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Beating the Tails Clan

So, you've beat Redips finally? Well, there's ONE more challenge left, but before you take on these challenges, here's a few things you might want to consider first:
- Do you have all the Subtanks you can get for now (one should still be incomplete by this time)?
- Have you got all the team's Hyper Modes augmented to where you want them using Build Hypers?
- Are all characters at high levels?
- Do you have the two Ultimate Armors?
- Do you have all characters' strongest weapons?
- Do you have a full compliment of Backups, Reboots, Decoys, and other healing Force Metals/items?
- Are all Subtanks full?
- Have you saved?
- Do you have a full set of Gain Hypers?
If you've said "no" to any or all of these questions, you're not ready for this challenge. I would suggest making sure you have all the strongest weapons and armor as well as all Subtanks (one will still be incomplete for now). Good places to prepare for this are in the Eternal Forest or going back to Redips' base. If you're missing a full set of Gain Hypers, check the "Tips and Tricks" section for ways to get the Gain Hypers in a hurry. If you're missing the Ultimate Armors, please see the "Getting the Ultimate Armors" section. The reason I say this is because these guys are tough. They're even tougher than the final boss, and that's tough. It's like the WEAPONS from the Final Fantasy games. The optional Bosses are always much tougher than the actual bosses, as you've seen with both the Duckbill Moles and the ones who guard the Ultimate Armor. When you're ready for this challenge, come back here.

The following strageties were given to me by two friends on a forum I'm part of: DreamSword and AbsoluteZer030. I'm very grateful for their help with this section (since I haven't played the Tails Clan in AGES now. ^_^;;; ).
Note: After each of these battles, it's a good idea to go back to the Base and heal/recharge the Hyper Modes before you take on the next one. Each one of us (myself, Dreamsword, and AbsoluteZer030) will give our own strageties for each one. Also, I don't know which items you get after each one (for the Sky Room), so please don't ask. I just got them and went back to heal.

LE :72500
Zenny: 20000Z
EXP: 40000
FME: 6000
Element: Neutral
Item Drop: Tank Parts, Figure Token
Item Steal: Build LE, Build WE
Stragety: Onetail lets you off easy (well, he *is* the first boss in this area) by only regenerating half his LE every turn (give or take). His attacks are pretty powerful, though. Make sure you have the strength to survive them.
1. Annihilator Hadoken: Hits all characters with high chance of DOA.
2. Tail Strike: Hits one character 2x with tail whip.
3. Terra Fire: Powerful Fire attack on all characters.
4. Terra Blizzard: Powerful Blizzard attack on all characters.
5. Terra Thunder: Powerful Thunder attack on all characters.
6. Pressure Needle: Drains all WE from 1 character.
7. Regeneration: Will actually revive your KO'd members @ 25% LE.

Dreamsword's Stragety: Now, given that Onetail heals half of his remaining energy with every turn, you'll probably want to start off using Marino to soften him up with her Quicksilver Hyper Mode. After that, switch Cinnamon in to use Iron Maiden plus her Kitty Gloves, and have X and Zero finish the job with their Ultimate Armor and Absolute Zero Hyper Modes. If this attack doesn't defeat him, it will at least put him in range for a Final Strike, allowing you to easily finish him off from there.

My Stragety: I mainly used X, Zero, and Axl for this one (they were my most powerful members at the time). I gave each one of them one of the Reverse Force Metals and Resists of the other ones. I also put the Bait SubWeapon on Axl as well as the Get Item. He also got his Manhunter. Now, to start this off, I turned Axl into his Hyper Mode and used Bait. This prevented Onetails from attacking the other two. For X and Zero, I had them use the Generator Sub-Weapons first and then turn into their Hyper modes the second round before pounding Onetails. After they did their attacks, when the next round came around, I used Cooldown on X and Zero ONLY so they could use Generator again. Repeat this pattern at least four or five times, and Onetails is toast. Note: In the later matches, this won't work, so don't try it.

