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Walkthrough, Part IV

Town Centre South

As you might have expected, Town Centre South is chock full of Crimson Blades. Everything I said about the Blades in Town Centre West applies to these ones as well, but they carry far better equipment. That means they're much stronger, but the potential payoff of fighting them is greater. You should spend some time fighting them until you get a good amount of their equipment, then combine it at the Workshop in the Keep in accordance with the Combination section to get at least some armour that's one notch better. Your Edged weapon should be the Firangi, if you've done everything I've advised up to now, and you should also fight the Blades for better Piercing and Blunt weapons.

Aside from the door to The Warrior's Rest in the Keep, there are three exits out of Town Centre South. One, to the west, leads to the corridor between the Snowfly Forest and the Keep, and can be used to quickly get to Town Centre West. You've already been there. Another, in the northeast, leads to Abandoned Mines B2, and you can get there with the Bronze Key. The third, however, in the east, leads to the Undercity West, and that's where you should go right now. You need the Mandrake Sigil, which you should have obtained from the second room of Iron Maiden B1.

From Forcas Rise, go southeast to the Rue Aliano. There's a door there that leads into The House Khazabas, and you need the Mandrake Sigil to open it. Go in, get the Silence spell from the chest, and go up to Zebel Walk. Jump across the hole and exit onto the Rue Volnac. There's two exits there, one of which is latched from the other side. Take the open one into Train and Grow Strong. This is another long corridor that will lead into Undercity West if you go down all of it. There's also a door in Train and Grow Strong that's sealed with the Rood Inverse, but you can't do a thing about it on first play. Go down the corridor, beat up on the Undead with a Piercing weapon (you'll also meet Dark Skeletons, which are a little tougher than regular Skeletons, but not by much), and smash three Gargoyles on the stairs leading down to Undercity West.

Undercity West

The first thing that awaits you is a fight with the Dark Elemental. He doesn't have much HP, but there are no Enchanter spells to align you with Light, so it won't be an easy battle. You can try casting Spirit Surge on him, but your INT might not be high enough for it to have much effect. Your best bet, really, is to switch to a good one-handed Hagane mace, cast Prostasia on yourself, and attack as well as you can. You'll get the Cattleya Sigil, which will be very useful later, and the Meteor spell.

In Sinner's Corner, the next room, you'll meet the Dark Eye, which has a small amount of HP but which is hard to hit. Blunt or Piercing weapons will do the job equally well; you might want to stick with Blunt throughout this part, for smashing up the Dark Skeletons. The west exit out of this room leads to a treasure room with the Dispel spell and a Shamshir weapon, which you should combine at first opportunity with your Firangi to get a stronger Falchion, the best one-handed Edged weapon you'll have had thus far. The north exit out of Sinner's Corner leads to a door locked with the Silver Key, so you won't be able to open it now. That's all right, since it only leads to the part of Undercity West you've seen before, but if you're going for 100% map completion, you should remember to open it.

The east exit, then, would seem to be the way to advance, but you won't be able to get far there either; an exit that would lead to the Abandoned Mines B2 is locked with the Gold Key, which you can't get on first play. So, your only recourse is to return to Town Centre South.

Town Centre South

Revisit the Workshop at the Keep to get your Falchion, and return to Forcas Rise. Get on the roof via the stairs (you may see a Crimson Blade jump down from that roof, thus showing you that you can get up on it), and work your way across the rooftops to the northeast. You'll have to jump to a high-placed exit to the Rue Faltes, so get out of Battle Mode to make the jump easier. Once in the Rue Faltes, go through the arch and open the gate with the Bronze Key. The Abandoned Mines B2 awaits.

Abandoned Mines B2

This part of the mine is longer and more challenging than the one you explored before. The primary enemies are Orcs and Orc Leaders, which are very much like their Goblin relatives in the Abandoned Mines B1. Their strategy will be the same: the grunts will attack while the Leader pounds you with magic. Your strategy will also be the same: rush the Leader with an Edged weapon, then switch to a Blunt weapon once he's dead and take on the grunts. You'll also meet Imps, which are like Gargoyles except tougher, and which you should engage with your Edged Falchion.

