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Status Changes

Status Changes

Status changes indirectly affect Ashley's performance in and out of (but mainly in) battle. They can strengthen or weaken his abilities, cause damage, or otherwise hurt or help him. Some can be very advantageous, whereas others should be cured at all costs. They are usually induced by magic, rarely by traps and Chain Abilities. The Magic section will tell you which spells cause and cure which status changes.

Name Effect
STR-down Ashley's STR decreases temporarily, affecting battle power.
STR-up Ashley's STR increases temporarily, affecting battle power.
INT-down Ashley's INT decreases temporarily, affecting magical abilities.
INT-up Ashley's INT increases temporarily, affecting magical abilities.
AGI-down Ashley's AGI decreases temporarily, affecting speed.
AGI-up Ashley's AGI increases temporarily, affecting speed.
Equipment Down Ashley's equipment is weakened temporarily.
Equipment Up Ashley's equipment is strengthened temporarily.
Poison Ashley loses small amounts of HP at regular intervals.
Numbness Ashley moves slower and cannot use Chain Abilities.
Paralysis Ashley cannot use any physical attacks.
Silence Ashley cannot use any magic.
Curse Same effect as STR-down, INT-down and AGI-down combined.
Regeneration Ashley gains small amounts of HP at regular intervals.
Quicken Ashley moves faster and jumps higher and farther.
Magic Ward Nullifies the next spell targeted at Ashley, whatever it is.
Fire+ Ashley's weapon or armour gains fire affinity and loses water affinity.
Water+ Ashley's weapon or armour gains water affinity and loses fire affinity.
Earth+ Ashley's weapon or armour gains earth affinity and loses air affinity.
Air+ Ashley's weapon or armour gains air affinity and loses earth affinity.

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