herb and up to continue.
Wind around and talk to the people who
were given Kyle's Free Protection. Go
up the stairs and to the Marius Zone.
Monsters from here on will start attacking
not only from the front, but from behind
as well. Head east from the Nanza
Barrier and you should soon reach the
town of Iluk. There is a weapons shop in
town. Buy Alex a Scimitar, Nash a
Crossbow, and Jessica a Mace. Before
doing much more, Warp to Althena's
Shrine and heal up, then Warp back to
In the house in the southeast corner, there
is an Alcana Nut in the chest. Have Mia
use it to boost her Magic Power higher.
Talk to the guy in the northeast house.
He says that he is working on a Hot Air
Balloon and that it should be done soon.
Well, since you can't do much else, head
southeast from town and when you hit
some mountains, go east until you come
to the town of Reza. Save before entering.
Upon entering, a thief steals the White
Dragon Wings. Kyle says that it is one
of his men, but why he stole it, he don't
know. In the shop in the northwest part
of town is Dross (the crooked jeweler
from Meribia). Don't deposite any items
in there, else you will never get them back.
Talk around and you will soon learn that
Reza was once a prison camp, but it is
now a refuge for thieves.
Enter the building on the northeast corner
(the one marked by the Coffee Mug).
Talk to Laike inside. He asks Alex if the
rumors about Ghaleon are true. Tell him
that they are and he gives you some
advice. Talk to him again and he says to
ask the guy who collects weird things in
Iluk, as he knows how to get to the Red
Dragon Cave.
Now to get your wings back. Go upstairs
and talk with the guard. Then talk to the
bald guy at the bar stand and he tells you
that the bartender is actually the leader
of the thieves. Talk to him and he says
that if you can open the chest in the corner,
then he will let you in. Go over and Kyle
will open it (after a funny scene with Jess).
You will recieve the Thief's Crest.
Talk to the guard and you can now enter
the Bazaar. Once in, talk to the guy
standing by the 3rd shop and he will give
the wings back after telling about him
being under Xenobia's spell. Grab the
Itaka Nut from the chest on the right and
use it on Kyle to raise his Attack Power.
Now buy an Iron Armor and Helmet for
Alex and Kyle. Also buy a Rain Cloud
(and some Soap if you want to access a
fun feature later in the game).
Scimitar Iron Armor Iron Gauntlet Mirror Shield Iron Helmet
Dark Sword Iron Armor Iron Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Mace Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet Mirror Shield
Crossbow Magic Robe Charm Cascade Ring  
Recovery Cane Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet