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Final Strike FAQ

One of the coolest things (for me anyway besides the Ultimate Armors, that is) is the Final Strike. Not useable til you get three on your team, this powerful move can do TONS of damage to a single enemy or a group of enemies. You MIGHT even get to finish off a boss with it! So, what's it all about? That's what this section's for! Here, you'll learn what the Final Strike is, how it's initated, and some tricks to keep it going longer (since everyone likes to have bragging rights about who can do the highest combo!). So, let's get to the good stuff!

Final Strike Notes
Here's a few things to consider when wanting to do the Final Strike:
* First, make sure you've got three members. The first time this happens is when you meet Massimo in the Tianna Prison Camp.
* Next, all three members have to be active. That means they can't be KO'ed, or in some cases, frozen. If they are, you'll have to wait until you've either revived the character or cured them of their aliment.
* When fighting enemies with three characters, take note of the yellow bar you'll see. This is the enemy's lifebar. See that orange section? That's where you want them to be at to initate the Final Strike. This can be tricky when you get stronger weapons and higher levels. Consider putting a "End to All" Force Metal on. This Force Metal makes it where no normal attacks will destroy an enemy, but it will make it where you can activate Final Strikes alot more.
* The three attack buttons (for both subweapons and the main weapon) will be what you use in the final strike for all three characters. The two subweapons will be Ultimate Missiles (dunno if they even have those for sale), and depending on the character, you'll either be doing Combat or Shot attacks.
* Combat attackers (like Zero for instance) do fewer attacks but more damage. Shot attackers (like X and Axl) do more attacks but with weaker damage.
* When the words "Break Down" appear, the enemy is out of life energy, but you can still keep pounding them until the time is up. You'll want to do this if you want more bonuses.
* At the end of the Final Strike, you'll see the number of hits and the amount of damage done. These determine how much WE, and once you get Cinnamon on your team, how much FME you'll get. In the case of the bonus WE, the character who initated the Final Strike gets the bonus.

Tips for Getting the Highest Yeild from a Final Strike
Want to get the most amount of WE and FME outta the Final Strike? Here's a few tips that'll help:
* A Final Strike doesn't have to be used on one enemy. You can do it on multiple enemies! Simply target a group of enemies with spread attacks (Marino's Stella Weapons and X's Charge Shot are good canidates as well as Spider's Spade Weapons early on). To make sure that you don't kill 'em off in one hit with X's Charge Shot, put a End to All Force Metal on him.
* The more time you get, the more hits you can land. You can get the following depending on how many enemies you have damaged enough to initate a Final Strike:

WE gain
4 seconds
6 seconds
7.5 seconds
9 seconds
So, as you can see, the more enemies you take out with a Final Strike, the better the chances are to getting more WE back (which can be helpful against some of the bosses later on).
* It's not just the WE that'll go up depending on how many enemies get targeted by a Final Strike. The FME goes up too. In one example, 4 enemies were targeted. The end combo was 109 hits with 57,682 damage. The amount of Bonus FME went up by +836%! So, as you can see, the more enemies, the more FME.
* Some of the recipes and some of the bonuses for the Sky Room won't be revealed til you reach a certain combo number or damage amount from a Final Strike, so try to target as many enemies as possible before you initate a Final Strike!
* For those who want to know who's the best and the worst for Final Strikes, here's a few I've heard were pretty good: Cinnamon and Spider. However, since you lose Spider in the game, don't always count on him to be around for a Final Strike.
* Also, if you have Combat units in your team when facing aerial foes, you'll likely miss a few hits. Make sure to have HawkEyes equipped to them.
* Before starting a Final Strike, make sure that no one has the Blind status on them (especially the Combat types). This'll make you miss quite a few hits.
* To soften up enemies before a Final Strike, consider either freezing or using a weapon that'll inflict Bind on them. An enemy that can't move as fast or can't move at all is an easy target.

Swap Out

While it's not exactly part of the Final Strike, swaping out characters can make a difference in how many attacks and damage can be done in a Final Strike. It can also be useful if one of your characters is about to be KO'ed or has a status effect . The only thing that a swapped in character doesn't get is the WE bonus. Here's a few tips when deciding when someone should be swapped out and when they shouldn't.

Swapping Out Tips
* When deciding who should be swapped out, make sure to check a character before the battle begins and see if they need to have any changes of Force Metals or weapons. Swapping in a character who has the same element as an enemy or is weak to that enemy's attack means that you've only hampered the chance for a win.
* If a character's got either Blind or Bind afflicting them, it's a good idea to swap them out. Poison is another one you should swap out for, but remember that Blind and Poison are the only two ailments that don't disappear once a battle is ended (don't ask me why).
* You need at least four characters before you can swap out. Also, you can not swap out a character that is KO'ed, so make sure you revive the character before swapping them out.
* You can swap out a character who doesn't have any more Hyper Mode turns left for one who does. This is IMPORTANT for later battles. Trust me on this one.
* A character who gets swapped in doesn't get any bonus WE until their next turn, so be warned about this (unless they have a Generator subweapon, that is).
* You can only swap out at the beginning of a character's turn. Once they use an item or attack, you'll have to wait til the next turn to swap out.
* To swap out a character, hit the L button (for the GCN). After that, pick the character who you want to swap in. For the PS2, I don't know which button it is. ^_^;;; Sorry.