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Crest Magic

Lilka is capable of using Crest Magic, these spells are inscribed upon rare crests. When you get a Crest take it to a Crest Magic shop to have it inscribed, once this is done you'll have yourself a new spell. Four different crests exist: The Normal Crest which creates your basic magic spell, the Special Crest which multiplies the magical effect by 1.5, the Elite Crest which cuts a spell's cost in half and the Crest Cap which can be inscribed with a one time use spell that can be used as an item. The Magic creation system in WA2 can be a bit confusing. A table explaining the Magic creation system can be found in the Crest Graph section.

Crest Magic spells
Spell FP cost: Range Comment:
Air Screen 8 Single Wind Protection ups PRY values.
Armor Down 70 Group Reduces physical defense power.
Aqua 12 Single Water Elemental attack spell.
Break 12 Single Earth Elemental attack spell.
Dispel 12 Single Dispels enemy spells
Field 10 Single Halves elemental damage
Flame 12 Single Fire Elemental attack spell
Freeze 12 Single Ice Elemental attack spell
Heal 5 Single Restores a small amount of HP
Hi-Aqua 50 Single Level 2 Water elemental attack spell
Hi-Break 50 Single Level 2 Earth elemental attack spell
Hi-Flame 50 Single Level 2 Fire elemental attack spell
Hi-Freeze 50 Single Level 2 Ice elemental attack spell
Hi-Heal 57 Single Restores Medium amount of HP
Hi-Revive 60 Single Revives a character to full HP
Hi-Spark 50 Single Level 2 Lightning elemental attack spell
Hi-Vortex 50 Single Level 2 Wind elemental attack spell
HypeWeapon 70 Single Ups Physical attack power
Irresist 70 Group Reduces Magical defense
MageWeapon 25 Single Ups physical attack power
Might Body 5 Single Ups parameters in Auto Combat
Protect 8 Single Ups Magical defense power
Quick 15 Single Ups Res value
Reflect 65 Single Reflects spells cast upon you
Restore 9 Single Restores all abnormal status
Revive 10 Single Revives a fallen character
Rise&Shine 10 Single Awakens and prevents sleep
Sabre 40 Single A non-elemental attack spell
Shield 8 Single Ups physical defense
Slowdown 70 Group Reduces RES value
Spark 12 Single A Lightning elemental attack spell
Vortex 12 Single A wind elemental attack spell

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