LE: 75200
Zenny: 15000z
EXP: 25000
FME: 4000
Element: Varies
Item Drop: Stamina Missile, Figure Token
Item Steal: Build Power, Build Speed
Stragety: There's two of them now, but they don't heal. Also, they switch Elements like Incentas.
1. Annihilator Hadoken: Hits all characters, high chance of DOA.
2. Rapid Punch: Hits one character 4-5 times with rapid punches.
3. All Elemental: Will summon any Ultra-elemental attack to use.
4. Elemental Change: Changes elemental attributes mid-battle.

Dreamsword's Stragety: The key here is to attack each one separately. That is, have your characters concentrate on one enemy before attacking the next.
Defend until you have three turns in a row AND your target has switched to Fire elemental - this almost guarantees a death blow as Zero's Calamitous Arts are Water-elemental, and will thus deal double damage. Unleash three rounds of pain upon one of the Twotails, then repeat the strategy for the second one.

My Stragety: Before this battle, make SURE one of your characters has the Analyzer on them. Otherwise, you'll be healing with Calmitious Arts instead of dealing damage if you time it wrong. Basically, plan your attack just as you would against Incentas. I would NOT suggest using the Bait/Hyper Mode combo here, since you don't know what element will be next. Be sure that your characters have protection against all elements as well as elemental weapons ready. In this case, make sure to switch Axl out for Marino for this one. Start the battle off with Quicksilver to wear down a Twotails until you use up the Hyper Modes and then switch with Axl. Check with X (the one who I put the Analyzer Force Metal on) to see if it's safe to use either X Fire or Absolute Zero, and then switch into the appropiate one. When the Twotails switches elements, quickly Cooldown and attack with the other elements EXCEPT for the one that which the Twotails has atm. If  a character has the weapon that would heal the Twotails, have them heal and use items instead. When one is down, repeat the pattern on the second one.

This time you will DEFINITELY want to refresh at Hunter Base - the next Tails fight is a very mean gimmick, and you want to be at full strength. If you don't
have Cinnamon in your party, switch someone out so you have X, Zero, and Cinnamon fighting. Keep Marino on standby for theft, and Axl in reserve for the
Tails to beat up on (you do still have him equipped with a Bait, don't you?). Next stop, Threetails.

LE: 59500
Zenny: 18000z
EXP: 20000
FME: 3000
Element: Neutral
Drop Items: Build Hyper, Figure Token
Steal Items: Build Armor, Build Shield
STRATEGY: Threetails' gimmick is a pain because each of the three enemies is using an Armor +100 item. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem, but you'll have to deal with the other Threetails often healing the one you were attacking. Each one also has fairly powerful attacks, upping the ante. They also attack twice in a row, but favor physical attacks rather than Elemental attacks.
1. Annihilator Hadoken: Hits all characters, high chance of DOA.
2. Rapid Punch: Hits one character 4-5 times with rapid punches.
3. All Elemental: Will summon any Giga-elemental attack to use.

Dreamsword's Stragety: Attacking all in a single round with full Hypers (Ultimate Armor, Absolute Zero, and Iron Maiden) won't even be enough to completely destroy one unless you're past level 45 or so). The single best strategy is to rely on Hyper Modes (and Gain Hypers if you must) to defeat two of the Threetail enemies, and then work on healing and defending while using power attacks to bring the final one down. Using a lot of Build Hypers helps in this fight (and the fights to come as well). For Zero, do consider equipping him with the Z- Rapier+ and Generator/HeatHaze as it'll boost your attacking abilities.

My Stragety: Well, this one I put Axl back in (for that Bait/Hyper Mode combo), but because of how many times these guys attack, you'll want to be ready with the healing as well. Since they will heal the one that you were attacking on, you'll want to be as quick as you can on these. Hyper Modes are the way to go (especially Axl's). Make sure you have plenty of Gain Hypers for this as well. You'll also want to be at a high level for this and the next ones.

