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Megaman X: Command Mission Walkthrough

Megaman X Command Mission is a HUGE game with several chapters. Detailed within the following pages is a complete, spoiler-free walkthrough.

Above each part of the walkthrough there will be lists of what to find, what Mechaniloids are there for your Deployment missions, what enemies are there, who joins your party, and what boss or bosses you will face. They will also be in their repective pages as well. Bosses will be denoted by a *WARNING!* tag. Now, onto the walkthrough!

Note: The lists I give are for you to use as a check list. Please note that the remaining items in the Eternal Forest will be listed in the Alternate Eternal Forest Paths section. Other items are held by Mechaniloids or out in the open. Check the individual chapter sections for details.

Chapter 1: Infiltrate Giga City!

Chapter 2: Recapture Central Tower!

Chapter 3: The Paper Hero

Chapter 4: Gaudile Laboratory

Chapter 5: Maverick Hunters Join Forces

Chapter 6: The Meaning of Friendship

Chapter 7: Block Transmissions!

Chapter 8: The Ultimate Weapon

Chapter 9: When Giants Duel

Chapter 10: In the Name of Justice

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