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Walkthrough, Part V

Town Centre East

Town Centre East is where the toughest Crimson Blades of the game hang out. They've got around 200 HP apiece and they pack some quite good equipment. Fighting them is just like fighting the Blades in the Town Centres West and South. Like before, you should fight them for a while to get some of their equipment for combination purposes. You start in the Rue Lejour, so save your game and take the path into Kesch Bridge instead of the door in the wall. Get across the river and take the side path (again, instead of the door in the wall). The Rue Crimnade, where you'll find yourself, contains a door locked with the Cattleya Sigil, and if you took the time to get it from the Undercity West before like I advised, you can open it and access a Workshop where Hagane equipment can be combined. This, chances are, is what you'll be using for the rest of the game. The other door is latched and can't be opened right now.

Head into the Rue Fisserano, where there's another Workshop for combining Silver and Damascus equipment. You are unlikely to use it much, so instead work your way up the wall, avoiding the magic-using Crimson Blade, and enter Shasras Hill Park. The Bronze Key unlocks the gate to the Undercity East.

Undercity East

If you've gotten used to the predictable and weak Undead of the Undercity West, you're in for a shock. The first thing you'll see is a Quicksilver, a weird and disgusting little marionette with a butcher knife that will try to cast irritating status-changing spells such as Silence on you. An Edged weapon, backed with Luft Fusion, will cure what ails it, but it can be hard to hit sometimes. Alone, Quicksilvers are fairly easy prey, but when they team up they can be quite a headache. In the very next room, you'll have to face a Harpy, a big chicken monster with a face painted on its chest. It knows an instant death spell, so lay into it with a Piercing weapon before it ever gets a chance to use it. You'll win the Herakles spell, a highly useful STR booster.

The next room has yet another trial - the Lich. He actually has a pitiful 130 HP, but he knows so much advanced attack magic that you may find yourself dead before getting in a single hit. Like Ghosts and Wraiths, he can teleport around, so follow his shadow on the floor and attack him relentlessly with your strongest weapon (it doesn't matter what its type is) the second he appears. Hopefully, one chain will be enough, and you'll receive his Teleportation magic as a reward. Now you can travel between Save Points faster, but you're not done here yet.

In the next room, there will be two doors. Go through the one that isn't locked with the Iron Key for a fight with a Lich / Quicksilver tag-team. Try to corner the Lich first, since he's the bigger threat, and handle the Quicksilvers after he's dead. Then, open the chest for the Psychodrain spell, the Iron Key, and a Falchion weapon, and return to the room you were just in to open the other door with the Iron Key. You'll now be in A Knight Sells His Sword. One of the exits leads to the Town Centre East, but for now take the other exit to Gemsword Blackmarket and a fight with the Nightstalker. This Dullahan-like enemy will try to cast status-changing spells on you, then use its Solid Shock attack for heavy Physical damage. Cast Herakles and Prostasia on yourself, and Degenerate and Tarnish on it, and go for the abdomen with a Piercing weapon. It has 260 HP, so it'll be a reasonably short fight, and you'll win the Enlighten spell and the Melissa Sigil, which you'll need later. Now, go through two more doors to Sale of the Sword, where there is a chest that contains the Leadbones spell and Stock Sigil. If you want to know what the Stock Sigil is for, look at the Secrets section of this shrine. For now, return to A Knight Sells His Sword and take the exit that was locked with the Iron Key.

Town Centre East

You'll find yourself in the city walls adjacent to Town Centre East; if you take the corridor to the end, through some Blood Lizards, you'll find a door locked with the Clematis Sigil, which you now need to find. So, take one of the side doors outside to the Town Centre East and return to the Workshop in the Rue Crimnade. Combine your Shotel with the Falchion you found in the Undercity East to get a Kora. Save your game and try out your new teleportation ability.

First, teleport to Undercity West, to the room called The Sunless Way. You've been here before when you were going to the Snowfly Forest. Head west and use the Iron Key to open the door you couldn't open before. Inside is a chest with the Clematis Sigil, but you'll have to kill a Lich to get it. Do so, and return to The Sunless Way. Use the Save Point to teleport back to Town Centre East.

Now, go back into the city walls and use the Clematis Sigil to open the door you couldn't open before. Kill the Dark Elemental and head down into another part of the Undercity East.

Undercity East

You'll be on The Greengrocer's Stair. Head onwards through three doors, fight the Liches, Quicksilvers and Harpies along the way, and you'll get to Catspaw Blackmarket, a dead end that contains a chest with the Stun Cloud spell and the Aster Sigil. There's a trap right in front of the chest, but if you cast Eureka, you'll be able to see the Trap Clear panel elsewhere in the room.

Now, return to The Greengrocer's Stair for a cut scene and a fight with Neesa and Tieger. This fight is similar to the one with Rosencrantz in that the opposition doesn't have a finite amount of HP. You simply have to do as much damage as you can to either opponent, and eventually they will both retreat. It doesn't matter whom you attack, so just cast Herakles and Prostasia on yourself, and Degenerate and Tarnish on your preferred target, and fight. If you use Chain Abilities, use Vera items to lower your RISK immediately after each chain, since a high RISK will be very much to your disadvantage here. As with Rosencrantz, there's no real strategy involved; just do as much damage as you can.

When you win, you will get no prizes. (However, you will witness a horrific cut scene.) Now, you can return to Town Centre East, rest up and save your game. After that, use Teleportation to once again go to The Sunless Way in the Undercity West. Right in front of you will be a door locked with Iron Key that you can open to get to the Limestone Quarry. Now that you have the Aster Sigil, you will actually be able to go through the Quarry to the Temple of Kiltia and, afterwards, the Great Cathedral. Also, you might want to go through Iron Maiden B1 now, since somewhere in there is a chest with a Kora weapon that you can combine with the one you already have to get a Khopesh. It's up to you.

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