Note: Mine and DreamSword's Strageties differ from here on out because I haven't gotten both SFM's. If you haven't gotten the SFMs, don't worry. I have a stragety for the rest of the bosses. However, if you do have the SFMs, Dreamsword offers this bit of advice:
Fourtails awaits at the bottom of the ramp, but you will likely be massacred if you're not properly prepared. Have plenty of Zenny on hand, and head back to the Lagrano Shop. Stock up on Neutralizer Force Metals and purchase Backups from another vendor. Now give X the Supra-Force Metal-alpha (restores 100% WE every turn and recovers LE) fragment with 2x Neutralizer -30s and 1x Neutralizer -20. Give Axl the Supra-Force Metal-beta (increases almost all stats by
100%) with the same balance, and give Zero some Power +X and a Reboot. If you can spare it, give X the X-Heart FM too. Give Zero 2x Generator Sub Weapons and the most powerful sword you have, and give Axl a Bait SubWeapon and the Manhunter for his main weapon. Now you'll be in tip-top shape for Fourtails.

LE: 121500
Zenny: 40000z
EXP: 80000
FME: 8000
Drop Items: Red Lotus Saber, Figure Token
Steal Items: Unlock Limiter, Build Hyper
Stragety: Unlike the previous three enemies, beating Fourtail relies on pure power - no gimmick to exploit this time. His attacks are heavily strengthened, probably due to the Armor +200 and Power +200 Force Metals he's packing. Also adopts a stragety like Scarface. Watch out for Codebreaker.
1. Annihilator Hadoken: Hits all characters, high chance of DOA.
2. Rapid Punch: Hits one character 4-5 times with rapid punches.
3. All Elemental: Will summon any elemental attack to use.
4. Puncture Arrows: Rapid-fire arrows hit one character.

Dreamsword's Stragety: Fourtails will probably use an opening attack that will rip your party to shreds, but if everyone is above level 36, the attack shouldn't be enough to kill anyone (if it does, you'll have to rely on Reboots and/or Backups). Whoever has the first turn (hope fully not X) needs to use a Sub Tank to refresh the party. When you reach Axl, have him transform into Hyper Mode and activate the Bait Sub Weapon. Have Zero use his two Generators to build his WE, and when you reach X again, the SFM-alpha will boost him to 100% WE (this happens every turn as well). Immediately transform into the Ultimate Armor and begin hammering away at Fourtails; each round of this should do in the neighborhood of 20,000+ LE of damage. Whenever Zero reaches 100%, turn him into Absolute Zero and have him unleash his Calamitous Arts. As long as Axl remains in Hyper w/ Bait, almost all of Fourtail's attacks will be directed at him, and having a weapon designed for boss fights be amplified by 100% also doesn't hurt. Keep this up and you should be able to take him down in about 10-15 turns.

My Stragety: Because of the fact he adopts the same stragety as Scarface, you'll need to alternate between Shot and Combat attacks. Because of this, it's imperative that you have Force Metals to reduce the damage of his attacks. You may also want to put DOA Blocks onto your party members. Be very wary about his elemental property of Thunder, but if you've got Axl with the Reverse Thunder, even if he gets nailed with a powerful attack, when the Ultra Giga Thunder comes, he'll get healed up. Keep pounding on him with attacks and Action Triggers, and he'll go down fast.

A note about the Red Lotus Saber: This is Zero's most powerful weapon, but it is only because it converts his other stats to weapon power. If you do decide to use this weapon, make sure you give him some stat-enhancing Force Metals, since this'll leave him VERY vunerable to the upcoming attacks. DreamSword gives us a bit of information on this weapon:
This weapon is hands-down the best one Zero can use, as it initially hits an enemy 3 times for around 3000dmg per hit. Yes... and it only gets more powerful as your level increases, because it converts all your other stat energy into Attack power. While using it, I suggest stocking Zero with Stat Plus Force Metals to balance the effects out. Deals roughly 3000 LE of damage per hit (and it hits three times).

LE: 26500
Zenny: 4000z
EXP: 10000
FME: 1000
Drop Items: Energy Field, Force Tomahawk
Steal Items: Boost Armor, Boost Shield
Stragety: Three of them now. Will use SOS when one goes down.

DreamSword's Stragety: Fivetails attacks you in a trio again, though they're far weaker than the previous ones. However, there is a rhyme and reason to their weakness - every time you destroy one, another will use SOS and summon a replacement. Add to this the fact that they'll randomly use Self-Destruct, and you get a major annoyance of a fight. The trick is to attack each one with normal attacks (I used X Fire and Black Zero quite a bit, in addition to my regular attacks) until they're almost all within range of being killed at once. MAKE SURE you activate Axl's Hyper Mode and use his Bait sub-weapon here to draw any fire from the Fivetails, particularly their Self-Destruct moves. Once you've beaten them up enough, activate X's Ultimate Armor and blast away with the Nova Strike.

