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Bosses: Disc one

Boss #1: Kalivos: The sealed Monster weapon
Hp: Body: 400
Claws: 200(right and left)
Strategy: Not much to it. Beat the crap out of him and you'll win. If you care to risk it you could go for his claws for bonus EXP. I strongly recommend that you don't. His normal attack is easy to deal with; it does around 15 Hp in damage. Where as his laser attack once you slag his claws does around 25-30. If you make one mistake in your judgment you'll be dead. If you are going to go for his claws, then make sure you've beaten his main body down to one hit until death. Otherwise you'll be in for a bumpy trip.

Boss #2: Gremalkin: The Parasite Colony monster
Hp: Gremalkin: 480
Belly: 200
Strategy: Again..not much to this fight. Just use your lock on ability combined with your bazooka. Keep your hps up and destroy the belly for extra experience. I hope that you didn't waste your ammo because if you did then you are going to have a slightly more difficult time wasting this boss. If you did waste all of your ammo just beat away at him and keep your Hps up.

Boss #3: Olivier: The Boundless Glutton Monster
Hp: Olivier: 300
Legs: 220
Strategy: This fight is the hardest of the three intro battles. Keep your eye on Lilka's HP. Olivier has some pretty brutal physical attacks and if you aren't careful he could finish off in just a couple of blows. The key to this fight is your magic. Use your fire based spell on the top half and your ice based spell on the bottom.

Boss #4: Gaonim: The escapee capture robot
Hp: Gaonim: 2000
Claw: 1000
Strategy: This boss is exceptionally easy. Just beat away at him with Lilka's magic and Ashley and Brad's ARM attacks and you'll have him beat very quickly. The only thing that you have to worry about is Lilka's HP level. As long as you keep it high and have the Personal skills I suggested to you in the walkthrough, you should win this fight with barely even an effort.

Boss #5: Vagesta: The Mysterious Phantom being
Hp: Vagesta: 2,500
Claws: 1000(right and left)
Strategy: You should hopefully have picked up some Medicine before you either left Valeria Chateau or before you left Damzen. This boss usually causes the disease status effect like there is no tomorrow. Fortunately the attack misses extremely often. Don't bother using ARMs since he uses his "distortion" tech to make himself invulnerable to attacks for one turn. To counter this, just keep on beating away at him watching your HPs if need be. Have Ashley use "Accelerator" plus attacking and Brad just keep on beating away. When she isn't healing have Lilka use her Crest magicks. This fight is easy...exceptionally so.

Boss #6: Ptolomea: The Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 3000
Strategy: Contrary to how POWERFUL the music makes this w33ni3 sound...he's not all that powerful. His one dangerous attack is the "Ptolomea Dynamite" attack. Have Lilka act as a healer and have Ashley and Brad beat away at him with ARMs and normal attacks. If all of your characters are low on HP, have Lilka use her Mystic ability and combine it with a heal berry. That should heal all of your party members. Just keep on attacking and you'll have this guy defeated in no time at all.

Boss #7: Elebart: The Thunderbolt battle monster
Hp: Elebart: 2,500
Claws: 1,200(right and left)
Strategy: Another pathetically easy boss. His attack is high but that is just about his only advantage. Have Lilka heal. Don't waste her ability to heal using her mystic skill. Just have Ashley and Brad take out his claws; because to really damage you he needs his claws. Once his claws are gone and he is substantially weaker...just finish him off with ARMs and attacks. He'll be down very quickly.

Boss #8: Trask: The Poisoned Dragonoid monster
Hp: Trask: 3,600
Crystals: 1,800
Strategy: This is starting to seem like a pattern. Strong bosses with high Hp that have such a low level of speed it takes the whole difficulty of the fight away. Use mystic and item combinations to heal and restore status ONLY if you absolutely have to. Wasting FP isn't something you want to do. Considering Lilka is your healer you don't want to waste FP with her. Anyway...just use the same old beating away with ARMs and physical attacks and healing when need be....and you'll do just fine.

Boss #9: Trask: (refer to last Trask you fought)
His statistics are Identical to his previous statistics....
Strategy: One on one fight do the death! Knight Blazer Vs. Trask. Ashley's statistics are doubled in this form. Something tells me whoever programmed Knight Blazers looks and attack had been watching the movie "Gayver" and decided to st34l Gayver's looks and attacks. Just fight and use Heal berries when necessary....your new techniques will be very...very strong...! So just attack until your FP is up to snuff then use the attacks and you'll win the fight eventually.

