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Welcome oh dear readers to the Walkthrough section. The Links you see below lead different sections of the walkthrough. Wild Arms 2 is a linear game and there are very few sections in the game you can go to at your own speed. The basic premise of this walkthrough is that if you are going to use it you'll follow it section by section. Except for side quests and Diablo Pillars these are in the order you have to take.

Disc One

Main Character Opening Scenarios The Cat Chase to the new ARMs
ARM's final member to Telepath Tower Mt. Chug Chug to The awakening of KnightBlazer
Gathering the Crystals to the Fight for the Pillar The Information Tablets to the return to T'bok.
The first fight with the Demon hunter to the Emulation Zone ^.^ A medium run around to the Return of a friend
The Insane quest for Mediums! The Diablo Pillars!
The Final Battle with Odessa

Disc Two

The Maze of Memories to the Grotto of Lourdes The Sacrificial Altar to the Battle with the Nuclear Dragon
The Good Luck Zone to the Meteorite Crater Raypoint Flam to Raypoint Wing
Raypoint Muse to the Promised Catacombs The Firey Wreckage to the Final Battle!
The Pirate's Warren and the Fab Lab!