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If you go to a Workshop, you will be able to do two things: replenish the Durability Points of your equipment, and create new equipment by means of combining old equipment together. You can combine two pieces of equipment to create one new piece. There are literally hundreds of possible combinations, but very few of these are actually useful. I have attempted to list those that are useful. Generally, the guideline to follow is this: one piece of equipment combined with the next strongest piece of that type of equipment yields the next piece of equipment that is one above the first piece in the equipment ladder. So, if the list of Bows in order of increasing strength goes Light Crossbow, Target Bow, Windlass, then a Light Crossbow combined with a Target Bow will produce a Windlass. There are variations to this pattern, but it works for many things. When you get to the top of the ladder for a type of equipment, you'll have to start combining pieces with other pieces of the same strength. So, only a Khopesh combined with another Khopesh will yield a Wakizashi.

I don't think you can get Rhomphaias, Hands of Light or Holy Wins by means of combination; you'll just have to win them from enemies. However, those weapons have the curious properties that, when combined with any other item, the result will be that item in the material of the special weapon. So, a Damascus Holy Win combined with a Hagane Wakizashi will yield a Damascus Wakizashi.

A few words on materials. Early in the game, you may find that anything Bronze combined with anything Iron almost always yields a Hagane result. This will prove useful in the early stages. Also, combining something Bronze with something Hagane may occasionally yield something Silver, and combining something Silver with something Hagane may occasionally yield something Damascus. That's not as important, though - as Hagane is the second strongest material, you might as well just stick with it.

Your primary sources of equipment will be Crimson Blades in the various Town Centre areas, since they are outfitted with much more equipment than Lea Monde's residents. Also, some necessary ingredients for combinations can be found in treasure chests. For example, if early on you take the time to fight Ghasts in the Undercity West until you get a Short Sword, you can then find almost all of the necessary ingredients to combine it all the way to a Wakizashi in chests.

A word concerning armour. You can combine all types of armour - leggings with helmets, armlets with body armour, and so on. If you combine one piece of one type of armour with another piece of another type that is in about the same place on the equipment ladder, you can get another type of armour of the same place on the equipment ladder. So if you combine a Burgonet with Fluted Armour, you'll get Fluted Leggings. This is useful in a situation such as when you have a lot of extra helmets and armour, but no leggings, or something of that sort.

Armour Combinations / Blade Combinations

Armour Combinations
Item Item Result
Pelta Shield Targe Quad Shield
Quad Shield Targe Circle Shield
Quad Shield Circle Shield Tower Shield
Quad Shield Tower Shield Spiked Shield
Circle Shield Spiked Shield Round Shield
Tower Shield Round Shield Kite Shield
Round Shield Kite Shield Casserole Shield
Kite Shield Casserole Shield Heater Shield
Casserole Shield Heater Shield Oval Shield
Heater Shield Oval Shield Knight Shield
Oval Shield Knight Shield Hoplite Shield
Hoplite Shield Hoplite Shield Jazeraint Shield
Jazeraint Shield Jazeraint Shield Dread Shield
Ring Sleeve Chain Sleeve Gauntlet
Vambrace Gauntlet Plate Glove
Vambrace Plate Glove Rondanche
Plate Glove Rondanche Tilt Glove
Tilt Glove Tilt Glove Freiturnier
Rondanche Freiturnier Fluted Glove
Freiturnier Fluted Glove Hoplite Glove
Hoplite Glove Hoplite Glove Jazeraint Glove
Jazeraint Glove Jazeraint Glove Dread Glove
Poleyn Chain Leggings Jambeau
Jambeau Chain Leggings Missaglia
Jambeau Poleyn Missaglia
Poleyn Missaglia Plate Leggings
Missaglia Plate Leggings Fluted Leggings
Plate Leggings Fluted Leggings Hoplite Leggings
Hoplite Leggings Hoplite Leggings Jazeraint Leggings
Jazeraint Leggings Jazeraint Leggings Dread Leggings
Chain Coif Bone Helm Spangenhelm
Chain Coif Spangenhelm Cabasset
Spangenhelm Cabasset Sallet
Barbut Sallet Basinet
Barbut Basinet Armet
Basinet Armet Close Helm
Basinet Close Helm Burgonet
Close Helm Burgonet Hoplite Helm
Hoplite Helm Hoplite Helm Jazeraint Helm
Jazeraint Helm Jazeraint Helm Dread Helm
Chain Mail Ring Mail Breastplate
Chain Mail Breastplate Segmentata
Breastplate Segmentata Scale Armour
Breastplate Scale Armour Brigandine
Breastplate Brigandine Plate Mail
Scale Armour Brigandine Plate Mail
Plate Mail Brigandine Fluted Armour
Fluted Armour Plate Mail Hoplite Armour
Hoplite Armour Hoplite Armour Jazeraint Armour
Jazeraint Armour Jazeraint Armour Dread Armour
Blade Combinations
Item Item Result
Dirk Scramasax Throwing Knife
Scramasax Throwing Knife Kudi
Throwing Knife Kudi Cinquedea
Kudi Cinquedea Kris
Cinquedea Kris Hatchet
Kris Hatchet Khukuri
Hatchet Khukuri Baselard
Baselard Baselard Stiletto
Stiletto Stiletto Jamadhar
Short Sword Firangi Shamshir
Firangi Shamshir Falchion
Shamshir Falchion Shotel
Shotel Falchion Kora
Kora Kora Khopesh
Khopesh Khopesh Wakizashi
Great Swords
Broad Sword Katana Executioner
Katana Executioner Claymore
Executioner Claymore Schiavona
Claymore Schiavona Bastard Sword
Bastard Sword Bastard Sword Nodachi
Nodachi Nodachi Rune Blade
Axes and Maces
Francisca Battle Axe Tabarzin
Tabarzin Francisca Chamkaq
Tabarzin Chamkaq Tabar
Tabar Tabar Bullova
Bullova Bullova Crescent
Footman's Mace Ball Mace Morning Star
Footman's Mace Morning Star War Hammer
War Hammer War Hammer Bec de Corbin
Bec de Corbin Bec de Corbin War Maul
Great Axes
Sabre Halberd Large Crescent Balbriggan
Balbriggan Sabre Halberd Double Blade
Double Blade Double Blade Halberd
Great Maces
Footman's Mace Sabre Mace Gloomwing
Footman's Mace Gloomwing Mjolnir
Mjolnir Mjolnir Griever
Griever Griever Destroyer
Scorpion Glaive Corcesca
Scorpion Corcesca Trident
Corcesca Trident Awl Pike
Trident Awl Pike Boar Spear
Trident Boar Spear Fauchard
Boar Spear Fauchard Voulge
Fauchard Voulge Pole Axe
Pole Axe Pole Axe Bardysh
Bardysh Bardysh Brandestoc
Summoner Baton Clergy Rod Shamanic Staff
Summoner Baton Shamanic Staff Bishop's Crosier
Bishop's Crosier Bishop's Crosier Sage Cane
Target Bow Light Crossbow Windlass
Target Bow Windlass Cranequin
Windlass Cranequin Lug Crossbow
Lug Crossbow Lug Crossbow Siege Bow
Siege Bow Siege Bow Arbalest

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