Boss #10: Undiness: The Elemental Spirit
Hp: Undiness: 4000
Belly: 2000
Strategy: Hang onto your ammo. Don't waste it against this guy. DON'T WASTE ANY OF IT! Beat away at him with Lilka as your DEVOTED healer. Unless you are at full health don't risk using her to attack. This guy's Hooka dust attack could hurt you pretty badly so don't waste your time. Heal right away. He's incredibly fast so don't waste time between being attacked and healing. Have Ashley transform into KnightBlazer when you get the chance. Keep your Hps up and ready to heal and you should do fine.

Boss #11: Liz and Ard: The Lead Science researcher LIZ and his assistant ARD
HP: Liz: 2000
Ard: 3000
Strategy: This fight is pathetic. Ard is very strong, but he has low HP. Liz has even lower HP and is an idiot. Sure he's a scientific genius but he throws "homemade bombs" which hurt not only your party but himself and Ard as well. If you followed my instruction in the Undiness strategy you're ARMs will be full...time to pull out all the stops. Lock on with Brad and fire...keep on firing with both characters until you are out of ammo. Lilka will be your healer as well as a fighter. Have her pump out as much offensive magic as she can, healing when necessary. This is easy.

Boss #12: Alphael: Progenitor Bird with Wings of Light
Hp: 5000
Legs: 2,500(right and left)
Strategy: If you invested in the Personal skills I mentioned in the walkthrough, then this fight will be even easier then it should be. His HP is high but he is very slow and very weak. If he does attack, Lilka can easily heal it. Once you bust his legs, he'll switch tactics and start using a group attack. To counter this, you can either use mystic or have two people heal. In any case, have Ashley transform into KnightBlazer and Brad use his lock on tech plus ARMs. With that said this fight should end without any real trouble.

Boss #13: Reguleus: Compound Plant Monster
Hp: 5000
Strategy: Go all out. Don't hold ANYTHING back. Just keep on hitting him as hard as you can and he will fall quickly. Just pummel the heck out of him while keeping your HPs up and you'll do fine. This is one of the easier boss battles. If you put everything you've got into to slagging his @$$ this fight should be no challenge. Oh...status effects are one of the most common things in this fight. Just keep status restores on hand....oh and you'll be unable to refill your ammo before the next boss...and the next boss Ashley and Co. fight is a doozy so you should hold onto at least half of your ammo or refill it with a bullet load. Because if you don't have enough ammo for your next boss will fail...that is not a maybe...YOU WILL FAIL! The up coming boss is very powerful.

Boss #14: Gehenna Neros: The Transforming Ninja monster
Hp: 3000
Strategy: This guy is pathetic. He has an extremely low Hp rate. Tim is on his own but can beat this boss in a matter of turns. You should hopefully have earned first aid by this fight or during it because it is a useful tech for up coming fights. Once you have 50 FP just summon Grudiev(have that medium equipped) and this fight will be close to over if not over already.

Boss #15: Antenora: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 6000
STrategy: This is not an easy fight. NOT EASY AT ALL!!! For a person who hates killing people she fights pretty damn well. She has a great deal of status effects. Have Lilka standing by to heal. Don't budge an inch. Hit Antenora with EVERYTHING you have! If you hold back at all she'll beat the living crap out of you. Have Ashley transform into KnightBlazer and Brad pummeling away with Lock on and his ARMs. If you let loose with everything you have while keeping your HPs and your status normal you should be able to win. The key word there is SHOULD if this strategy isn't working then try something else.

Boss #16: Judecca: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 3,600
Strategy: I sure hope you took my advice and got the First Aid spell. Tim will need it. One on One with an Odessa member...not smart. Although this fight is easy...anyway...if you have First Aid this fight will be so easy it hurts. First Aid is a strong healing spell. Once you have enough FP to summon Grudiev AND still be able to heal yourself summon Grudiev for greater damage. Keep this up and Judecca will soon fall.

