These are the controls for playing Wizardry: Tale of the Forsaken Land.  To play the game, you must use an Analog Controller for the PS2 (Dual Shock controllers).
  • Directional Buttons -- Move the cursor and change directions.
  • Right Analog Stick -- Move to change camera angle.
  • Left Analog Stick -- Moves map display.
  • Triangle Button -- Opens command window.
  • X Button -- Confirms a selection.
  • Circle Button -- Cancels selection.  When exploring, press O to dash. *Watch your stamina meter in the upper right hand corner of the screen.*
  • Square Button -- Opens the system menu screen.  You can choose to:
    • Suspend Data -- Saves the game in the exact spot you are in & returns you to the title screen.  You can restart exactly where you left off at the next time you play.
    • Vibration -- Toggle the controller's vibration either on or off.  Controller will vibrate when in the presence of the Reaper, Reaper Doors & during battle.
    • Camera Motion -- Toggle between camera motion on/off.  Motion on, the camera moves in a life-like fashion when you are moving (bobs up and down like you're actually walking).  Motion off, the camera is still and moving is limited to a linear fashion (no moving, just clean, straight motion).
      • Note ~ In the character screen, press Square to bring up a list of event items.
  • R1 Button -- Strafe to the right (side-step right).  In the character menu, press R1 to go to the next character.
  • R2 Button -- Button is not used in the game.
  • L1 Button -- Strafe to the left (side-step left).  In the character menu, press L1 to go to the previous character.
  • L2 Button -- Hides/displays the map display.
  • Start -- Pause the game.
  • Select -- Toggle on/off the character's marker (turns off/on the character's name, HP number, attribute and class).  Book states this button does nothing.