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Throughout the game you will encounter equipment called Mediums. These Mediums come in two types: Mediums and Hi-Mediums. Each Medium holds the power to summon a powerful Guardian. Mediums also give you special abilities, boost your stats and teach Tim powerful Gaurdian Lores. Guardians can only be summon if Tim is on your active team.

Name: Type: Ability: Stat boost: Location: Comment: Picture:
Grudiev Earth Defenser: Defends party against physical attacks. Vit +34, DFP +17 Meria Grudiev is your basic summon. The 34 vit boost is handy early in the game.
Schturdark Water Analyze: Scans opponent for weaknesses, Hp etc Sor +4, MGR +2 Valeria Chateau Schturdark is another basic summon. The boosts are very small so this summon isn't one I keep equipped for long.
Moor Gault Fire Smash Hit: Does 1.5 times your normal attack damage. Str +31, ATP +31 Valeria Chateau Moor Gault is quite handy. It is a basic summon like the others but it boosts your STR by 31 points.
Fengalon Wind PickPocket: As the name suggests it allows you to steal. This ability is exceptionally useful in obtaining rare items. Res +28, PRY +2% Wind Tiger Den Fengalon is another basic summon. This Medium allows one of your party members to use steal, I'd suggest Kanon. Because your success in stealing is based on the RES rating of the character in question. Since Kanonis the fastest she is the most logical choice. Not to mention the 28 RES point boost which ups her speed raising her rate of success.
Noua Shax Lightning Aiming: Ups the accuracy of your physical attacks. Res +57 PRY +5% Thunder Lion Cage This is another basic summon. This medium ups a character's speed by a lot. If I were you I'd equip this medium on Lilka. With higher speed, she can use her healing spells earlier in each turn to make up for her lacking speed.
Stare Roe Light Shooting Items: Allows you to use throwing items such as the chakram. Str +31, Vit +34, ATP +31, DFP +17 Shining Garden This is another basic medium. It allows you to use projectile weapons. And the boosts to your physical stats is nice as well.
Leitea Stalk Dark Counterattack: Allows you to counter if an enemy attacks you. Sor +4, Res +28, MGR +2 Pry +2% Dark Reason This is just a basic summon. I found no use for it other then the summon itself
Aru Sulato Snow Power Charge: Ups your physical attack power. Str +62, ATP +62 Abandoned Icebox The attack boost alone is enough to warrant having this summon equipped. Asides from's just another basic summon.
Rigdobrite Star Artifact: Allows you to use rare items that you normally can't use in battle. Str +31, Res +28, ATP +31, PRY +2% Meteor Crater This summon is of the non-elemental type. Other then that it's a basic summon.
Ge Ramtos Death Hide in Shadows: Evades attacks. Sor +8, MGR +4 Archeim This summon causes sudden death. Against a group of enemies it is quite handy. The low stat boosts don't warrant using it though.
Odoryuk Life Dig Out: Allows you to find items hidden on the battlefield. Vit +34, Sor +4, DFP +17, MGR +2 Tim's Default Medium This summon is the most useful. You can restore HP, restore status and revive characters with it. The Stat boosts are OK so this medium is worth having equipped.
Dan Dairam Space-Time Move Canceller: This ability negates move commands made by the enemy. Sor +20, MGR +10 Promised Catacombs This Medium is a good summon and it also gives you a good Sor boost. This is the first of the Sacred "Hi-Mediums".
Raftina Love Invincible: Makes you impenetrable to enemy attacks Str +15, Vit +68, Sor +12, ATP +15, DFP +34 As Tim visit Collette after the "Sacrificial Altar" This is a very handy medium. THe summon is nothing special but the invincible skill and the stat boosts make it very worthwhile.
Justine Courage Branch Zap: I'm not exactly sure what this does Str + 62, Vit +34, Res +86, ATP +62, DFP +17, PRY +8% As Brad visit Billy in T'bok after the "Sacrificial Altar" The summon is again nothing special but this medium does wonders for your stats. Very handy!
Zephyr Hope Force Charge: This ups your amount of Force Points Str +62, Vit +68, Sor +4, Res +28, ATP +62, DFP +34, MGR +2, PRY +2% As Ashley visit Marina (Chateau) after the "Sacrificial Altar" This is the perfect medium for Ashley. With those stat boost Ashley becomes quite formidable
Chapapanga Luck Randomizer: This randomly selects another Medium's skill. Str +47, Vit +43, Sor +6, ATP +47, DFP +25, MGR +3, PRY +4% The Good Luck Zone This is the ultimate medium. This Medium is perfectly suited for Brad. The stat boosts suit him perfectly. He will be quite formidable with this medium.

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