Boss #17: Blastadon: Explosive Red Thunder Toad
Hp: Blastadon: 6000
Pouch: 3000 (right and left)
Strategy: Well...after Four a row...without ANY chances to refill your ammo you are finally facing the second to last one. Just use bullet loads if you have any. This fight isn't very difficult. Somehow... he's explosive...and weak to fire. Does that make sense to you? It sure doesn't make any sense to me. Anyway...Lilka gain functions as healer and attacker. Have Brad unleash whatever ammo he has left combined with his lock on ability. Have Ashley beat away until he is capable of transforming into the KnightBlazer. Once he does...keep on fighting until you've gained enough FP to use Banisher. Then unleash that. Keep this up while keeping your HPs up and you'll win this fight easily enough.

Boss #18: Ptolomea: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 7,500
Strategy: This guy may hit you harder...but it's still just as easy as the last time you fought him. You don't even need to have any ammo left over because this guy is just that easy. All though if you aren't careful he will obliterate you. Just keep pounding away with physical assaults and KnightBlazer's Banisher and you should do fine. Keep your Hps up and keep on pounding away. He should fall rather easily.

Boss # 19: Liz and Ard
Hp: Liz: 3,500
Ard: 4000
Strategy: Yah...Liz is still an idiot. He diseases Ard. Why would you disease your own teammate? Ah well... Don't waste your ammo on these two buffoons. Just beat away at them while keeping your HP up and using KnightBlazer's Banisher tech. These two should fall rather quickly....and then Liz being the little twerp that he is brings in another monster for you to fight RIGHT after your fight with them.

Boss #20: Trask version 2.0: Biogenic Draganoid
Hp: Trask: 5000 Crystal: 3,500
Strategy: Donít waste your time going for a KnightBlazer transformation. Just pummel him with ARMs. And he will die faster then wasting it takes to build up enough FP to transform into KnightBlazer. Beware because one of his attacks the "Blink Around" tech can do up to or more then 1,000 damage. Too much for Lilka to heal...and if he uses it on Lilka she'll probably be dead. So just revive her or switch in Tim. Just keep your HPs up and you should do fine.

Boss #21: Kanon
Hp: 5,500
Strategy: Kanon is really fast. Her techniques are very powerful. Her normal attacks are nothing much but her Gat techniques are something to worry about. I hope that you have the second level heal spell and the Quick spell because it's a good idea to up everyone's speed to match Kanon's. That'll make the fight a lot easier. Start pummeling away with ARMs. You most likely have to the "Lock On" strategy memorized by now so I'm going to stop reminding you of it. Don't bother with Ashley being upgraded to KnightBlazer because this fight should be over before he can get any good attacks in. Accelerator is good for this fight so Ashley can get in a healing item before Kanon has a chance to kill that character.

Boss #22: Antenora: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 7000
Strategy: Well...Bad ass Brad is gone for now...! He's gone for a loooooong while. Anyway... Tim is your replacement. You have no choice. Fortunately you have Ashley and his KnightBlazer form which more then makes up for Brad. Heck...when Brad was still on your team boss fights were a bit stacked because you had two power houses. Anyway back to strategy. Antenora is a little easier this time around. Mainly because you have Tim as a healer. You can now summon against her and Tim has his First Aid spell so you can heal. First Aid ALWAYS goes first so you should be able to heal yourself between her attacks. Cast Quick on Lilka so she can get more healing and status restorations in. When you have built up enough FP summon. Have at least one team member equipped with Odoryuk. Anyway...have Ashley attack so he can build up enough power to transform into KnightBlazer. And then build up enough power to use Banish. And keep this up while healing and she should eventually die.

Boss #23: Caina: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 7,200
Strategy: You want to die? She'll help's not exactly a hard fight but if you're not careful you'll find yourself exceptionally dead. So one does ANYTHING involving fighting except for Ashley. Well except for when you need to summon Odoryuk. Then you should have whoever has that medium equipped...make it to 50 FP while the other heals. If you have it equipped on Ashley then you are not exactly intelligent...he has low magical abilities. Equip to Lilka for max results. Anyway...have Ashley build up enough FP to transform into the KnightBlazer. Then keep on fighting until you have enough FP for Banisher. Then use it and it'll either hurt her severely...or kill her dead...all depends on how much damage you've done. Anyway...repeat this process with an eye ON YOUR HP AT ALL TIMES...some of her attacks are very, , dangerous.

