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Keys and Sigils

Vagrant Story has a great many locked doors. Some are sealed with magical Sigils, others with hidden keys. Both function the same way - you need the key or Sigil in order to get through a door. Here's a quick list of where all of them are, so if you don't have one of them, this will give you at least an idea of what you have to do. The Sigils are mostly dropped by major enemies, so chances are you'll be getting all of them anyway, but some are in chests that it's possible to miss if you don't keep an eye out for them. Anyway, here it is. Notice that the Sigils are all curiously named after plants.

Name How to Find
Bronze Key Kill the Earth Dragon in the Snowfly Forest.
Chest Key Kill the Wyvern Knight in the Iron Maiden B1.
Crimson Key Kill Duane in the Town Centre West.
Gold Key Chest in The Crumbling Market, Undercity West (inaccessible on first play).
Iron Key Chest in Weapons Not Allowed, Undercity East.
Platinum Key Kill the Damascus Crab in the Snowfly Forest East (inaccessible on first play).
Silver Key Chest in The Chapel of Meschaunce, Temple of Kiltia.
Steel Key Chest in The Fallen Knight, Forgotten Pathway (inaccessible on first play).
Acacia Sigil Kill the Arch Dragon in the Great Cathedral.
Anemone Sigil Kill the Wyvern Queen in Iron Maiden B1.
Aster Sigil Chest in Catspaw Blackmarket, Undercity East.
Azalea Sigil Kill the Ogre Zombie in Iron Maiden B2.
Calla Sigil Kill the Flame Dragon in the Great Cathedral.
Cattleya Sigil Kill the Dark Elemental in Fear of the Fall, Undercity West.
Chamomile Sigil Kill the Minotaur in the Wine Cellar.
Clematis Sigil Chest in Larder for a Lean Winter, Undercity West (need Iron Key).
Columbine Sigil Kill the Iron Golem in Iron Maiden B1.
Eulalia Sigil Kill the Lich in Bazaar of the Bizarre, Undercity East.
Fern Sigil Chest in Coal Mine Storage, Abandoned Mines B1 (need Unlock spell).
Hyacinth Sigil Kill the Wyvern in Abandoned Mines B1.
Kalmia Sigil Kill a Wraith in Starvation, Iron Maiden B1.
Laurel Sigil Kill the Lich in Monk's Leap L1, in the basement of the Great Cathedral.
Lily Sigil Kill the Lizardmen in the Catacombs.
Mandrake Sigil Kill a Wraith in the second room of the Iron Maiden B1.
Marigold Sigil Kill the Dragon Zombie in Iron Maiden B2.
Melissa Sigil Kill the Nighstalker in Undercity East.
Palm Sigil Kill Dao in the Great Cathedral.
Schirra Sigil Kill Ravana in Iron Maiden B2.
Stock Sigil Chest in Sale of the Sword, Undercity East.
Tearose Sigil Kill the Sky Dragon in the Abandoned Mines B2.
Tigertail Sigil Kill Asura in Iron Maiden B3.
Verbena Sigil Kill the Dark Dragon in Iron Maiden B2.

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