My Stragety: Now THIS is an annoying fight (but the one after it is worse. You'll see what I mean in a bit). Not only are there THREE of 'em, but when you kill off one of them, they use SOS to bring in ANOTHER ONE! FUN! Oh, and did I mention they use Self Destruct as well? You will DEFINATELY want to make sure that Axl has a Bait Subweapon on him for this fight. Attack them with normal attacks (if Zero has the Red Lotus Saber, he will do a LOT of damage to just one of them,), and when you get one close to the damage zone, make sure to put Axl into his Hyper Mode and use Bait to keep the Self Destruct from killing anyone. An alternate stragety is to get all three down to just before you can use a Final Strike on them and finish them with the Nova Strike or Final Strike.

A note about Fivetails: Unlike the past Tails Clan members, they don't always drop items, and the ones they do drop aren't that good. However, getting a TON of EXP and Zenny from them (depending on how many you've defeated before the last one falls) is a prize in itself, but do not try this if your party isn't that strong. There is another Tails Clan member that also uses SOS, but they are much tougher.

LE: 206500
Zenny: 50000
EXP: 100000
FME: 10000
Drop Items: Tank Parts, Figure Token
Steal Items: Build LE, Build WE
Attacks: Ultra Thunder, Ultra Fire, Ultra Blizzard, Ultra Giga Thunder, Ultra Giga Fire, Ultra Giga Blizzard, Annihilator Hadoken, Rapid Punch, Puncture Arrows
Stragety: You have only 10 turns to beat him before he heals back up fully. Has a LOT of power and LE on his side.

Dreamsword's Stragety: Sixtails, thankfully, is a one-boss battle. Be thankful because you have only a 10-turn limit to defeat him. If you took off the SFM-A piece you equipped on X for the battle with Fourtails, it's a good idea to re-equip it here. You WILL need X to be able to knock off 100% Nova Strikes every turn he gets. Equipping Zero with two Generators also helps so he can use Absolute Zero at least once or twice during the fight. As long as you attack at high WE levels with X and Zero while keeping Axl in Hyper Mode with Bait activated, you shouldn't have any real problems taking this one down.

My Stragety: As stated before, you only have 10 rounds to beat this monster before all that damage you did on him gets healed back up. To make matters worse, a single
Annihilator Hadoken could destroy your whole party if they're not at high levels, so if you think you're not ready for this one, go back to areas that give good EXP amounts (Eternal Forest or Redips' Base) and build up your levels first. You will also want to optimize both X and Zero for making sure that they can do Action Triggers EVERY round for this battle and the following ones. I would also suggest removing the Red Lotus Saber from Zero for this battle as well. As always, make sure Axl has a Bait Subweapon on him. If you've followed my stragety correctly, X and Zero should be ready to cut loose with Action Triggers on the first go around, and if you have the second Hyper Modes, consider using them instead of the other ones since this'll make Sixtails miss his attacks, since the Bait can't protect against the Annilator Hadouken. If you don't beat him before the 10th turn is up, just start over from a saved game and go train some more. This is a very difficult battle, but you'll win.

Seventails is a pretty difficult boss, especially when there's three of them, but their stragety is quite similar to another foe you've likely faced... if you've gotten to the end of the hardest Eternal Forest path. If you have not got to the end of that, or you have forgotten who they are, please see the "Alternate Forest Paths" section for more details before you take on Seventails. Also make sure to heal up before taking Seventails on.

LE: 61500
Zenny: 30000z
EXP: 60000
FME: 7000
Drop Items: Vitality Missile, Figure Token
Steal Items: Build Power, Build Speed
Attacks: Ultra Thunder, Ultra Fire, Ultra Blizzard, Ultra Giga Thunder, Ultra Giga Fire, Ultra Giga Blizzard, Annihilator Hadoken, Rapid Punch, Coercion, Puncture Arrows
Stragety: Is the same as the Belladonnas from Eternal Forest (or the Ultimate Armor sidequest).