Boss #24: Kanon
Hp: 8000
Strategy: Again with the green haired cyborg freak lady. Anyway...fight!!! Again keep your HPs up. Don't waste your time with Ashley's Bayonet attacks. Just fight until you have enough power to transform to KnightBlazer. Your "Hot fencer"""Hot fencer"" attack with the KnightBlazer is effective, as is Banisher. While Lilka uses spells such as shield and quick when she isn't being used as a healer. Tim should summon when he can but his main duty is healing. Just keep this up and she will fall before your almighty 1337|\|355!!!

Boss # 25: Kanon
Hp: 9000
Strategy: Again...why won't she just go away? Reasons...if you haven't figured them out yet you'll know at the end of the fight. Anyway...this is the final battle against her. Same strategy as last time. Just have Lilka up her own speed for a better chance of healing.

Boss #26: Judecca: Special Cocytus squad member
Hp: 5000
Strategy: It's another one on one.'ve got to be careful in this fight. Its one on one and Kanon doesn't have Personal skills. You'll have to use berries to heal which are quite rare. Basically all you have to do is fight and heal when necessary. And an attack you should watch out for is his "Miriam" tech which does over 700 damage. Then there is his "Douglas" tech which might cause paralysis....which pretty much ensures your defeat. Anyway...just keep your HPs up and hit him with everything you've got and you'll probably come out on top...if you don' it again.

Boss #27: Liz and Ard
Hp: Liz: 4,500
Ard: 5000
Strategy: Ok...Tim is more of a hindrance then a help in this fight so have him on the side lines. Ard's strength is way higher then it was at your last encounter. But Liz being the nimrod he is poisons and diseases Ard. His Bombs are stronger then before and Lilka might be knocked out of the fight due to her low HP...DON'T LET THAT HAPPEN! Her healing skills are vital to this fight. Her Hi-Heal is a very powerful healing spell and will be very useful in healing your Hp. I'd suggest using one of the two "carrot" type items to up Lilka's FP. That way you can reach a the level needed to use Hi-Heal faster. Have Ashley transform and fight...while he builds up enough power to use Banisher have Kanon pummeling the snot out of one of the two with attacks and Gats (if you have any). This will be somewhat difficult but you should win.

Boss #28: Arms Killer: Robotic Monster assassin
Hp: Arms Killer: 8000
Claws: 3000
Strategy: Be prepared for intense pain. This "Robotic Monster assassin" can dish out over 1000 HP of damage. Kanon is good for this fight for her Gat attacks. Ashley should as usual go for KnightBlazer and then Banisher. Just keep Lilka healing. If she doesn't have enough FP for Hi-heal...use normal heal. Just keep your Hps up you should win this fight without much trouble.

Boss #29: Fake Brad
Hp: 5000
Strategy: This is incredibly easy. Just keep your HPs up and use Lock-On and your strongest ARM. Yes you guessed it. You're in control of Brad again in a one on one Brad vs. Fake Brad. This fight should be a breeze. I beat it without even healing.

Boss #30: Drawdo: Shapeless slime monster
Hp: 9,600
Heads: 4,800 (right and left)
Strategy: Have Ashley fight until he can transform into KnightBlazer. You know the drill by now. Have Brad use Lock On with his brand new ARM. Rail-Gun. Rail-Gun does one Hella big amount of damage. Anyway...this guy does a great deal of status effects. Have Lilka standing by to heal both HPs and various status effects. If you don't have the spells "Restore" or "Hi-Heal" by now then you are basically screwed because bosses do more damage then "heal" can restore. Anyway...if you followed my walkthrough then you should have these spells. Oh and by the way...this boss can put people to sleep. Casting "Rise and Shine" on Lilka and the others will keep them from falling asleep. This is handy since Lilka will be needed at all times to restore HP and status.

Boss #31: Caina: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 18,000
Strategy: Use the same basic strategy as last time. Go for KnightBlazer while Brad unleashes all of his ammunition. Lilka heals and that is pretty much all there is to it. She has a great deal of HP but she's still a push over.

Boss #32: Prisnum: Humanoid Mirage
Hp: Prisnum: 9,500
Chest: 9,500
Strategy: This is an easy fight. He does less then 1000 HP of damage so it is easy to heal the damage he inflicts. Use our same old strategy which I have been drilling into your heads for 22 bosses. While Brad uses his ARMs combined with Lock On Ashley goes for KnightBlazer and Banisher. Prisnum should fall rather quickly...don't waste all of Brad's ammo though.