In Revelation Shaft, the second room, you'll need to stack crates right in front of the Cloudstone, stand on them, and jump as high as you can to grab hold of it and get across the pit. To do that, push one crate down and destroy one of the two boxes so that you can pick the other one up while standing on the push crate. Then you can put it in front of the Cloudstone and put the last box on top of it. That will get you to Gambler's Passage and some Orcs, then to The Miner's End where you'll have to fight the Air Elemental for the Thunderburst spell. Since you already have Soil Fusion, you can just cast it on your toughest Blunt mace and have at him. If you have any Gems that increase your earth affinity, put them on your weapon, as well.

The Treaty Room has a Save Point and some pathetic slimes. Use the former, kill the latter, and get ready for a challenge. When you leave The Treaty Room, you will be given two minutes to navigate a big maze, win a big fight, and get to Bandits' Hollow, the proper exit. There are three treasure rooms in the maze, and they contain valuable equipment, Elixirs, and the curative spells Restoration and Surging Balm. You may want to take on the maze in two or three tries - the first one or two times around, to get all the treasure, and the last, to actually get to the end. It doesn't matter how many tries it takes you to get through the maze, and all that happens to you if your time runs out is an automatic return to The Treaty Room.

If you decide to go for the treasure first, go south from The Treaty Room to Way of Lost Children, then west to Hidden Resources. There's a Mimic here, but you're much better equipped to handle it now, so kill it and, assuming you got the Chest Key from Iron Maiden B1, loot the chest for, among other things, Restoration. Now, return to Way of Lost Children, and go:

east to Desire's Passage;
east to Senses Lost;
north to Crossing of Blood;
north to The Abandoned Catspaw;
west to Hall of Contemplation;
north to Hall of the Empty Sconce;
east to Acolyte's Burial Vault.

In Acolyte's Burial Vault, take out a Mimic and some Imps and grab the goods, among which is Surging Balm. Now, you can retrace your steps to Hall of Contemplation and head south to The Fallen Bricklayer, or you can wait until your time runs out (you'll keep the treasure), and go back from The Treaty Room into the maze. If that's what you do, get to Crossing of Blood the same way you did before, and go:

west to The Fallen Bricklayer;
south to Cry of the Beast;
south to The Ore of Legend;
west to Suicidal Desires.

Mash the Mimic and Imps into a fine paste and get the goods. If your time is close to running out, just wait until you get warped back to The Treaty Room, and go into the maze again. Now, get to Crossing of Blood the same exact way as before, and go east to Fool's Gold, Fool's Loss, then north to Tomb of the Reborn. Now you have to fight the Earth Elemental while the clock keeps ticking, so just cast Luft Fusion, equip a Gnome Bracelet, try out your Thunderburst spell, and attack with a Blunt weapon. When he's dead, you'll get the Gaea Strike spell. The challenge isn't over yet, though. Go north to The Lunatic Veins and finally east to Bandits' Hollow. Be advised that this last exit is a one-way exit, so if you haven't gotten all the treasure yet, you may want to do that first.

Bandits' Hollow contains some Imps, a Blood Lizard, and a Save Point. Use the Save Point. One of the doors you see is locked with the Iron Key, so you can't use it right now. Another is a one-way door leading in from Undercity West, which you can't use on first play either. The last door leads to the Sky Dragon. Take off that Gnome Bracelet if you haven't already, cast Soil Fusion on your Piercing weapon, and attack anywhere but the tail. As always, jump to underneath the head to avoid being breathed on, and if you have any Gems that increase performance against Dragon enemies, put them on your weapon. You'll get the Tearose Sigil, which will open some doors in Iron Maiden B1 (now you can go win the Shamshir weapon in the fourth room there, and combine it with your Falchion to get a Shotel), and the Drain Mind spell.

The last room in the Abandoned Mines B2 is another jumping task. Get on the Cloudstone, get out of Battle Mode, and try to jump across the pit when the Cloudstone is near the wall where there are less crates on the other side. If you're having trouble doing this, use a Faerie Wing item (you should have some of these from the Snowfly Forest) and the jump will be much easier. Also, if you have a bow with a decent range, you can shoot some of the crates on the other side from the Cloudstone, thus destroying them and giving you more room to fall. The exit leads to Undercity West.

Undercity West

Fortunately, there's only a little bit left to go before you get to Town Centre East. There's a Dullahan prowling about above the stairs, but by now you're well-enough equipped to bring him down. You can unlatch the door just above where you came in to get to parts of Undercity West that you've already explored, but you should leave by the east exit. Take out the Dark Skeleton in the next room and leave by the exit that isn't locked with the Gold Key.

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