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There are four main kinds of magic - offensive, restorative, auxiliary and affinity-related. Offensive magic is actually the least useful out of all of them due to its high MP cost. Affinity-related magic, on the other hand, is extremely useful since many of the powerful enemies you will face have clearly defined elemental affinities (almost every one in the Cathedral, for example). Some of the offensive spells have levels; if you use a Grimoire for one of those spells when you already know that spell, it will increase that spell's level. Such spells can go up to level 4; you can select which level you wish to cast it at as you are casting it. Higher-level spells have a greater potency and area of effect, but also cost more. The variable costs for such spells are usually 36 / 44 / 52 / 60, for each respective level, except for Radial Surge and Meteor, whose costs are 38 / 46 / 54 / 62.

A fifth class of magic is called Teleportation; you'll learn it after killing your first Lich. You can use it to teleport from a Save Point to any other Save Point in the game. The catch is that the cost of teleportation increases with the distance of the destination from your current location. The price is 15 MP, plus 4 MP times the number of Save Points that lie between the destination and your current location.

Name Effect Affinity Cost Grimoire
Warlock (Offensive Spells)
Solid Shock Explosive shockwave against one enemy. Physical 25 Zephyr
Lightning Bolt Lightning blast against one enemy. Air 25 Teslae
Vulcan Lance Earth blast against one enemy. Earth 25 Terre
Fireball Exactly what it says. Fire 25 Incendie
Aqua Blast Exactly what it says. Water 25 Glace
Spirit Surge Blast of light against one enemy. Light 28 Lux
Dark Chant Dark blast against one enemy. Dark 28 Patir
Exorcism Completely destroy multiple undead enemies. Light 22 Exsorcer
Banish Completely destroy multiple enemies. Dark 25 Banish
Explosion Devastating area-attack blast. Physical Varies Demolir
Thunderburst Area-attack lightning blast. Air Varies Foudre
Flame Sphere Area-attack fire blast. Fire Varies Flamme
Gaea Strike Area-attack earth blast. Earth Varies Gaea
Avalanche Area-attack ice blast. Water Varies Avalanche
Radial Surge Area-attack light blast. Light Varies Radius
Meteor Area-attack dark blast. Dark Varies Meteore
Drain Heart Steals HP from enemies. Dark 12 Egout
Drain Mind Steals MP from enemies. Dark 2 Demance
Shaman (Restorative Spells)
Heal Restores HP. Light 5 Guerir
Restoration Cures Paralysis. Light 3 Mollesse
Antidote Cures Poison. Light 3 Antidote
Blessing Cures Curse. Light 17 Benir
Clearance Cures all status ailments. Light 15 Purifier
Surging Balm Restores HP gradually over time. Light 20 Vie
Sorcerer (Auxiliary Spells)
Herakles Increases STR. None 12 Intensite
Degenerate Decreases STR. None 7 Debile
Enlighten Increases INT. None 12 Eclairer
Psychodrain Decreases INT. None 7 Naugeux
Invigorate Increases AGI. None 12 Agilite
Leadbones Decreases AGI. None 7 Tardif
Prostasia Strengthens equipment. None 15 Ameliorer
Tarnish Weakens equipment. None 7 Deteriorer
Silence Disables ability to cast spells. None 7 Muet
Magic Ward Blocks the next spell cast on the target. None 21 Annuler
Stun Cloud Induces Paralysis. None 7 Paralysie
Poison Mist Induces Poison. None 11 Venin
Curse Induces Curse. None 17 Fleau
Fixate Freezes all Cloudstones temporarily. None 3 Halte
Dispel Nullifies all spells affecting target. None 10 Dissiper
Unlock Opens magically locked treasure chests. None 3 Clef
Eureka Reveals all traps in the room. None 6 Visible
Analyze Reveals target's statistics and parameters. None 5 Analyse
Enchanter (Affinity Spells)
Luft Fusion Increases weapon's air affinity. Air 10 Sylphe
Spark Fusion Increases weapon's fire affinity. Fire 10 Salamandre
Frost Fusion Increases weapon's water affinity. Water 10 Undine
Soil Fusion Increases weapon's earth affinity. Earth 10 Gnome
Aero Guard Increases armour's air affinity. Air 9 Parebrise
Pyro Guard Increases armour's fire affinity. Fire 9 Ignifuge
Aqua Guard Increases armour's water affinity. Water 9 Barrer
Terra Guard Increases armour's earth affinity. Earth 9 Rempart

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