Dreamsword's Stragety: Remember the Belladonnas (or Rafflesian + Bellas if you haven't cleared the Eternal Forest yet)? This fight is similar to the battles against them in that the two Seventails will get stronger as their turns pass. Therefore, it's imperative that you blast away as much as humanly possible. This involves the same setup as before - X with SFM-a + Ultimate Armor, Axl with Hyper Mode + Bait, and Zero using his second Hyper + Calamitous Arts for an efficient victory. If you find yourself having to change characters at any point, switch Zero out for Marino, and have Marino activate Quicksilver so you can score repeated and successive attacks with her powerful moves. Alternately, Cinnamon's Hyper Mode is also always a good choice.

My Stragety: There are two of these this time around, and the bad news is that like the Belladonnas, they get stronger each time you attack them, so when their turns come up, their attacks can do MASSIVE damage. Take them one one at a time, and do NOT use spread attacks. This means not to use the Ultimate Armor for X, but Calmitious Arts with Absolute Zero is a go. Again, if you can't get rid of a Seventails before its turn comes up, make sure that Axl is in his Hyper Mode with Bait activated so that no one gets killed. When you get through with one of them, it's time to let loose with the Ultimate Armor's attack.

We're now at Eighttails, and AbsoluteZer030 has a stragety as well. His also shows what team he used as well as what was on them and their levels. You can use this as a guide if you like for this Boss. Also, remember when I told you about how Fivetails was concerning both his stragety and how he is about dropping items and that there was a second one that was like him? This is the one I was talking about.

LE: 58500
Zenny: 20000
EXP: 20000
FME: 3000
Drop Items: LE +1000, Full Specs +10
Steal Items: Boost Power, Boost Speed
Stragety: Same as Fivetails in that they will use SOS.
Attacks: Ultra Thunder, Ultra Fire, Ultra Blizzard, Ultra Giga Thunder, Ultra Giga Fire, Ultra Giga Blizzard, Annihilator Hadoken, Rapid Punch, Coercion, Puncture Arrows, SOS

Dreamsword's Stragety: Eighttails is the last of the multiple-enemy fights (the next and final one is a single Tails enemy), and is a slightly easier version of the fight with Fivetails. Eighttails still uses SOS to call up backups, so you need to strategically attack. I mostly unleashed a few rounds of Calamitous Arts and Nova Strikes until they both eventually died, but if you don't wish to prolong the battle, have X attack one and Zero attack the other, and then use the Nova Strike to finish them both off at the same time.

My Stragety: As Dreamsword said before, this is the last of the multiple-enemy fights. However, these guys can use SOS to call another one back when you defeat one, so if you want get rid of 'em quickly, follow the stragety concerning Fivetails that I put up there (the one that Dreamsword gives is for if you have the SFMs on any of your characters).

AbsoluteZer030's Stragety:
Characters (levels 35-36) used:

Red Lotus Saber
Divine Hand
Limit Buster MK-II

Sub weapons:
Zero; Heat Haze, Generator
X ; Ice misslex2 (although both were not used)
Cinnamon; Generator, boost Zenny(not used)

Force Metal:
X; X-Heart, Decoy x2, LE 100+;
Zero; Decoy, Reverse Ice, ZERO shift
Cinnamon: Decoy, Lucky Girl, Full Specs 3+

Absolute Zero:6 or more turns
Ultimate Armor: 6 turns
Iron Maiden: 3 or more turns

After Eighttails begins the attack with more likely the Annihilator Hadouken, Zero should get the next attack. With him, use the Heat Haze and Generator to only lose 5 WE and attack with the Bone Slicer. The damage should deal the least 15000 damage plus critical hits. With X, heal all party members to remain at max LE and if lucky enough to get Cinnamon as the next attacker, use the Generator and attack (it may sound dumb, but it'll pay off later). Continue repeating the process until all have full WE. At that moment, go into the Hyper modes and go for the big assault. The damage should extend to 60000 damage with only X and Zero. When Eighttails begins the assault with a more probable Annihilator Hadoken, use Cinnamon's Action Trigger and cure the other party members. Attack regularly with both X and Zero until they have 50 % WE once more and begin the assault once more and repeat the process until Eighttails is defeated. However, be warned that he will come at you with SOS calling a extra Eighttails and Puncture Arrow which will drop your weapon energy to 0. However it doesn't always work. Nonetheless, it would be wise to use the Generator every time.

