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Walkthrough, Part VI

Limestone Quarry

The Limestone Quarry is a long dungeon, and the Temple of Kiltia is immediately after it, so you have to be well prepared before you go down here. The strongest one-handed weapon you've got is probably that Edged Hagane Kora, and if you've already gone through the Iron Maiden B1, it may actually be a Khopesh or even a Wakizashi. If you haven't, now is actually a good time to go there, fight some enemies and get the various treasure to be found, including the Chest Key. In terms of armour, you should be around the Plate level at least (Oval Shield, Freiturnier, Plate Leggings, Close Helm, Plate Mail), and better yet at the Fluted Level.

Possibly the worst enemy you'll face in the Quarry is the Gremlin, a stronger Imp that wears some Damascus equipment and can cast Silence. It's strong against just about all elements, though it has a slight weakness to Water, and is most susceptible to Blunt weapons. You'll also have to deal with some Ogres, and they're weaker than the one you killed in the Abandoned Mines B1, but still pack some punch. When fighting them, don't use Chain Abilities, equip a Piercing weapon, and use Luft Fusion if you still can't do a lot of damage. Also, if you find the enemies doing a lot of damage to you, try using the Defensive Ability called Reflect Damage to make them take some of it.

When you first enter, your first task will be to defeat the Water Elemental. To do this easily, you can make use of the Spark Fusion spell, but you have to get it first. So, if you warp to Bandits' Hollow, in the Abandoned Mines B2, you'll find a door locked with the Iron Key. You have that key now, so you can open that door and get the spell out of the chest that's inside. You'll only have to deal with some Blood Lizards in the process. So, if you do all that, and then go after the Water Elemental, you can cast Spark Fusion and whack away with a weapon (preferably Blunt) until you win. You'll get the Avalanche spell for your troubles.

There's a Save Point in the next room (The Ore Road). Here you have a choice between two exits. Both eventually lead to the same place, but the east exit also has some treasure, whereas the west exit has none. If you're going for 100% map completion, you'll have to explore both, but on first play, just go east to The Air Stirs, kill some Gremlins, and go east again to Bonds of Friendship. Dispose of the Air Elemental with Soil Fusion and loot the chest for quite a few goods, including the Blessing spell. Leave the treasure room and go north, then north again. You'll have to deal with a pair of Dullahans, so get out a Piercing weapon (or stick with the Edged one if it's a lot stronger), cast Herakles on yourself, and go at them. Go through one more room and turn west to get to The Dreamer's Climb.

The western exit of The Dreamer's Climb is actually where the alternate path from The Ore Road would have taken you, so ignore it unless you want 100% map completion. What you'll want to do here is get to the north exit. To do so, you'll have to learn to handle the blue cubes that you see. It's fairly simple - you can pick them up like normal boxes, but if you put a blue cube on another blue cube, the top cube will jump up in the air and hover above the bottom one (an exaggeration of what happens when you put the north poles of two magnets together). So, get to the central platform and do just that, then climb onto the hovering cube and jump to the closest ledge on the other side. If you're having trouble, try casting Invigorate on yourself.

Continue on to The Auction Room, where there's a Save Point. Ignoring the doors that are locked with Keys that you don't have, go west to The Labourer's Bonfire. First make a detour west to the treasure room (the Drain Heart spell, guarded by an Earth Elemental), then come back and jump to the central island. There's a big pile of boxes here, so get in Battle Mode and destroy them one by one until you have just enough left to climb on top of. From there, leap across the pit to Torture Without End, where the Ogre Lord awaits. He actually has only 20 more HP than the first Ogre you fought, so saddle him with Degenerate, cast Herakles and Prostasia on yourself, then hit him with your Edged weapon. Chain Abilities won't work very well, just like with regular Ogres, so stick to single hits and try casting Spark Fusion on your weapon if you aren't dealing a lot of damage. Go south, save your game, and go east to the treasure room, where a Water Elemental is guarding a whole stockpile of good equipment, as well as another Flame Sphere spell.

Leave and go south, and follow the simple path to Dust Shall Eat the Days. Get on the Cloudstone and jump towards the other side while it's moving toward it as well. Using the motion of the Cloudstone will make you jump farther. The only other thing to remember is that, since there are two piles of boxes on the other side, you have to aim your jump for the ledge right between them. North is Hall of the Wage Paying, and the Snow Dragon. Cast Spark Fusion on your Edged weapon, get under his head, and start swinging at the legs. If you have any Dragonite gems, stick them on the grip of the weapon, as well. You'll win the Aqua Guard spell.