Boss #33: Antenora: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 16,000
Strategy: She is basically the same as before. Except she is fully capable of obliterating most of your team mates in one hit. Your strategy should as usual be to go for Banisher with Ashley and for Brad to unleash EVERYTHING!!! Don't hold back a thing. She is the most dangerous member of Cocytus. Just pummel the living hell out of her. Cast Rise and Shine on Lilka so she won't start sawing logs from Antenora's status effects. As before Lilka will be casting healing and status restoring spells. This fight will be difficult but you should win.

Boss #34: Belleclaire: Explosive Emperor Monster
Hp: Belleclaire: 9,600
Drill: 4,800
Chest: 4,800
Strategy: ...All I have to say is GOOD FREAKING LUCK!!! This bastard may have a low amount of HP compared to the bosses you've been facing but.... this guy hits harder then most previous bosses could...combined! He can hit for more then 3000 damage. His drill does 2000 or more but if you slag that he'll use his 3000 and higher attack more be blunt you NEED LILKA...although she will almost ALWAYS die in one hit. Lilka heals and uses her shield spell. Which is her only hope of survival against most of his attacks. Except for his most powerful attack "Megaton" which always does 3000 or more...I really hope that you have a large supply of full revives. You'll need 'em. Go for Banisher and Rail gun. Due to the intense damage of these attacks he may fall in a few hits but your only damn hope of winning is to survive his attacks! If you don't pull these attacks off fast enough you will die a flaming death. And you'll have to start the fight all over again. On the bright side he gives you 10,000 EXP. and Gella.

Boss #35: Ptolomea: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 20,000
Strategy: The same strategy as last time. Keep your HPs up and use Bazooka and Lock on while goes for Banisher. Lilka is your healer. This fight isn't hard or easy. If you make a mistake you'll all die. Just watch out for the "Ptolomea Dynamite"; it does 1000 or more damage to all characters. His "Iron Sword" does 1300 or more damage. Lilka can easily heal this if she is using Hi-Heal. Just keep your HPs up and beat away at him and you'll come out on top.

Boss #36: Jasoul: The Aggressive Poltergeist
Hp: Jasoul: 9,200
Claws: 4,600
Strategy: A trained chimp could win this fight. If Tim has learned the "Turn Undead" spell this fight is a piece of the proverbial cake. This can destroy Jasoul in ONE HIT. You learn it from Odoryuk. If not...just fight him normally...By normally I mean conserving your ammo. Don't waste it considering you have the last Diablo Pillar coming up and your final face off against Judecca. For the most part Jasoul uses a 300 or more damaging attack. He has another attack which does 1000 or more and his final attack which can do more then 3000 damage. Thankfully he rarely if ever uses it.

Boss #37: Magmalizer: The Red hot Lava monster
Hp: Magmalizer: 9,500
Head: 9,500
Strategy: Sure...he's weak to Ice...if you are STUPID enough to use "freeze" or "Hi-Freeze" then your death is you own fault. His "Mirror Coat" reflects all magic attacks from him back at you. That is about it. Just follow the usual boss techniques. Of course don't waste all of Brad's ammo. Because you have yet to deal with Judecca.

Boss #38: Judecca: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: Judecca: 22,000
Strategy: Same as always. Just watch your Hps and pummel the living snot out of him. As usual have Brad use Lock on and his most powerful ARMs. Have Ashley go for KnightBlazer and have him inflict as much damage as possible before using Banisher....that is about it.

Boss #39: Vinsfeld Rhamadanthus: The Leader of Odessa
Hp: 24,000
Strategy: This guy is as push over. If you put your guard down for even a second you'll end up dead. Some people think that Tim's is too easily killed to be of any use in this fight...I say otherwise. If you have trained Tim as I suggested in my walkthrough then he'll be your most valuable asset during this fight. Vinsfeld can use an attack which does 1000 damage or more and might cause an instant kill. If you've got the Personal Skill that avoids Instant Kill then you'll be fine. Aside from Caina's "4d Hypo Blast" that is all he's got. Pummel the hell out of him and he will eventually after healing A LOT he'll fall. Tim will be fully devoted to healing. If he gets an opportunity have him summon. Once Brad is out of ammo he should summon as well. If you need stronger healing just switch Tim for Lilka. That is about it.

