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Note: Most of these sub-weapons can be used on all characters. However, Heat Haze and Energy Field can be only put on Zero and Cinnamon (respectably). Also, some of these aren't sold anywhere else, so don't sell 'em if you don't want to lose 'em perminantly!

Sub-Weapon WE POW Equipable On Obtain Effect
Wolfloid, Botos Decoy
Attracts enemies' attacks for one round
Combat Absorber 15 - Everyone Silver Horn, Preon S Botos Reduce Combat damage by 25%
Cracker 15 30 Everyone Wild Dog Single-shot attack, Beserk effect
Eternal Forest, Gun Bit
Single-shot attack, Freeze effect
Drill Missile 15 30 Everyone Ch.4 Shop Single-shot attack, reduce enemy Arm by 10%
Energy Capture 30 50 Everyone Batfighter Damage restores attacker's LE
Energy Field 20 - Cinnamon Cinnamon +10 WE for all party members for one round
Fire Missile 15 80 Everyone Hippopresser, Ch.2 Shop Single-shot Fire attack
Force Missiles 25 40 Everyone Ch.9 Shop Quadruple-shot attack
Force Tomahawks 25 60 Everyone Eject Epsilon Quadruple-shot attack, Acc. -25%
Generator 0 - Everyone Mettaurcure Generates 20 WE
Get EXP+ 7 - Everyone Secret Shop, Eternal Forest Boost target EXP 10%
Get FME+ 7 - Everyone Secret Shop, Eternal Forest Boost target FME 10%
Get Zenny+ 7 - Everyone Secret Shop, Eternal Forest Boost target Zenny 10%
Hawkeye 5 - Everyone Marino, Triclaw Killer Guaranteed hit
Heat Haze 25 - Zero Zero Creates double
Hunter Missile 15 80 Everyone Ch.8 Shop Single-shot attack, Acc. +50%
Ice Missile 15 80 Everyone Preon Pod, Ch.5 Shop Single-hit Ice attack
Item Capture 7 - Everyone Spider, Eternal Forest, Gold Blader Steal enemy item
Justice Missile 15 100 Everyone Ch.7 Shop Rarely deals finishing blow
Melt Missile 15 30 Everyone Langrano Item Gem, Ch.4 Shop Single-shot attack, reduce target Arm 10%
Micro Missile 10 40 Everyone Start, Ch.2 Shop Single shot attack
Oil Can 50 - Everyone Preon Tank Reduce target Fire resistance by 25%
Photon Missile 15 120 Everyone D.Rex (steal) Single-shot attack
Power Charge 30 - Everyone Massimo, Eternal Forest, Central Tower Item Gem Increase Pow by 50%, up to 100%
Rust Missile 15 30 Everyone Ch.3 Shop Reduce target Pow by 10%
Shot Absorber 15 - Everyone Silver Horn, Preon S Botos Reduce Shot damage by 25%
Slime Missile 15 30 Everyone Ch.3 Shop Reduce target Spd by 10%
Smoke Missile 15 30 Everyone Dr. Psyche, Mega Tortoise Single-shot attack, Blind effect
Stamina Missile 17 - Everyone Eternal Forest Single-shot attack, damage = 10% WE
Super Absorber 25 - Everyone Secret Shop, Grave Base Item Gem Reduce Combat and Shot damage by 25%
Thunder Missile 15 80 Everyone Ch.3 Shop, Tianna Item Gem Single-shot Thunder attack
Tomahawk 10 60 Everyone Ch.2 Shop Single-shot attack, Acc. -25%
Tractor Net 15 30 Everyone Mad Nautilus, Preon S Face Single-shot Thunder attack, Bind effect
Turbo Clock 20 - Everyone Eternal Forest, Mettaur Counter Next turn comes faster
Twin Fire 20 80 Everyone Mach Jentler, Ch.10 Shop Double-shot Fire attack
Twin Ice 20 80 Everyone Incentas, Ch.5 Shop Double-shot Ice attack
Twin Missiles 15 40 Everyone Ch.4 Shop Double-shot attack
Twin Thunder 15 80 Everyone Incentas, Ch.10 Shop Double-shot Thunder attack
Twin Tomahawks 15 60 Everyone Ch.6 Shop Double-shot attack, Acc. -25%
Virus Missile 15 30 Everyone Mettaur Commander, Dr.Psyche Single-shot attack, Virus effect
Vitality Missiles 30 - Everyone Secret Shop, Metaroid Double-shot attack, damage = 10% LE
Vengeful Counter 25 - Everyone Degraver One chance for counterattack

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