North of that is Tunnel of the Heartless. The exit to the Temple of Kiltia is in plain sight, but you have to solve a pretty tough puzzle to get to it. Basically, you'll want to run straight at the ledge that sticks out on the other side, and jump across to it. The problem is that you don't have enough space for a runway if you're going to jump normally. Well, if you have any Faerie Wings left over from the Snowfly Forest, you can use one, and then the space you start out with will be enough for your runway, and that will be the end of it. If you don't, however, you have to put an extra box on your side to provide the remaining space needed for the jump. What you'll see in the pit is a bunch of cubes with glowing bottoms. These cubes will slide until they hit an obstacle if you push them in one direction.

First, push a sliding cube in the pit towards the centre, under another sliding cube above it. Then, push the latter cube out onto it. Now, you can push one of the regular cubes, the one that's on top of the push crate, off and below the other regular cube. Now, push that other cube onto the first one, then again off it, in the same direction. Now, you can slide the push crate out and around to where you want it to go, and you've created enough barriers to enable you to push it from the sides whenever you've pushed it into a wall. That's it.

Temple of Kiltia

This is the second-to-last area in the game. There aren't many enemies here, but there are some more irritating puzzles, so you'll have to bear with me as I try to explain them. The first order of business is getting to the proper entrance, and there's a ledge along one side of the pit where you can inch ahead. If you cast Eureka, you'll see that there's a Trap Clear on that ledge. Don't trigger it, since it will disarm a Heal Panel on the other side.

In Hall of Prayer, you'll meet the Last Crusader. He's toting a Damascus Rhomphaia, the best one-handed sword in the game, so cast Herakles and Prostasia on yourself to even up the odds. Now go for the abdomen with an Edged weapon, like you've done before. He'll try to cast status-changing spells on you, but you can actually cast them on him first to put him on the defensive. While he's busy restoring his status, you can set about depleting his 480 HP. When you're done, go east to Those Who Drink the Dark.

There's a door on the side, but it's locked with the Silver Key. It only leads back to the Limestone Quarry anyway, so don't bother with it yet. Your goal is the north door, and you can leap over the pit to get to the puzzle. You'll have to make extra elevation from which to reach the high ledge using crates, as usual. First, push the top crate on the small heap west. Now destroy the northernmost of the two elevated crates next to the west wall, and push the remaining one south, over the first crate you pushed, then some more until you have enough space to get behind it and push it a couple spaces to the east.

Now, you can break the first crate you pushed and push the crate that was next to it east. You can now push it west or east to create a bridge, across which you can push the two remaining crates. Then, you can push the bridge back into the centre and move the crates northward from behind until they hit the wall. Push the westernmost of these crates east so that it's behind the other. Now, the high crate can be pushed north, east, north, west, and north, and you can jump from it. It's not an easy puzzle at all, but hopefully this explanation will make sense if you're looking at the room while reading it. If you can at least get a feel for what you have to do, you can probably figure out the rest.

North is a fight with the Minotaur Lord. Despite his intimidating appearance, you can cast Herakles on yourself and take him apart with your Edged weapon in no time. When that's done, loot the chest for the Silver Key and go back to the room where you fought the Last Crusader. Take the western exit this time to the room called The Resentful Ones, which is very appropriate since that's exactly how you'll feel when you have to solve two puzzles in one room.

Here, you'll see cubes with numbers on them, meaning that you can only move them that number of times before they disintegrate. In the first puzzle, you'll have to use these cubes as obstacles in the path of the one sliding cube. So:

push the cube that's the farthest away from the sliding cube north twice and west once;
push the other cube north once, east once, south once;
push the sliding cube east, north and east;
push a crate on top of it.

Now you can climb across the barrier to the second puzzle. Now, there's only one cube with a number on it. So:

push it north once and west three times;
slide one sliding cube west;
push the cube with a number north twice;
push the other sliding cube west, then south;
push the top crate north twice.

Now you can get to Those Who Fear the Light, where there's an Air Elemental and some Gremlins, and then to the Chamber of Reason, where you'll eventually have to fight Kali. Despite her bizarre appearance, she's actually not that hard if you've been using your Edged weapon against all those Crimson Blades. Just cast Herakles and Prostasia on yourself and attack her anywhere but her right arm, and that should be the end of it. If you like, you can cast status-changing spells on her to make her waste her time countering them.

You'll emerge onto Plateia Lumitar, right in front of the Great Cathedral. There's a Save Point here and a doorway across some water. If you go through the doorway, you can enter Gharmes Walk for a Chest-Key-locked chest with some equipment, then go on to The House Gilgitte for another chest with some more. The door at the bottom of The House Gilgitte, when unlatched, will lead out into Town Centre East, right next to the Workshop. To get back up, you can push a cube in front of the now-empty chest and use the space to slide a sliding cube to the wall. Then you can slide the other sliding cube to the wall, using the first one as an obstacle to stop it. Then, you can push one last cube towards the wall to make a pile, and jump from that.

You can now go open some doors with the Silver Key (check the section of the walkthrough called "the Keys" for that), or you can go clear out the Great Cathedral, the last area in the game.

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