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If you've noticed in the Walkthrough, some areas have locked doors that you need Keys for to get into them. If you've done the Mechaniloid Deployment you should have 4 Keys: the Lagrano Key, Tianna Key, Gimialla Key, and Melda Key. You don't have to do these sub-quests, but it makes the final 2 chapters and the special section after you beat the game a LOT easier to beat. Here's a run-down of what you can find in each including new enemies (if applicable), Bosses (only two areas have bosses), and prizes as well as what Key is needed for each area.

Lagrano Ruins Secret Area

Where Located: Fourth Floor East Section

Key Needed: Lagrano Key

Mechaniloids to get: Deerball

Items to Get:

Item Gem Color
Tank Parts Pink
Figure Token Blue
Figure Token Blue

Jasmine's Secret Force Metal Shop

Force Metal Price
Asassin Mind 700z
Eagle Eye 280z
Light as a Feather 800z
Neutralizer -10 900z
Neutralizer -20 2700z
Neutralizer -30 8100z

Cumin's Secret Weapon Shop

Weapon/Subweapon Price
Turbo Buster 100,000z
Soul Saber 10,000z
Interceptor 32,000z
Vengeful Needles 70,000z
Kitty Gloves 50,000z
Auto Bullets 75,000z
Get Zenny + 7000z
Get EXP + 7000z
Get FME + 7000z
Energy Field 4000z
Super Absorber 6000z
Vitality Missiles 10,000z

Saffron's Secret Item Shop

Item Price
Ultra Fire 600z
Ultra Blizzard 600z
Ultra Thunder 600z
Boost Power 200z
Boost Armor 200z
Boost Shield 200z
Boost Speed 200z
Hacking 100z
Backup 5000z

This is the first Key you'll likely get (once you get the option of sending mechaniloids into an area after rescuing Nana). This is an easy key to get. After you do get it, go back to the fourth floor in the Lagrano Ruins to the door on the east side. On the stairway after you open the door, you'll find Tank Parts, two Figure Tokens, and a deactivated Deerball. Head on up the stairs to find the three girls from New Hope: Cumin, Saffron, and Jasmine. They have some new items, and you'll find some pretty powerful (but pretty expensive) weapons in Cumin's shop. Make sure to buy some Neutralizers, since they can keep you from having Force Metal Erosion for ones who don't have nearly as good of a resistance to it. Also, the Get Zenny + and Get EXP + subweapons are great for building up levels and getting enough cash to buy the more expensive weapons (like X's Turbo Buster at a whopping 100,000z!). There's also a Save Point here, but you can't use it to return to base, so you'll have to backtrack back to the telaporter.

Gimialla Mine Secret Area

Where Located: Level 3 Basement

Key Needed: Gimialla Key

New Enemies:

Enemy LE
Mettaur Gigant 10,000

Items to be Found:

Item Gem Color
Figure Token Blue
Figure Token Blue
Tank Parts Pink

Mechaniloids to get: Gold Blader

The next area to go for is the Gimialla Mine secret area. It's on the third basement. You won't be able to go too far without a Heavy Motor, so make sure you get one. You'll see what I mean in a moment. In this area, you'll find two Figure Tokens as well as a decativated Gold Blader blocking your way to the Tank Parts... unless you've got the Heavy Motor. Once you get the Tank Parts, you can leave, but as you notice, there's a new enemy here that's only in this area: the Mettaur Gigant. Now, while that might not be impressive, if you can beat this enemy, you'll unlock one of the Force Metal recipes. It also drops the Jet Guillotine (which looks like Gundam Deathscythe Hell's weapon, if you ask me) for Massimo. If you need help defeating this enemy, email me. You'll also encounter more Gold Mettaurs and Silver Mettaurs if you want to steal items from them as well, and they give good exp, so this might be a good area to build up levels if you want to stick around here for a bit.

Melda Ore Plant Secret Area

Where Located: B1 Entrance Hall

Key Needed: Melda Key

Items to be Found:

Item Gem Color
Figure Token Blue
Figure Token Blue
Figure Token Blue
Absolute Zero Pink

Boss: Duckbill Mole x2

Mechaniloids to get: Meltdown

Note: I put this area before the Tianna one because the item here will help you greatly when fighting the bosses in the Tianna area. Head back to the Melda Ore Plant's Entrance (if you want to before that, hunt down some Frozen Degravers to fill your Tanks back to full). The door below where you come in is the one you need the Melda Key. Before entering this area, make sure you have a defense against Fire and an offense based around Water (the opposite of the enemies here, if you noticed), because of the Reploids guarding the main prize here. Enter the door to collect three Figure Tokens and a deactivated Meltdown. Once you're set for the battle ahead, go in the door behind the Meltdown.