Boss #40: Vinsfeld Rhamadanthus: The Leader of Odessa
HP: 12,000
Strategy: ONE on ONE! Vinsfeld Vs. Ashley. To be blunt...this guy is way easier then he was...five minutes ago. With half the HP and all his statistics are lowered. He does half the damage, only 500 damage with "4d Hypo Blast" and he tends to waste turns with support spells. Giving you ample time to work your way (while healing when need be) up to Banisher. Unleash Banisher then continue. By this time in the fight he should be near death. This is not a difficult fight at all.

End of Disc one

Bosses: Disc Two

Boss #41: Caina: Special Cocytus Squad member
Hp: 16,000
Strategy: This is another one on one. Gold Knight Blazer Vs. Caina. For a warrior who used to be formidable...Caina has gotten really weak. With your upgraded Blazer abilities this fight is a br33ze. Don't waste your time using Blazer's latest attack. It's somewhat...crappy. Sure it does good damage but it puts your HPs down to one. Which will basically lose the fight for you. Just use Gun Blaze and Banisher. That should finish the final Odessa battle pretty quickly.

Boss #42: Grauswein: The Nuclear Dragon
Hp: Grauswein: 8000
Belly: 8000
Strategy: This is a difficult fight. Ashley is unallowed to fight in this battle thus your offensive battle is cut by half. More then that considering in all of my times playing through this section of the game Ashley did in KnightBlazer mode the same damage with an attack as Brad did with a shot from his Bazooka. Most people will tell you to use Lilka for healing. But if you have trained Tim like I suggested then his First Aid will be more then able to cover the damage that Grauswein does. Only use Time after Grauswein uses an attack that damages all. Anyway...hopefully you have a good amount of Kanon's Gat attacks. Because she is your second most powerful fighter next to Brad. If you don't have her stronger Gats...this fight is GOING to hurt you. After a long battle of attacking when you get the chance and healing whenever even remotely necessary you'll have won....hopefully!

Boss #43: Grauswein: The Nuclear Dragon
Hp: Grauswein: 8000
Belly: 8000
Strategy: This time it's once more Ashley on his own. THE ONLY WAY YOU'LL STAND A CHANCE IN HELL IS IF YOU USE KNIGHTBLAZER! All other attempts at defeating him will end in failure. Keep your HPs up until you transform into KnightBlazer. Then while once more keeping your HPs up unleash ""Gun blaze"" once or twice. Then if he isn't dead already finish him with Banisher.

Boss #44: Lombardia: Dragon Caliber
Hp: Lombardia: 8000
Belly: 8000
Strategy: This is an easy fight. Just keep your hps up and watch out for his "Dragonic Blaster" attack. Use your strongest ARMs and Ashley's KnightBlazer abilities and you'll do fine...fine nothing you'll kick his ass :P!

Boss #45: Wing Knight: Spriggan
Hp: Wing Knight: 9000
Shield: 9000
Strategy: Another easy fight. Lilka's attack magic is useless in this and the next three boss battles after it. Have her act as a healer, and when healing isn't needed switch her with Kanon so you can inflict higher damage. With Kanon using her Gats and Ashley and Brad doing their usual attack patterns. Just switch when healing you are in need of healing and you'll decimate this Knight....oh watch out for it's high level elemental spells. You shouldn't have much trouble with those though. Just heal.

Bosses 46,47,48 are identical to this one but of another element. That is about it.

Boss # 49: Larva: The Encroaching Parallel Universe
Hp: Larva: 10,000
Mouth: 10,000
Strategy: This guy LOVES status effects. It's not a difficult but it is somewhat perturbing. He rarely if ever hits you for more then 1000 HP of damage. His "Arc en Ciel" attack is really annoying. It hits you with multiple status affects. At the start of the fight cast "Rise and Shine" on Lilka so she is immune to sleep. Have her go all out healing and restoring status. Do your usual insane amounts of attack. KnightBlazer and Lock On or Boost with Brad...he SHOULD fall quickly.

Boss #50: Grodine: The Saucer Organism
Hp: Grodine: 10,000
Left Claw: 8,000
Strategy: Don't use any ammo. Kanon is a good replacement for Brad since she doesn't have ammo to waste and her GAT skills are quite powerful. While Kanon uses Gats and Lilka heals have Ashley unleash KnightBlazer and use Banisher when he gets the chance. If you keep your Hps up then you'll do fine. This is a pathetically easy fight... especially considering it leads up to the final group of bosses.

