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Every RPG has them: Subquests! Here are the Subquests for Megaman X Command Mission. Remember that if you don't have the GCN (or if you do but don't have a GBA, that is), you won't be able to play the Treasure Tokens Subquest. Have fun!

The GCN Specific Subquest - Treasure Tokens: You know how there are regular Figure Tokens in both the PS2 and GCN version of Megaman X Command Mission, right? Well, this is just for the GCN, and it's a lot like a scavenger hunt to try after you clear each area (once you rescue Nana in the second chapter, that is). However, to play this subquest, you're going to need the GBA, so if you don't have it, you can't play this subquest. For more on the Treasure Tokens Subquest, please go to the following link: Treasure Tokens Walkthrough (GCN only).
Figure Tokens: Still having trouble finding those last few Figure Tokens to finish out your collection of figures from the vending machines? Can't find which boss drops them? Well, you're in luck! This handy guide will show you where each and every one is as well as how many you get in each area. Note that some of these will be gotten in other Subquests or will have to wait til you finish the game (when you can then take on the Tails Clan). Please check here for more information: Figure Tokens.

Alternate Eternal Forest Paths: In the Gaudile Laboratory part of the walkthrough, I only showed you one path to take to get to the end of the Eternal Forest. However, for those of you who are more daring, there are other paths to take that give even greater rewards, but the dangers you face on them will be tough, so level up. What's on each one of the paths, and what do you get at the end of the paths? You can find out through this handy guide: Alternate Eternal Forest Paths Walkthrough.

Deployment Minigame: Able to be played once you rescue Nana in the second chapter (for you GCN owners, this is when you get the Treasure Tokens Subquest as well), this allows you to get items that you can't get normally throughout the game. Some of the later boss strageties I give out have to deal with some of the items you get from this Sidequest as well, so it's a good idea to take this on. However, which teams are the best to send in, and what do you get from each area? You'll find out when you check out here: Deployment Mini-game

Getting the Ultimate Armors: You've seen the stats for the Ultimate Armors as well as how powerful they are (and believe me, when you face the final bosses as well as the optional bosses and maybe some of the final paths of the Eternal Forest, you'll want them), but getting them is a whole other story. In this Sidequest, the bosses are much tougher than some of the bosses in the game, and the strageties needed to beat them are pretty specific. Don't know what I'm talking about? Well, check out this guide for a checklist of what you'll want to have before going as well as strageties for the optional bosses that guard these two extremely powerful armors: Getting the Ultimate Armors.

Secret Areas: If you've been playing the Deployment minigame, you've likely come across a few keys. What do these keys unlock? Well, secret areas that have new Mechaniloids to find, items to find, shops (only one does), and the two Ultimate Armors. If you wanna know what each secret area has, you've come to the right place! Check here to see where the secret areas are (also, check the Walkthrough for the particular area you're trying to get to), what key you need to get into them, and what they have in them: Secret Areas.

The Tails Clan: So, you've beaten the final boss and finished the game, right? Wrong. There are even more powerful enemies to face once you beat the final bosses. They are known as the Tails Clan, and if you want to say you've truely beaten Megaman X Command Mission, you'll have to get through these guys first. However, they are no push-overs, and the strageties for them have a lot of things that you can only get from completing many of the other Subquests that I've spoken of previously, so if you've neglected to finish ANY of these, I'd suggest you go back and complete them first. Why? Well, let's just say when you see how powerful these guys are, you'll WANT to level up and get the items that'll help you defeat them. This guide will show you the power of the Tails Clan members as well as what strageties myself and two of my friends used to defeat them: Beating the Tails Clan.

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