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Ashley and Brad have powerful attack weapons called ARMs. Each ARM is loaded with a specific amount of ammo per ARM, which as logic dictates an ARM cannot be fired once out of ammunition. ARMs like any other kind of skill cost a certain amount of FP, which is listed next to the ARM on the skills list. Oh and just in case you can't find them yourself check my walkthrough.

Ashley's ARMs
ARM: FP cost: Location: Comment:
Shot weapon 6 Default ARM This ARM hits one target, but it misses so much it's not worth the effort. Use against bosses at your own risk.
Multi blast 10 Under traffic This arm hits multiple targets, one group. It does the same damage as the Shot weapon and misses just as much.
Bolt action 16 Raline Observatory. This ARM would have been your first useful one if Ashley hadn't gained his Access Force Ability. After you learn Access, the rest of your ARMs are obsolete in boss battles. This ARM is good against normal enemies.
Dead or Alive 20 In Mt. Chug Chug. This ARM is handy against a few bosses who are vulnerable to sudden death attacks. This ARM can cause the sudden death status.
Shock slide 24 In the Closed Mine shaft. can't miss it. This ARM hits groups. It does more damage then the Multi blast...that's about it..
FantomFang 30 In the Lost Garden. You have to raise the platform to reach it. This ARM is pretty good. It's useful for times when you don't have enough FP to use Access or you are close to finishing an enemy off. It does good damage.
Blast'Em 40 Return to Gate Bridge with the mist cloak tool. Return to the area with the fence blocking the way and mist your way through it to pick up the ARM. This is your only ARM that hits all opponents. Other then that it has no use.
Rising Nova 50 In Spiral Tower in one of the rooms with all of the evil doors lining the walls you'll see a Electel mark on the wall. Activate it and you'll open a passage to the Rising Nova. This is your strongest ARM...which is obsolete the very second you get it...KnightBlazer quashes yet another ARM.

Brad's Heavy ARMs
ARM: FP cost: Location: Comment:
Bazooka 6 Default ARM This ARM is handy. It does good damage and doesn't miss often. To ensure damage with all of Brad's Heavy ARMs just use his Lock on Force ability
Pineapple 11 Telepath the room with all the switches it is in the upper left corner. I'm not going to sit around describing you how to get to it because it is in my walkthrough. Once you exit the room re-enter and pull three switches. That's all I can remember. I personally never used this ARM, the only useful function it has is against groups of monsters. (It hits groups of enemies)
AM cluster 17 Aguel Mine Shaft Again this is an ARM which I never found a real use for.
Lawn mower 21 T'Bok village, in the stables. I personally never used it. It's only use it that it hits all enemies.
Mini-Scud 25 Sleeping Volcano. The chest is visible. Just have Kanon blade over to it This one is handy. It's FINALLY a stronger ARM then Bazooka that doesn't cost insane amounts of FP.
Sky Eye 31 RayPoint Geo. This ARM hits groups, has no real use other than that
EZ missile 55 Spiral Tower...basically the same way as you found the Rising Nova. Hits everyone, does not much more use than that.
Rail gun 99 After Brad returns to your party after his long absence Does hella damage. Combined with boost it can do more then 10,000 damage. This is an incredibly useful ARM against bosses...just takes a lot of FP!

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