Boss #51: Manufestu: Terrible Guardian monster
Hp: Manufestu: 10,000
Knees: 5000 (left and right)
Strategy: Again...don't waste your ammo. Similar strategy to the last fight. With that said...that is about it. Keep your Hps up and that is all there is to it.

Boss #52-54: Roots: Encroaching Parallel universe
Hp: 15,000
IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Ok if you are just using my Bosses section and not my walkthrough I will inform you of a very important detail...right now! Against the three roots you have to send three warriors. Each Battle is a one on one. I know what you are thinking, "Oh no that diminishes my forces by half!" (well 3/5ths if you don't have Marivel)!!! Anyway...Send Brad, Kanon and Lilka against the roots, in no particular order. That leaves you with Tim to heal against the FINAL boss and Marivel to assist in fighting the final boss....I hope you have a lot of Big berries etc.
Strategy: As Brad you can end this fight in just a few turns. You can work your way up to 100 FP and use Boost...with Rail Gun. You'll get 7000 or more damage with this. Keep your Hps up and repeat...Praying to GOD that you don't miss...and you'll beat him...oh he can cause a few status effects so keep some status healing items handy....oh and when you aren't attacking or healing...DEFEND!!!
As Kanon...itís a different story. Defend. Don't stop defending until you have the power to unleash the strongest Gat you have....drop your defense only to heal and to attack. Keep your Hps up and beat away. This is very hard.
As are in for the fight of your life. This battle is nowhere near easy. I'd say it's one of the hardest battles in the game. As you did with Kanon you should also do with Lilka. Defend. Wait until your FP is up to 100 then use Dual cast. You should use a combo of an Attack spell and Hi-heal. When need be drop your defense to heal. Or to restore your status one of the two. If you are lucky enough have high enough HP to survive use Dual cast and two attack spells...Oooh! That is about it. This will be a long and grueling set of boss battles. You are fortunate...these battles are the brunt of the final battles.

Boss # 55: Kuiper Core: THE encroaching Parallel universe
Hp: Kuiper Core: 40,000
Shoulders: 20,000 (left and right)
Strategy: Tim is your all out most important asset in this fight. He heals everyone and that is good. He allows your team to summon...and that is good. Anyway onto the strategy. Have Tim heal...and do nothing else. Unless there is to much damage for him to heal. Then he should summon Odoryuk. Have Marivel (if you have her. I'm assuming you do.) attack and summon when she is capable of doing summon I mean her Force Abilities. Have Ashley go for Banisher. That attack can finish the Core in a matter of turns. Considering it can do over 10,000 in damage. Just keep your Hps up and fight for you life.

Boss #56: Lord Blazer: The Blaze of Disaster
Hp: Hella big I'm not going to tell you...IT'S THE FINAL BOSS!! Does it matter?
Strategy: This is one of the EASIEST final battles ever!(next to the final boss in FFX) You have all new skills. Refresh heals you. And the only other one that matters is Impulse. Although I think one of the other abilities heals you to the max I'm not sure. If you don't want this fight to take centuries then you will have to use impulse. The actual reason I didn't tell you his HP is it's really high. And I don't know the number. Hell I don't even have an estimate for you. Anyway...Impulse uses the power of people you know the attack Lord Blazer. In laymenís terms they channel their "friendship" to you and you turn the intense feelings into a formidable attack. Keep your Hps up while waiting until you gain enough FP to use Impulse. (only if you Hp is high enough to survive his attacks) After seven or so uses of Impulse you will finish him off. And that is that. You have defeated the final boss in Wild Arms 2. Congrats. You beat the game you m00k!

Bosses: Sealed Monsters

Boss #57: Ghost: The Remaining Poltergeist
Hp: Roughly 60,000 at my closest estimate
Location: Fiery Wreckage
Strategy: Easy as pie, use "Turn Undead" as Tim and Ghost will fall in one blow.

Boss #58: Titanius: Steel Dragon from the bowels of the Earth Hp: Unsure of actual number Mid to high ten thousands
Location: Halmetz Strategy: This fight can be either difficult or easy, all depends on what you are prepared for. You can either prepare for a long and grueling battle or you can prepare for a short and simple battle. Titanius has a weakness for Sudden Death attacks. So you can unleash all of your attacks which cause this effect.

