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Personal Skills

Personal skills can make or break a good fighter in Wild Arms 2. For each level you rise you gain one Personal Point. Each Personal skill has a certain number of levels. Each level costs a particular person point fee. Level up to gain more skills!

Personal Skills
Name: Effect: Comment:
Cut FP use Cuts special ability FP use by -1 This skill is worthless. Don't even waste the time thinking about using it.
Up HP Ups added HP for going up levels This is somewhat useful for characters with low HP rates. Half of your team has low HP rates so I'd say that this skill is quite useful. You should invest in this skill once you have reached level 12.
Restore HP Restores HP when force level goes up This is one of the more useful skills. In fact...I'm telling you to get it. It'll make boss battles far easier! Each level up for this skill takes four so use you first twelve points to put this skill to the max.
Up Param Ups param when force level goes up Another worthless skill. There is barely even an effect...again...don't think about getting this just wastes points!
Critical Ups critical attack probability This is somewhat useful. It ups your chance of doing a critical hit which is double your normal attacks damage. This is a skill you should invest in.
Adv. Guard Ups advanced guard probability So far we've had three useful and three worthless. This skill is a total waste of points.
Counter Ups counter attack probability This skill is kind of useful. It's not really a skill you need but it can be handy for inflicting more damage. When combined with the critical skill this skill can do serious damage.
Restore HP2 Restores Hp when going up levels This is another semi-useful skill. Sure it's nice not to have a lower HP rate compared to your new HP after you level up but it hardly makes a difference.
Convert HP Converts remaining FP into HP This skill can be useful if you are running low on healing berries. It takes the FP remaining after a battle and uses it to restore your health. Unfortunately it is always less then 100 Hp so this is a waste of skill points..and obsolete once you have more then 500 HP.
Res up Ups resistance near death Another pathetically worthless skill. Don't waste the points.
FP up Ups FP near death This is almost a sort of useful skill. It can give you a better chance of squeezing in a finishing blow or allowing you to use a more powerful healing ability or spell.
Auto Multi blast Defends when near death I'm not even going to get into why this skill sucks...don't defend...CRUSH!!!
Down Multi blast Ups sudden death resistance This is quite handy. There are quite a few enemies with one hit kills in their repertoire of moves. Having this skill ups the odds of surviving such attacks.
Up P attack Ups damage from physical attacks This allows you to do more damage with normal attacks. Depending on your strategies it could be useful but it wasn't to me. Normal enemies often die in one hit and I used ARMs and skills against bosses thus had no need for this skill.
Up M attack Ups damage from Magic attacks Does more magic damage...somewhat useful...not to me though.
Up P defend Cuts damage from Physical attacks Quite useful. This skill causes damage from physical attacks to be cut. Which can save your butt in a dangerous situation.
Up M defend Cuts damage from Magical attacks Again quite useful. Bosses and normal enemies do less damage.
Poison Ups resistance to poison/vile ...uhh...I never used this skill...heck...why bother with raising the resistance when you can just cast restore?
Disease Ups resistance to Disease Again no practical use.
Forgetful Ups resistance to forgetfulness This is kind of handy. Forgetful is an annoying status effect.
Blocking Ups resistance to ability blocking OK this is really handy. With this skill you are less likely to be silenced thus you can still use your abilities and not have to worry about having to rely on items.
Downhearted Up resistance to downhearted state Worthless.
Confusion Ups resistance to confusion This skill is hella good. Confusion is festeringly annoying. Thus not being effected by confusion as much would be good.
Sleep Ups resistance to sleep There is a spell that causes sleep to be ineffective...why waste points with a skill that doesn't even prevent sleep?
Paralysis Ups resistance to paralysis Since you are rarely paralyzed it's a waste of a skill.
Petrify Ups resistance to petrification ...I've beaten this game eight times and I've NEVER been petrified. Thus this skill is a waste of time.

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