This is the only one that AbsoluteZer030 had for me at the time. My characters were at least in the 50-60 range before I took Eighttails on. Before going on to take on Ninetails, you will want to save. Trust me on this one. Also, Dreamsword lets you know what is also found before you get to Ninetails: The path to Ninetails is surprisingly more rewarding. Two hallways with three crystals each. Then keep going down the tunnel to reach a vending machine holding the last two figure series (from 1-10). When you've spent your tokens, go back up and take the path branch to the left to find a room with more items and your last battle here with Ninetails. Before battling him, rearrange some Force Metals here and there. I gave Axl the Manhunter weapon as well as two Neutralizer-30s and one
Neutralizer-20 along with some Supra-Force Metal-B. Equip Zero with the Red Lotus Saber and give him an LE+500 along with Reboot, then challenge Ninetails.

Ninetails is THE TOUGHEST one of the bunch, so don't worry if your party gets beat the first time around. It may be that you need to level up. I would SERIOUSLY suggest this if you're not prepared (if you had trouble with Seventails or Eighttails even with the strageties given, you'll have a LOT of trouble with Ninetails. When you're set, check back to see how to beat him.

LE: 92500
Zenny: 65000z
EXP: 130000
FME: 130000
Drop Items: Ancient Gun, Figure Token
Steal Items: Build WE, Build Hyper
Attacks: Ultra Thunder, Ultra Fire, Ultra Blizzard, Ultra Giga Thunder, Ultra Giga Fire, Ultra Giga Blizzard, Annihilator Hadoken, Rapid Punch, Coercion, Puncture Arrows, Nine Fragments
Stragety: VERY tough. 'Nuff said.

Dreamsword's Stragety: Ninetails is the most powerful of the bunch, and he's certainly not afraid to show it. If by some random chance he doesn't wipe you out on his opening attack (I started off with X, Massimo, and Zero for the boosted LE). Hopefully he'll attack someone with Nine Fragments. In this case, when you reach Massimo, switch him out with Axl and use his Hyper Mode+Bait to draw Ninetails' attacks. With the other character, use a Backup on the defeated one, and proceed to build WE for high-powered Action Triggers. X should still have the Alpha fragment, so unleashing fully-powered Nova Strikes every time shouldn't be a problem. Use Sub-Tanks if you need to heal, and break out with Zero's Calamitous Arts when you can inflict some heavy damage. On Axl's turns, have him use Bait, and then fire on Ninetails with the Manhunter. If you survive and all, you should be able to take Ninetails down in around 10 or so turns.

My Stragety: This was a PAIN IN THE ARSE battle for me! Because of how powerful Ninetails is, he can almost take out your entire party with just one hit! However, he DOES have the Rengeration Ablity that he'll use to revive party members. Don't ask me why he does this. Maybe he just likes to beat your party over and over again? Nine Fragments hits nine times with each hit ranging from 699-999 which can pile up. He also regenerates over 10000 LE each turn making him a real pain to defeat. He has a full range of elemental attacks, so consider yourself lucky if you get hit with one of those rather than an
Annihilator Hadoken or the Nine Fragments attack. The stragety here is to just overpower him with Action Triggers as close to 100% WE as you can for X and Zero, and heal with the third member. If you have Axl, put him into Hyper Mode and use Bait to draw Ninetails to attacking him instead of X and Zero. Above all, you'll need luck to win, but the prizes are oh so sweet for this battle.

So, what are the prizes for winning against Ninetails? Well, for one thing, Axl's strongest weapon, the Ancient Gun, which deals a LOT of damage to Bosses, and the DNA Data for Axl! And yes, there's a Figure Token as well. There's also six Sky Room Prizes as well waiting for you once you defeat Ninetails.

You've beaten all the Tails Clan members! So, what to do now? Well, you'll likely want to get everything, right? And why not try out your new weapons on the bosses in Redips' Base? It's up to you.