Boss #59: Kobold King: The Kobold King
Hp: High ten thousands.
Location: Closed Mine
Strategy: This fight is insane. He has high Hp and has some incredibly strong attacks. His normal attack can do 1,500 damage, a critical hit can do more then 3,000. His "Buried Alive" technique can do up to 2,000 or more damage to all party members. Kobold's ultimate tech the "Tact less" can do more then 8,000 damage. Lilka will function permanently as your healer. Her "Hi-Revive" spell is your saving grace in this fight. When Lilka is knocked out you will have to dive into your stock of revives. Keep Lilka alive to heal your team and lash out with your most powerful attacks and Kobold should fall eventually.

Boss #60: Bulkogidon Hp: Mid ten thousands.
Location: Fab Lab
Strategy: If you thought Kobold was hard...wait until you face Bulkogidon. If you aren't extremely high in level (mid fifties) you will fall. Most of his attacks are strong enough to obliterate your team in one hit. My suggestion would be to use a "Full Carrot" on Ashley to up his FP meter so you can use "Access". This is very important, because the "Gun Blaze" attack is does very good damage to Bulkogidon. In fact around 5-8 hits with "Gun Blaze" will kill Bulkogidon. Unfortunately you have to survive long enough to use it. Which is one hell of a task, Lilka heals at all times...never let up with the healing spells.

Boss #61: Xenon
Hp: Low to Mid ten thousands.
Location: Slayheim Castle
Strategy: This boss is easy. He uses Light based attacks and these can be halved by the "Light Ring". Unfortunately if you equip one of these rings he will absorb your physical attacks. Anyway have Lilka act as your devoted healer and unleash all your strongest moves. Have your team at least level 55, this way you'll survive his attacks easier. Keep your HPs as close to max as possible and use your most powerful techniques and you should survive this fight...barely!

Boss #62: Zolinge
Hp: Mid ten thousands.
Location: Wind Tiger Den
Strategy: This is boss is one of the easier sealed monsters. Lilka as usual is your devoted healer. Up her defense before she takes this task though, you want her to survive his attacks so she can heal. Have Ashley use "Access" and then make his way up to "Banisher" while using his other techs along the way. Have Brad go ARMs crazy, unleashing all his most powerful ARMs. If you can manage to keep your Hps up and your team alive you'll win this fight quickly enough.

Boss #63: Zyclus and Zetrim
Hp: ???
Location: Mt Chug Chug
Strategy: These two are rather easy. Only one of their attacks does more then 3,000 damage. The rest do less then 2,000. Have Lilka heal, Ashley "Access" and Brad use ARMs and they should fall soon enough.

Boss #64: Zavorg
Hp: ???
Location: Meteor Crater
Strategy: This boss is the "Scarecrow" of the sealed monsters. Stupid enough to waste a good number of turns on status boosting attacks...even after they stop having any effect. His attacks range from 1,000 to 4,500 in damage. Lilka as usual will be your healer and Ashley and Brad should use their most powerful abilities to inflict as much damage as quickly as possible. Keep your Hps up and your team alive and you should succeed.

Boss #65: Gatlorg
Hp: Low Ten Thousands.
Location: Pirate's Warren
Strategy: This fight is simple. Gatlorg does less then 1,500 damage for most of his techs and he is weak to fire. Just have Lilka heal when necessary and using height level flame spells. Have Ashley "Access" and use "Gun Blaze", Brad will be there as a punching bag 'cause thats all he's good for and he's got the best odds of survival. Gatlorg should fall really quickly. He is by far the easiest of the sealed monsters.

Boss # 66: Ragu O Ragula Hp: 99,999 Location: Aguelite Mine Strategy: This strategy was provided by: Dalton of Zeal. First, make sure Brad has about 7000 HP. Second, make sure you have the Guardian of Love, Raftina. Equip it on Brad. Also equip the Talisman accessory. Now go fight Ragu. Have Brad use Invincible with Raftina whenever you need to heal (the Talisman will restore HP every turn), and block every other turn until his FP reaches 100. Then, throw your strongest attack at him. Next turn, repeat the Invincible technique. The Talisman will restore a certain amount of HP each turn, which means Brad will never be killed! Just make sure his HP is around 7000 each time you attack. It takes a while, but it saves you all of your Scapegoats!