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Throughout the game you will pick up items called tools. These will be used to solve puzzles and remove barriers.

Ashley's Tools
Tool: Location: Comment: Picture:
Hurl Knife Withered Ruins Throws a knife forward. The knife will fall straight down when it hits an obstacle, so there will be times when you intentionally throw a knife at an object.
Booty Call Telepath tower This tool finds items hidden nearby. If an item is present with the range of the sensor, its position will show up by flashing.
Flare Gun Spiral Tower This tool launches a flare above your head. Use it in dark areas to let you look around. You can also use it to push switches in high places.

Brad's Tools
Tool: Location: Comment: Picture:
Kick Boots Green Hell These boots can destroy or kick away obstacles. Not only blocks and crates, but even unexpected items can be kicked, so try a lot of things.
Bombs Holst These bombs can blow up obstacles. If a passageway or hole in the wall is blocked with rocks, use these bombs to blow them open.
EarthQuake RayPoint Geo This tool causes the ground to shake wildly, destroying anything in the room that can collapse.

Lilka's Tools
Tool: Location: Comment: Picture:
Fire Rod Default tool This rod shoots a ball of fire forward to help solve puzzles. It can be used to set fire to obstacles, light torches or melt frozen items.
Freeze Rod Mt. Chug Chug This rod shoots a ball of ice forward to help solve puzzles. It can be used to put out torches. It can also temporarily freeze certain objects.
Change Rod RayPoint Flam This rod can change certain blocks found in dungeons to gems and vice versa. Touching gems will restore a little of the characters' HP.

Tim's Tools
Tool: Location: Comment: Picture:
Pooka Hidden Trial arena This little guy can be used to push switches and open treasure chests that you can't reach.
Air Ballet Emulator Zone This tool can be used to move objects and platforms to hit switches and the like.
Mist Cloak RayPoint Wing This can allow you to pass through a small area of space. You can pass through grates and fences with this. When positioned in front of a gust of wind you can mist even further.

Kanon's Tools
Tool: Location: Comment: Picture:
Wire Hook Coffin of 100 eyes This handy little grappling hook can be thrown forward to hook onto objects and pull you across to them.
Rad Blades Grotto of Lourdes These allow you to pass over damage floors without being harmed. Unfortunately you can only go straight forward and you can't stop until you go through a door or hit something.
Jump Shoes RayPoint Muse On special markings these shoes allow you to jump up to other areas. You can also use them to destroy weak floor.

Marivel's Tools
Tool: Location: Comment: Picture:
Electel Default tool This little shocker can be used to activate the lightning panels you sometimes see on walls. It can also frag or charge robots.
Windup key Promised Catacombs This can be used to move objects with a special symbol on them.
My Mike Lost Garden This tool is used to summon monsters. It's main use is to summon the optional bosses.

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