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Red Skills

Marivel is a powerful magician. She can use her "Skill Drain" to drain energy from certain opponents. Learning Red Skills from them.

Red Skills
Red Skill FP cost Range Enemy Location Comment
Skill Drain 4 Single N/A N/A Use this skill to absorb enemy Red Skills.
Life Drain 5 Single N/A N/A Use this skill to drain an opponent's HP.
Wild Card 4 ??? Balloon Meria Area This skill randomly casts a Red Skill.
Guillotine 4 Single Hope Diamond Promised Catacombs This attack causes Sudden death.
Rock Gazer 12 Single Alligater RayPoint Geo This is a strong Earth Elemental Red skill.
FireBolt 12 Single Urchin Bug After Raising the bridge it is found on the first Isle. This is a strong Fire Elemental Red skill.
Air Slash 12 Single Briareos Raypoint Wing This is a strong Wind Elemental Red Skill.
Geyser 12 Single Cuttlefish Inner Sea This is a strong Water Elemental Red Skill.
Inspire 12 Single FurFur Diablo Pillar Caina This is a strong Lightning Elemental Red Skill.
Frigid 12 Single Fluerety Siejelle Region This is a strong Ice Elemental Red Skill.
ShadowBolt 12 Single Twin Tail Quartly Des This is a strong Dark Elemental Red Skill.
Aport 12 Single Bockle Desert south of the Crimson Castle This is a strong Non-Elemental Red Skill.
Tera Break 55 All Myremecoliothe On a small isle near RayPoint Wing This is a Powerful Earth Elemental Red Skill.
Cremation 55 All Efreet RayPoint Flam This is a Powerful Fire Elemental Red Skill.
Twister 55 All Gargoyle Wind Tigers Den This is a Powerful Wind Elemental Red Skill.
ThunderBolt 55 All Thunder drake Thunder lion cage This is a Powerful Lightning Elemental Red Skill.
Absolute 0 55 All Gigafrost RayPoint Muse This is a Powerful Ice Elemental Red Skill.
Armageddon 55 All Dumpty On a U shaped isle to the east of the Promised Catacombs. This is a Powerful Dark Elemental Red Skill.
Megaton 55 All Nybbas Near the Pirates Warren This is a Powerful Non-Elemental Red Skill.
Sleep 8 Group Man Trap Sylvaland region This is a sleep-inducing Red Skill.
PowerSeal 8 Single Earth Figure Holst Plateau. Lombardia required to reach this area. This Red Skill blocks attacks.
Canceller 25 Group Aamon Crimson Plains (plains near the Crimson Castle) This skill cancels all commands activated by its targets.
Anti-Magic 25 Field Humpty U shaped isle near the Promised Catacombs This skill blocks all magic spells cast.
Demonangle 60 All BlackSabbath Wolf Den This Red Skill destroys all enemies by banishing them to a demonic triangle dimension.
Esc Down 80 Group Potatohead Southwest Isle This drops an enemies param to zero, making it utterly useless in combat.(by it I mean the enemy)
Erg Phasor 90 Single Buckbaird Coffin of 100 Eyes This is a Non-Elemental Red Skill.
GellaCrazy 99 All Melchom Outside of the fiery wreckage Does damage with the last four digits of your Gella supply.

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