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These are the usable items in the game. You can't buy these anywhere; the only way to get them is to win them from enemies. Major enemies generally drop a fixed number of certain items (usually Elixirs or wines), but occasionally some minor ones do as well. Obviously, you can't be too indiscriminate about using these; usually, you should rely on your innate recovery rather than on items. However, in a fight when recovery is needed fast, these may well save you. Both wines and Elixirs will permanently raise your statistics; however, they will randomly raise them by somewhere between one and four points, inclusive. This means that if you save your game before using them, then start using them, you can manipulate events such that you get the maximum bonus out of all of them. Also, if you take off all your equipment, you may have a higher chance of getting the higher bonuses.

Name Effect
Cure Root Restores 50 HP.
Cure Bulb Restores 100 HP.
Cure Tonic Restores 150 HP.
Cure Potion Restores all HP.
Vera Root Lowers RISK by 25.
Vera Bulb Lowers RISK by 50.
Vera Tonic Lowers RISK by 75.
Vera Potion Sets RISK to zero.
Mana Root Restores 25 MP.
Mana Bulb Restores 50 MP.
Mana Tonic Restores 100 MP.
Mana Potion Restores all MP.
Acolyte's Nostrum Restores 100 HP and MP.
Saint's Nostrum Restores all HP and MP.
Alchemist's Reagent Restores 25 HP, lowers RISK by 25.
Sorcerer's Reagent Restores 50 HP, lowers RISK by 50.
Yggdrasil's Tears Cures Paralysis.
Angelic Paean Cures Curse.
Spirit Orison Cures Numbness.
Faerie Chortle Cures Poison.
Panacea Cures Paralysis, Numbness and Poison.
Snowfly Draught Same as "Dispel" spell.
Faerie Wing Improves speed and jumps.
Eye of Argon Reveals all traps in the room.
Valens / Elixir of Kings Permanently increases STR.
Audentia / Elixir of Queens Permanently increases HP.
Virtus / Elixir of Mages Permanently increases MP.
Volare / Elixir of Dragoons Permanently increases AGI.
Prudens / Elixir of Sages Permanently increases INT.

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