B 1 - Fortress



2-way Door

PeiPei's Allied Actions Log Lists all the AAs
you've gotten thus far.

Locked Door, use switch (maroon)

PeiPei's Log of Adventures Detailed story of your journey through the labyrinth.  More is available as floors are completed.

Breakaway Wall

The Adventurer's Poems, PeiPei's Collection Lists helpful information about the game.

Warp Marker

Helga's Diary Can only be found after completing B1.

Blocked Path

Altar Switch

Battle Axe

Door Switch

Metal Shield


Sculpture Charm

Event Scene


Quest Scene
Read the explination if it's your first time here.

A Thief shows you a warp point to take you to B8.  Can only be found after you've reached B8.
Transfer Potion - 500 G

A Warrior shows you a warp point to take you to B10.  Can only be found after you've reached B10. Healing Potion - 250 G
Antidote - 250 G
  • QS 1 - Lydia's quest "Help my boyfriend"
Curing Potion - 20000 G
  • QS 2 - Lydia's quest "Change my boyfriend".  Can only be obtained after completing Lydia's 1st quest & reaching B5.
Guilding Staff - 900 G
  • QS 3 - Elizabeth's quest "I wanna go to the Labyrinth".  Can only be obtained when all other quests are done.
  • ES 1 - You meet the Swordsman here.  He tells you to meet him in the Labyrinth so he can teach you the Allied Actions.
  • ES 2 - You encounter 2 Kobolds arguing.  They bought a sword from a Hobbit & were told that it could kill anything, but it can't.  They see you, and want to kill you and take your money.
  • ES 3 - You stop and Kyo tells you that his brush with near death is close by.  Ricardo suggests that you go to it so Kyo can overcome his fear of it.
  • ES 4 - You search the skeleton & 2 Rogues attack you.  Beat them & search the skeleton for a shield.  Take it, & Ricardo will tell you that it belonged to his old party leader.
  • ES 5 - Kyo tells you that this is where he almost died at.
  • ES 6 - You encounter the Priestess Sara waiting to get a Pass.  She offers to join you (you don't have a choice).
  • ES 7 - You meet Gotz, a trap-making Orc.  He gives you a Labyrinth Stone
  • ES 8 - Ricardo tells you about Breakaway walls.
  • ES 9 - You run into Kasta, who's being hounded by someone named Virgo.  She threatens to hurt Kasta if he doesn't leave with her.  You can stop him if you want, but he'll leave with her anyway (choosing to stop him will make trust go up).
  • ES 10 - You run into a group of adventurers.  They talk to you for a bit then leave, but not before dropping a sword.   You go and pick it up, they return & take it back from you.  The female Bishop appraises it, and it turns out to be cursed.  She becomes affected by the curse & runs off.  The other 2 chase after her.  You pick up the Betraying Sword.
  • ES 11 - You hear a noise coming from the nearby room.  You can choose to ignore it or see about it.  Go & see about it, and it's a Warrior who needs help (choosing no gets on Sara's bad side).  Sara goes back to town to get an Antidote.  She comes back and gives the Antidote & a Healing Potion to him.  He thanks you & gives you a Magic Stone.  Sara tells you that she trusts you more now.
  • ES 12 - You meet the Swordsman here.  He teaches you 2 AA's before Virgo shows up.  She fights against you.  Beat her using the 3rd AA he teaches you.  She gets pissed & leaves.  Kasta leaves for town to tell everyone of what you did.  The Swordsman then tells you it's up to you to find the cause of The Flash, then he disappears.
  • ES 13 - You run into another injured Warrior that tells you about the Reaper.  When asked if you believe him, do so (good/neutral trust goes up).
  • ES 14 -You run into a Hobbit Thief freting over switch and asks you to leave.  Return here after you've obtained a Pass.  He'll fret over it a little bit more then leaves.  Press the switch to unlock the door at the beginning of the level.
  • ES 15 - You run into a Samurai that tells you that this spring is linked to another spring that runs deeper in the Labyrinth.
  • ES 16 - An Elf Warrior stops you and wants to see your Pass before he lets you go down.  You tell him that you tried to get one, but no one was in the Imperial Quarters to hand them out.  He tells you to go back to town & try again later.
  • ES 17 - *Happens only after getting the AAs.* Come back here after going to town.  You meet Kasta, who asks where the Swordsman's at.  Tell him whatever, because he already knows what happens.  He leaves.
  • ES 18 - After going back to town, come back here & a guard stops you.  He gives you a test to see if you are worthy to see the Queen.  Fight against 3 Harpies.  Go inside & you'll meet Queen Otelier & her advisor Chief LeDua Almsey.  They give you a pass & tell you to go and find a missing unit of soldiers.
  • ES 19 - *Happens only after getting a pass.*  You run into the same Hobbit Thief as earlier, who starts talking to you about Vellums, whether you want him to or not.  He gives you the Guiding Vellum.
  • ES 20 - Return here after you've found the missing unit of soldiers to get your reward.  Also, give Otelier the Royal Ring if you've picked it up.
  • ES 21 - *Happens only after getting a pass.*  You meet Michele here.  She talks to you about the darkness that surrounds Duhan.  She leaves.
  • ES 22 - *Happens only after getting a pass.*  You run into the same adventurers from earlier who talk amongst each other.
  • ES 23 - *Happens only after getting a pass.*  You run into a strange old man here who rambles on about basically nothing.
  • ES 24 - *Happens only after getting a pass.*  You hear a noise come from nowhere telling you that a shop has opened up on B1.  You are dragged into the nearby room.  This is Maelific's Smiley Shop, where you can buy potions.
  • ES 25 - *Happens only after getting a pass.*  You encounter a female Thief fighting undead.  She kills them and then tells you how to kill them.  She leaves, but not before swiping a little money from you.  Walk ahead.  Some undead that she didn't kill appear.  Choose to attack them or leave (you have to kill them to pass).   Kill them if you are able to.
  • ES 26 - *Only happens after completing Lydia's "Help my boyfriend" quest* & reaching B5 in the Labyrinth*.  You run into Eric, who tells you that he is opening up a monster material shop.
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