*WARNING!* Duckbill Mole x2

Heh. The event musice here is "Steel Massimo", one of my favorites, but enough of that. What you should know about the Duckbill Moles is that they like to use fire not only to attack but to heal as well, and they get fired up (sorry, bad pun) to do more powerful moves, so make sure to cool 'em off with an ice attack asap. Watch out for the Kamakaze Drill, which reduces a character's Armor. They also will use Mega Fire to heal and to power up.

How to beat them: Make sure to load up on Fire Guards, Fire Resists, and Fire Reverses. This'll make the flame attacks only do 25%, or be absorbed to heal. Concentrate on one of these guys at a time and do NOT use X's Action Trigger. You don't want to be slowed down so that they can use their powered up attacks. Zero's is good to use, and if you put Axl in, have him use Silver Horn. Make sure to equip Generators and Power Charges as well on ones with the ice weapons. Use the fact that they will heal with Mega Fires rather than attack once you hit them outta a charged up move. If Marino is in your party, have her steal a Fire Resist from each of them. After you defeat them, you'll get two Figure Tokens and two Power Charges.

Once you defeat the Duckbill Moles, grab the gem behind them to claim Zero's Ultimate Armor (yup, he gets one in this one FINALLY) Hyper Mode: Absolute Zero! He's going to be a DEFINATE choice for upcoming bosses as well. See the section about the Ultimate Armors for details on this devistating Hyper Mode.

Tianna Camp Secret Area

Where Located: Maze Area 1

Key Needed: Tianna Key

Items to be Found:

Item Gem Color
Tank Parts Pink
Figure Token Blue
Figure Token Blue
Ultimate Armor Pink

Boss: Rafflesian and Belladonnas

Mechaniloids to get: Radar Killer

Note: If you followed my advice and got Absolute Zero, you're in good shape for the battle ahead. Make sure to get as many Gain Hypers as you can as well as a full compliment of Sub Tanks (at least 9). Load up on Thunder Resists and Reverses, but also put some Water Reists and Reverses as well. The ones ahead do use Thunder attacks, but I was also surprised by some Blizzard attacks. Also follow my advice EXACTLY if you want to surive this.

In case you're wondering why I saved this part for last, it's because of the bosses guarding the prize, but we'll get to them in a moment. First, let's get the goodies that are in the area to the left. Make sure to have the Tianna Key before you go to this area, or you can't get anything. Now, head to the first Maze Area and check your map to find the locked door (it's hard to explain where to go, because I even got lost trying to find this area). Once there, take the left fork first. If you go south, you'll run into the boss here. Head to the end of the path to pick up some more Tank Parts and a deactivated Radar Killer. NOW head back to the southern area to meet up with a miffed Reploid (she thinks you saw her secret lesson). Prepare to face Rafflesian and her Belladonnas!

*WARNING!* Rafflesian and Belladonnas

One rule of thumb here: Attack only ONE at a time. These gals are a real pain in the ass in that they will deal out MAJOR damage each turn. You need to finish them off QUICKLY so that you don't get killed. Here's the lowdown on them: Rafflesian gains a TON of LE back each turn as well as gets a little stronger each turn. The Belladonnas, on the other hand, gain back a lot of LE AND gain more power each time they're attacked (like the upcoming Preon S Faces) which they'll focus into their powerful Bold Beam attacks. They also have powerful Water and Thunder attacks, so you can see why I said make sure to be prepared for them. Use Neutralizers if necessary since you need as much DEFENSE against these three. Also try to be around levels 50-60 or so, since Rafflesian is a level 77 boss. The Belladonnas are at level 44 each.

How to beat them: First thing's first. You want to get rid of Rafflesian since she's the strongest of the three. First round, kick it off with activations of Hyper Modes (especially Absolute Zero if you got it). Make sure to have a LOT of Gain Hypers (I got at least 9 for this battle). If you've got Marino, have her use her Emotional Reel when possible to use the Hyper Dive or her "I'll Take That!" to get the Force Tommahawk and Build LE from Rafflesian. Use Gain Hypers when a character is on their last Hyper Mode round. Make sure to have a full compliment of Sub-Tanks (like I said, 9), Reboots, and Backups for this battle, since you'll need 'em (trust me on this). One Rafflesian is down, take on the Belladonnas at a time. You want to kill them off before they can launch their powered up attacks back at you. You can steal a Force Missiles and Build Speed to steal, but only do so if you've got Gain Hypers to spare. Once all three girls are down, you'll gain a Figure Token, Tank Parts, two Turbo Clocks, two Resists, and Axl gains Rafflesian's DNA for his Hyper Mode!

After defeating the trio, you can now claim what was behind them: two Figure Tokens and the Ultimate Armor Hyper Mode for X! Once again, check the Hyper Modes section to check out what this Hyper Mode can do!

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