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Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests

Treasure Chests

There are 52 treasure chests in the game. You don't need to find all of them, though you may need to find some of them. They always contain useful equipment (carrying useful Gems) that will often come in handy in Combinations. If you do find all of them, however, you will receive a special Title in the Titles section under Scores in the game's menus. That's really the only reward for finding them all.

Here, I list the rooms in each area of the game where treasure chests can be found. Notice that many of them are hidden in locations that are inaccessible on first play. Since the game has extensive built-in maps where you can easily view the name of a given room, locating the rooms by name should be a fairly easy matter. If you can't find a given room, that means you haven't found it, and you should go back to that area and explore. If you can, return to that room and look around; chests are often tucked away in corners or on elevated platforms. I've marked the chests that can't be opened without the use of the spell Unlock or the Chest Key item.

There is one chest on the list that is special. It is the one in the room called The Gallows in the Wine Cellar. You will be able to loot it once you kill the Minotaur in the very beginning of the game, but it will actually be replenished later. At some point, the door to The Gallows will be locked with the Stock Sigil, which you can obtain from another chest, found in the room called Sale of the Sword in Undercity East. At that point, if you return all the way to The Gallows, you will have the opportunity to kill the Minotaur Zombie and loot the chest a second time.

Wine Cellar

  • Worker's Breakroom
  • The Reckoning Room
  • Blackmarket of Wines
  • The Gallows
  • The Hero's Winehall


  • Rodent-Ridden Chamber
  • The Lamenting Mother
  • The Bandits' Hideout


  • Alchemists' Laboratory

Abandoned Mines B1

  • Miners' Resting Hall
  • Coal Mine Storage
  • Rust in Peace (Unlock)
  • Mining Regrets

Undercity West

  • The Children's Hideout
  • Larder For A Lean Winter
  • The Crumbling Market

Snowfly Forest

  • Forest River
  • Hewn From Nature

The Keep

  • The Warrior's Rest (Chest Key)

Iron Maiden B1

  • The Wheel (Unlock)
  • The Judas Cradle
  • The Ducking Stool
  • The Branks (Chest Key)

Town Centre South

  • The House Khazabas (Unlock)

Abandoned Mines B2

  • Delusions of Happiness
  • Hidden Resources (Chest Key)
  • Acolyte's Burial Vault
  • Suicidal Desires

Town Centre East

  • Gharmes Walk (Chest Key)
  • The House Gilgitte

Undercity East

  • Weapons Not Allowed
  • Sale of the Sword
  • Catspaw Blackmarket

Limestone Quarry

  • Bonds of Friendship
  • Stone and Sulfurous Fire
  • Excavated Hollow
  • Drowned in Fleeting Joy
  • Companions in Arms (Unlock)

Temple of Kiltia

  • The Chapel of Meschaunce

Great Cathedral

  • Where Darkness Spreads
  • The Flayed Confessional
  • An Arrow Into Darkness

Forgotten Pathway

  • The Fallen Knight
  • Awaiting Retribution


  • Where Body And Soul Part (Unlock)
  • Buried Alive

Snowfly Forest East

  • Nature's Womb

Iron Maiden B2

  • Lead Sprinkler
  • Squassation

Iron Maiden B3

  • Saint Elmo's Belt
  • Dunking the Witch

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