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Ghaleon's Betrayal

Before heading to the White Dragon
Cave, head to Burg. Head home and
talk to Alex's Parents. After that, head to
the Memorial of Dyne. Ghaleon thinks
that the Memorial is underwhelming and
says that he cannot forgive a world that
sacrificed Dyne to save itself. Hmmm...
Head now to Burg Springs. Luna awaits
Alex there. This is one of the few scenes
where Alex actually talks. Talk to Luna
again and she will introduce herself to
Ghaleon. Ghaleon says that Luna looks
like somebody, but he doesn't say who.
Hmmm... Talk to Luna again and she will
say that she has been having many bad
dreams as of late.
Now you can head to the White Dragon
Cave. Notice that Ghaleon is extremely
powerful. 1600 HP and can do more
damage with his Cane than Alex can do
with his Long Sword. Make your way to
Quark's Lair. As you enter, Ghaleon
wonders why Dyne had to sacrifice himself
to Althena and the 4 Dragons, who are
the central powers of the world. He thinks
that they could have saved themselves
without having Dyne die. That is why he
can never forgive them.
Notice Ghaleon's Last words on this topic.
"They don't deserve to rule the world...
I do!". Talk to Quark and he reconizes
Ghaleon. Ghaleon blames Quark for the
death of Dyne and tells that he will soon
rule the world. He then shoots some magic
at Quark as Alex yells to him to stop.
All that stands in Ghaleon's way is now
Althena. Before Quark dies, he tells Alex
that he must become a Dragon Master.
He then tells Alex to grab the White
Dragon Wings from the next room.
Head to the room to the left of Quark's
room. Go up the stairs and to the alter.
Grab the White Dragon Wings. They
cannot be used yet, but they can warp
you from Town to Town with ease. Alex
then learns the Dragon Bolt spell and
gains 100 Exp. At this time, you also lose
your Dragon Ring. Don't equip the wings.
Exit the Cave and rest at Althena's Shrine.
Hurry back to Burg Springs, making
sure not to use any magic. The Springs
are now dried up. Once you enter, Luna
screams for Alex's help. Go up and meet
with Xenobia again. She says that Luna
could pose a threat if she really is a
Goddess. Xenobia also says that Ghaleon
wants Luna in his care. Xenobia then
sends 3 Pipers and 3 Gargoyles to attack.
This isn't fair. Six on one. What a
disadvantage... for them. Pound them with
Dragon Bolt. The Pipers won't hurt you
much, but the Gargoyles can put a hurting
on you. Just keep up the Dragon Bolt
attack and within about 4 rounds, they
should all die out. Xenobia then gets
mad and takes Luna and disappears.
Nall then believes that Ghaleon is the
Magic Emperor. Just then, the White
Dragon Wings shine. You can now use
Use the Wings to Warp to Althena's
Shrine. Rest and head back to Burg. Talk
to Alex's Parents a few times and they
will turn into a Gargolye and a Piper.
This fight is a bit easier. Pound them with
Dragon Bolt until 1 dies, then attack the
other one until it dies. Now look around
town. Nobody is there and Dyne's
Memorial is destroyed. If you go outside,
a new overworld theme will play (and
a much cooler one might I add).
Warp to Meribia. Notice the change in
Music here as well. Head to Master Mel's
Mansion and to the 2nd floor. Talk to
Jessica and then look at Mel. Talk to the
man standing to the left and he says that
Mel was turned to stone by Xenobia.
Talk to Jessica again and she will join.
You can head to the Meribian Sewers
through the stairs at the southwest corner
of this floor, but I usually wait for a bit.
Buy Jessica a Mirror Shield.
Warp to Vane and go to the Magic Guild.
Talk with Mia and she says that they
found her mother in prison, but she can't
remember anything. Talk with Mia again
and she will join. Talk to Nash and he
thinks that everybody blames him for this
mess. He told Ghaleon about the White
Dragon Cave and of Luna. Nash offers
to join to fix this mess. Buy Jessica a
Bracelet and buy Nash a Charm.
Exit Vane and head north. Follow the
road to the crossroads and follow the
road going south. You should soon reach
the town of Nanza. Head to the middle
building and talk with the man behind the
desk on the left. This is Kyle. He
reconizes Jessica and asks about the
situation. He calls the rest of the party
whimps (this is the Jerk from Nanza from
before). Jessica asks that Kyle let them
pass the Nanza Barrier. Talk again and
Kyle joins.
Long Sword Chain Mail Leather Gauntlet Mirror Shield Chain Helmet
Dark Sword Leather Clothes Headband    
Claw Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet Mirror Shield
Bow Magic Robe Charm Cascade Ring  
Poison Dart Magic Robe Tiara Bracelet