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Rankings and Titles

Rankings and Titles

If you've looked through the myriad menus in the game, you've probably seen the Titles section. To make a long story short, if you fulfill the Requirements as described below, the corresponding title will appear in that list. There is absolutely no benefit to be had from getting any of these other than a profound sense of pride and accomplishment.

Here is what must be done to unlock each title:

  1. Beat the game once.
  2. Beat the game in 10 hours or less.
  3. Find and open every treasure chest in the game.
  4. Get 100% map completion.
  5. Kill the Damascus Golem.
  6. Kill the Damascus Crab.
  7. Kill Ravana.
  8. Kill the Dragon Zombie.
  9. Kill Death and the Ogre Zombie.
  10. Kill Asura.
  11. Beat all the time trials with an "EXCELLENT" rating.
  12. String together a chain with 30 attacks or more.
  13. Find the Gold Key.
  14. Find the Chest Key.
  15. Learn every Break Art.
  16. Learn every Chain Ability.
  17. Beat the game without saving once.
  18. Beat the game without using magic.
  19. Beat the game without using Chain Abilities.
  20. Beat the game without using Break Arts.
  21. Kill 5000 of each type of enemy.
  22. Land 5000 blows with each type of weapon.
  23. Attack 500 times with a Dagger.
  24. Attack 500 times with a Sword.
  25. Attack 500 times with a Great Sword.
  26. Attack 500 times with an Axe or Mace.
  27. Attack 500 times with a Great Axe.
  28. Attack 500 times with a Staff.
  29. Attack 500 times with a Great Mace.
  30. Attack 500 times with a Polearm.
  31. Attack 500 times with a Bow.
  32. Attack 500 times with your fists.

Rankings, on the other hand, are only seen at the end of the game. The last screen of the game will display some enemy from the game, show your score and tell you your ranking based on that score. This has absolutely no bearing on anything whatsoever, and I wonder why they even put it in, but here are all the rankings.

  1. Normal Agent - 0 to 499,999 points.
  2. Gladiator - 500,000 to 999,999 points.
  3. Daredevil - 1,000,000 to 1,999,999 points.
  4. Berserker - 2,000,000 to 2,999,999 points.
  5. Destroyer - 3,000,000 to 3,999,999 points.
  6. Spectrebane - 4,000,000 to 4,999,999 points.
  7. Paladin - 5,000,000 to 7,999,999 points.
  8. Mystic Wanderer - 8,000,000 to 11,999,999 points.
  9. Blade Master - 12,000,000 to 15,999,999 points.
  10. Master Gladiator - 16,000,000 to 23,999,999 points.
  11. Courageous Adventurer - 24,000,000 to 31,999,999 points.
  12. Dragon Slayer - 32,000,000 to 39,999,999 points.
  13. Raging Berserker - 40,000,000 to 59,999,999 points.
  14. Radiant Knight - 60,000,000 to 74,999,999 points.
  15. Grand Paladin - 75,000,000 to 99,999,999 points.
  16. Grand Master Breaker - 100,000,000 or more points.

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