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The Frontier

The monsters in the Dark Cave aren't
that much different from those in Grimzol's
Cave. From the fountain, head straight up
to the stairs going down. None of the
chests in here are worth getting, and you
want to quickly get out of here. On the
5th basement, go down, right, and up to
the stairs going back up to the 5th floor.
Head directly left to another set of stairs.
On the 3rd basement, head left to another
On the 2nd basement, head left to a
stairway going down. Head left again until
you find a stairway going back up. Now
go down, right, and up to another stairway
going up. On the last floor, go down and
take the 1st left all the way, and then up
to the exit to the Frontier. From the
Dark Cave, head southwest until you
reach the town of Cadin. Talk to everyone
in town and you will find out that the Black
Dragon Cave is near this town. You will
also learn some of Ghaleon's evil plots.
Rest up at Althena's Shrine and warp back
to Cadin. Head east along the south side
of town and you will soon reach the
Black Dragon Cave. This part of the
cave is only 1/2 of the actual cave. From
the entrance, head right along the upper
wall until you can't go any further. Head
all the way down to recieve some Holy
Clothes. Give these to Nash. Go back up
and take a right. Go up and take the path
on the right to the stairway.
The monsters in this cave are a bit tougher
so don't be afraid to use some Magic here.
Head left, down, left and take the first
path going down. Just follow around until
you reach another stairway. On the 3rd
floor, go down and take a right. Hang
around the upper wall and you will
eventually, you will reach an old man.
Tell him that you do wish to become a
Dragonmaster and he will give you the
Hero's Crest and everybody gains 500
Grab Dyne's Sword from the chest. Give
it to Alex. Now exit the cave. Warp to
Althena's Shrine to heal, then warp back
to Cadin. From Cadin, head south to the
Orange Lake, then head west around the
lake and east through the narrow pieces
of land. When you reach a blue lake, head
north around it then southeast down the
side of the mountain. You should eventually
reach the town of Talon. Save and enter.
Talon is a mining town. You will learn that
each person was kidnapped to work in
the mines to gather Iron Ore. On person
mentions that the entire town of Burg is
working in the mines. People will also talk
about how powerful Ghaleon has become.
Some people also talk about soldiers that
are made totally from steel and iron and
that are impossible to stop. Head to the
highest point in Talon and enter the Talon
The Mines are not too tough to navigate,
and the monsters are not as tough as they
were in the Black Dragon Cave. From the
entrance, head left, down, right, down, and
follow left to the end. Go up to the stairs.
Follow until you hit a fork. Follow up and
go up again. Follow to some stairs. On
the next floor, just follow the same path
without taking any side-routes. Go down
the stairs. Go down and take the 2nd right.
Follow this path until you reach a big room.
Here you will meet Alex's Parents. Talk to
them for a bit. Alex's dad will tell that at
one time, Master Dyne brought a baby
and a strange pet for him to take care of.
The baby is Luna, and the pet is Nall.
Hmmm. Could be interesting. Head through
the 2nd door from the left and to the stairs.
Follow to two more sets of stairs. From
these stairs, head left and take the 3rd path
going down. Follow this path until you
reach the Commander. Talk to him twice.
Since he cannot let anybody pass, he will
have to kill you. But not without a fight.
This fight is realatively easy, though the
Commander can shell out 100 HP damage
to even Alex. Have Nash cast Thunder
Thrust while the rest physically attack the
Commander. Just keep up the attacks and
the Commander will fall. After he falls, he
credits you on your strength, but then gives
you the real test, a fight against one of
Taben's Dragon Tanks!
The Dragon Tank is tough, but is pretty
weak to Magic. To keep it away from the
rest of the party, have Alex attack it up
front. Kyle should use the Insane Sword
on Alex then use Sybillium. Nash should
use Thunder Thrust, Jessica Camp
Defender, and Mia should cast Flameria
(or any other stronger magic). Have Jessica
heal when needed as well. After about
1800 HP, the Dragon Tank will fall.
The commander gives you credit and says
that Alex might be strong enough to defeat
Ghaleon. He steps aside and lets Alex
pass. Talk to him again and he will say that
he is going to free the slaves and send them
home, even though Ghaleon will probably
kill his family. He hopes that Alex can
defeat Ghaleon before then. Follow the
path and exit the mines.
Head northwest of the mines until you
reach the town of Marke. Enter town and
the fly to Althena's Shrine to rest up. Fly
back. Marke is a town Loyal to Althena.
In town you will hear a few stories, like
the one that Dyne and Ghaleon fought to
see who would become Dragonmaster, in
which Ghaleon barely lost. But they were
stll friends afterward. Ghaleon now hates
the Goddess for asking Dyne to risk his
Enter the Elder's house on the northwest
side of town. Talk to him and he will take
the Hero's Crest from you. Follow the
guy he sends to the Black Dragon Shrine.
Talk to him and he will heal you. Enter
the shrine and pick up the Saint Clothes
and the Silver Claw (both for Jessica).
Save up and enter the Black Dragon

Dyne's Sword Steel Armor Iron Gauntlet Dragon Shield Dragon Helmet
Insane Sword Steel Armor Steel Helmet Iron Gauntlet  
Silver Claw Saint Clothes Tiara Bracelet Holy Shield
Pixie's Bow Holy Clothes Charm Cascade Ring  
Recovery Cane Sage's Clothes Tiara Bracelet