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Vagrant Story seems like a big game, and indeed its world is certainly both varied and complicated. However, there aren't that many areas in it, really, and once you've gotten the hang of the controls and procured yourself some decent equipment, it goes by fairly quickly. This walkthrough should assist you in that.

Though some of the areas in Vagrant Story are difficult to navigate, you have access to two in-game tools to help you. One is the mini-map in the lower right-hand corner of the screen; this should help you explore any single room to the fullest. The other is the built-in map system, which you can use to, at the very least, retrace your steps if you get lost. Since you have these tools for practically all of the game (excepting the Snowfly Forest and Iron Maiden B2), I will not delve extensively into the geography of the game, but rather will deal with the main landmarks and events of each area.

Every room in Vagrant Story has a distinct name, and I shall be referring to rooms by these names. You can look the name up on the in-game map if you have no clue where it is; if it's not there in the map for that area, you need to explore some more. So, if I say "Go to 'Train And Grow Strong'," then you should go to the room that has that name (in this case, it's in City Walls West) on the map.

First Play
Introduction, Wine Cellar, Catacombs, Sanctum
Town Centre West, Abandoned Mines B1, Undercity West
Snowfly Forest, The Keep
Town Centre South, Undercity West, Abandoned Mines B2
Town Centre East, Undercity East
Limestone Quarry, Temple of Kiltia
The Great Cathedral
Second Play
The Rood Inverse, The Keys, Escapeway, Forgotten Pathway, Snowfly Forest East
The Iron Maiden

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