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Ashley Winchester: Ashley is the main character of our story, nineteen years old, and of the Valiant personality type. Ashley isn't the kind of person to follow orders he doesn't believe in, he is strong willed and has a strong sense of righteousness. Ashley holds the rank of "Field Commander" in the Agile. Remote. Missions. Squad. or ARMS for short. Ashley is infested by Lord Blazer during a moment of weakness, he uses the power of darkness as a tool for good.

Brad Evans: A FORMER Hero, he fought for the rebels in the Slayheim revolution. For "certain reasons" he was driven out of the Army and was soon arrested for War crimes. Brad is a combat expert and is by far the strongest character on the ARMs team, his strength is only matched by his lack of speed and agility. Brad is a powerhouse, use his strength correctly and nothing can stand in your way.

Lilka Eleniak: A scatter brained sorceress, she learned the ways of Magic from her older sister. She has a near endless supply of energy, she is always cheerful and always seems to have enough cheer to go around. She wields powerful magicks and although she screws up sometimes she'll never stop trying. She fights with a large umbrella and a large arsenal of powerful Crest Magic, be careful...she wields a mean umbrella ^.~

Tim Rhymeless: A young boy small is size carrying a big stick. He wears big shoes and dresses like a native...he is a PILLAR. Which basically means he is a summoner. He brings the ability to summon Guardians to the party. He uses summon magicks and will fight for his friends and family. He is a positive boy with almost as much potential power as Ashley himself.

Kanon: A Merc, Kanon is a Merc by name but a Demon-Hunter by trade. She chases after the ARMs team so she can destroy Ashley, for the sole reason that he is the host for Lord Blazer. Kanon is a direct descendant of the Sword-Magess: Anastasia. Kanon has enhanced herself with cybernetics, Kanon's enhancements include a scanning device in her left eye a cybernetic-power enhancer in her left arm. This power enhancer is called a GAT, it functions as one of her main modes of attack. Each GAT technique is learned at a random use rate, so the more often you use Kanon's GAT techs the faster you will learn more of them. Kanon fights at incredible speeds and strikes with a dagger, although she isn't very strong her GAT abilities more then make up for that.

Marivel: Marivel is a member of the ancient race knows as the Crimson Nobles. She is immortal, and cannot survive in the sun, she is what we would call a Vampire. She can use Red Magic, which she learns by absorbing her enemies. She is somewhat of a history buff and she knows way more then she lets on. She is not physically strong so she relies on ancient technology to do her fighting for her. Her Magical abilities are very high and the magicks she learns from her enemies can be incredibly powerful.

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