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Almost a Dragonmaster

The Black Dragon Cave contains basically
the same monsters as before. From the
entrance, go down, left, and up to the
stairs. Just follow the path on this floor to
another stairway. Go down all the way and
take a left. Go up to the fork and take the
upper left pathway. Go left and down and
follow. Here you will notice the old man
from the Cadin Black Dragon Cave.
Continue to the next stairway.
This next floor has Kyle's best armor, the
Insane Armor. To get it, go down-left
from the entrance until you hit a wall. Go
down and right. Take the 2nd path going
up. Follow to a fork and go down to get
the Insane Armor. Head back to the
place where you took the 2nd up. Go right
to the wall, then go down and left. Follow
to the next set of stairs. Make sure that
you have the Insane Armor before leaving
this floor.
On this floor, go down and take the 1st
path going right. Continue going down and
right until you are actually going right in
a straight direction. Take the 1st path
going up and weave around. Go up and
then take the path going left. Follow to the
stairways. Save and heal now. Follow
until you reach the big room and then the
floor will start to shake. You will then see
a bunch of bones form together to form
the skeleton of the Black Dragon!
Enjoy the new boss music and then fear
the fact that the Black Dragon has 4900
HP! The Black Dragon also does quite a
bit of damage as well. This fight can be
tough if your levels are low. Have Alex
attack, Kyle use Sybillium, Jessica use
Magic Camp, Nash attack, and Mia
use Landquake (or Bye Bye Air if she has
it). Have Jessica heal when needed, and
have Kyle attack when Sybillium runs
out. Keep up the attacks and the Black
Dragon will soon fall.
After the battle, Ghaleon's voice will be
heard. He applaudes Alex and says that
he just killed his last chance of becoming
a Dragonmaster. Now that the last Dragon
is dead, Ghaleon can now control Althena.
Contiune on to the door and enter the
Black Dragon Alter. Do the usual
procedure and grab the Black Dragon
Armor. You now have all of the Dragon
Armor pieces. Alex learns Dragon Quake
and everybody gains 1450 Exp.
Warp out and warp to Marke again. Head
to the Elder's house and talk with the girl
there. She says that she escaped from
Ruid with the help of Luna. She says that
they made a duplicate key to Ruid and
she gives it to you. Talk to the elder and
he will be amazed that you found the
armor. Talk again and he says that the last
thing you need is Althena's Sword to
become a Dragonmaster. Without it, Alex
is no match for Ghaleon.
Time to head to Ruid and stop the
Grindery. From Marke, head east until
you hit a blue lake. Continue east until you
reach the ocean. Head south from there
and go west after the 2nd mountain range.
You should soon see Ruid. Open the
gates and talk around town. You will hear
that everybody here was taken by force
to work on the Grindery. Enter Taben's
Tower at the top of the town.
Taben's Tower is pretty straight forward.
The monsters here are quite strong to
weapons, so magic might work just fine.
Wind around the first floor to the stairway.
Take the path to the left and follow to
another stairway. Continue following and
take the next stairway. Again, follow but
when you see the 1st stairway, go left
past it and take the next stairway. Go
right. Grab the Holy Clothes (for Mia) and
head right to the next stairs. Talk to the
man in the center.
This is Taben, Ghaleon's evil inventor. He
realizes that you are here to stop Ghaleon,
so he sends 3 Knight Tanks to attack. This
can be a tough fight, since the Knight
Tanks are strong to weapons. Have Alex
cast Dragon Quake, Kyle use Sybillium,
Jessica heal when needed, Nash cast
Thunder Thrust, and Mia cast Landquake.
Keep up the attacks and they should fall
very quickly.
Once they are defeated, the Grindery
starts to move. Walk out of the Tower
and outside of Ruid. You should notice
some tracks. Follow them and they will
suddenly come to an end. To save some
time, fly to Talon. You will notice that the
Grindery rolled right over most of the
town. Exit the town and you will see the
Grindery. Ghaleon now controls Althena's
power and he fires a beam at Vane,
sending it to the ground.
The Grindery is now right in front of you.
Time to finish the job. Try to enter the
Grindery and Ghaleon will laugh at your
attempt, as the Grindery is protected by
Althena. Everything goes black and you
will soon wake up in the Thieve's Bazaar.
Nall says that Alex has been out for a
week. Once you have control, buy an
Insane Helmet from the guy on the far left.
Head upstairs and talk to the girls. Go on
and talk to the guys.
When you talk to the men, they both
sound very hopeless. Go back and talk
to the girls again. They will both rejoin.
Go talk to the guys again. The girls will
conk some sense into the men. When you
get the party together again, Laike will
come by and say that Myght's Balloon is
ready. He then tells the truth that he is
really Dyne. What a plot twist. Give Kyle
the Insane Helmet and sell every Silver
or Starlight you own.
Head to the Thieve's Bazaar and stock
up on Seeds of Vigor. You may not need
that many, but it will at least allow you to
use a lot of Magic. Equip at least 2 or 3
to everybody as well. It might not be bad
to fly to Meribia and buy some Herbs of
Althena and equip some of those as well.
Fly to Althena's Shrine and heal, then fly
to Myght's Lab. He will say that the
Balloon is ready upstairs. Start to climb the
ladder and Xenobia will show up. Go on
and Laike will show up to stop Xenobia.
Laike says that Alex does not have
enough power to stop her or Ghaleon yet.
He goes on to say that there is still a
member of the Dragon Tribe alive which
will allow Alex to become a
Dragonmaster. Xenobia turns Laike to
stone, but he still manages to fight her.
Head to the balloon and Jessica will take
control (oh boy, here we go again).
You'll fly to Althena's Tower. A light will
block you from entering and the Balloon
Crashes at the tower base.

Dyne's Sword Dragon Armor Iron Gauntlet Dragon Shield Dragon Helmet
Insane Sword Insane Armor Insane Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Silver Claw Saint Clothes Tiara Bracelet Holy Shield
Pixie's Bow Holy Clothes Charm Cascade Ring  
Recovery Cane Holy Clothes Tiara Bracelet