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Well, I couldn't have done this shrine without the help from the following people and places, so I'd like to take the time to thank them for helping.
Capcom: For making such a great game.
Brady Games: For when I got stuck on parts of the game and needed help, their stragety guide was there (especially helpful when I got to the later parts of the game that I'd already beaten and couldn't go back to)
DJ Tigresa and MC Pantera: For letting me use their Enemy FAQ.
Dreamsword: For help with the Tails Clan Strageties.
AbsoluteZer030: For help with the Tails Clan Strageties.
Mandy Paugh of "The Megaman Homepage": For letting me use the Map of the Vanallia Desert and the screenshot of the Title Screen.
Buzzsaw of "Megaman Paradise" For the following Bios: Chief R, Nana, Professor Gaudile, Shadow, Epsilon, Ferham, Scarface, Botos, Wild Jango, Dr. Psyche, Incentas, Mach Jentler, and Sliver Horn. (His site's moved or is down, so I've removed the link for now.)
RPG Classics: For hosting this shrine.
And of course, you, who comes to this shrine for help.