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Enemies and Boss Information

 In every RPG, there is something called a "Beastiary" that lists all of the enemies and bosses from the game. Well, here it is for Megaman X Command Mission. Also on this page, you'll find out about the enemy attacks so that you'll know what does what when they attack the heroes... and how to prepare for each attack.

The Mavericks: In other RPG's, enemies are just called "enemies", but in the Megaman X games (including Megaman X Command Mission), they're called "Mavericks". Here, you'll discover what different types of Mavericks you'll be facing, how strong they are, what element (or attack) they're vunerable to, and what they drop when you defeat them. Note that some of these have elemental attacks or are of elemental propeties, meaning that they can either take double damage from an attack, not take any damage, or worse, absorb the attack to heal. Also, depending on what type of Maverick is being dealt with, certain attacks won't be able to hit, and determining what type of Maverick that you're facing will let you also decide what type of gun to put on Axl to maximize his attack potential. This guide has it all: Mavericks.

The Main Mavericks: They're the head honchos of the Mavericks and some of the toughest enemies to beat (beside the optional bosses, that is). Like the Mavericks, some of these guys have elemental weaknesses or can fly making getting the perfect stragety for them pinned down a bit difficult. Also, some of these guys appear more than once with stronger stats and new attacks making where you might need new strageties to beat them. However, this guide will help in that account: Main Mavericks.

Enemy and Boss Attacks: Ever wondered what some of the attacks did or how to prevent them from hurting the heroes? This guide has it all: Enemy Attacks.

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