This page is for the statistics in the game and what they are used for.  They will be separated into character statistics and equipment statistics.  I know this page is kinda useless, but I felt like making it anyway, just encase someone got CoNfUsEd about something.

Character Statistics
Character statistics are the characters attributes and abilities such as HP, strength, defense, etc. and can be viewed by going to the character screen.
  • Name -- Name of the character.
  • Race -- Race of the character.  Sorted by: HUM-Human, ELF-Elf, DWA-Dwarf, GNO-Gnome and HOB-Hobbit
  • Class -- Job class of the character.  Determines what type of equipment they can use as well as what spells they can learn, if any.  Sorted by: WAR-Warrior, KNI-Knight, SAM-Samurai, NIN-Ninja, THI-Thief, PRI-Priest, BIS-Bishop and SOR-Sorceror
  • Attribute -- Attribute of the character.  Sorted by G-Good, N-Neutral and E-Evil.
  • Personality -- Personality of the character.  Too many to list; refer to the Personalities page.
  • Trust -- Trust level of the character.  Goes up or down according to your actions.  8 levels in total.
  • Level -- Current level of character.  Goes up when enough experience points are earned and you stay at the Lodge.
  • HP/Max -- Current Hit Points out of the maximum total of hit points (example - 20/25).
  • EXP -- Total amount of experience points a character has.  Goes up with the killing of monsters and completing quests.
  • NEXT -- Amount of total experience points a character needs to get to in order to gain a level.  This number exponentially rises with each level.
  • Off. -- Offense strength of character.  Is factored by their Power and weapon's attacking strength.
  • Evade -- Evasive ability of character.  Is factored by their Agility and armors' evasive capabilities.
  • Def. -- Defensive ability of character.  It is factored by their Life and armors' defensive capabilities.
  • Power (Pwr) --  Affects damage, with weapons, on enemies.
  • Wisdom (Wise) -- Affects the degree of ease in casting and resisting a Sorceror Spell.
  • Faith (Fth) -- Affects the degree of ease in casting and resisting a Priest Spell.
  • Life (Lfe) -- HP.  Affects the resistance to poison and paralysis, and the ease of revival after death.
  • Agility (Agi) -- Affects the speed of actions during battle.
  • Luck (Lck) -- Affects the resistance to Breath and is used in other situations.
SOR0/00/00/00/00/00/00/0Amount of Sor. spell points left out of the maximum total of sor. spell points per level.  Max is 9 per level (I.E. 5/9).
PRI0/00/00/00/00/00/00/0Amount of Pri. spell points left out of the maximum total of pri. spell points per level.  Max is 9 per level (I.E. 5/9).
Equipment Statistics
These statistics are for the equipment that you use, such as weapons, armors and accessories.  These can be viewed by going into the character menu, selecting an item, and pressing the triangle button.
  • Name -- The name of the item is listed in the upper left hand side of the screen, just above Att. Freq.
  • Description -- The description of the item is listed in the almost center of the screen, just below 'Can Equip'.  It also lists any special abilities this weapon may have.  Unidentified items will have a series of '??' in this place.
  • Can Equip -- The classes/attributes able to equip them.  They are listed as: Warrior, Knight, Master(Samurai), Ninja, Thief, Priest, Bishop, Sorceror...Good, Neutral, Evil.
  • Att. Freq. -- Attack Frequency of a weapon is how many hits this weapon can perform per attack.
  • Damage -- Damage is the weapon's attack power.  The higher the number, the more damage you will inflict on enemies.
  • Fix Accu. -- Fixed Accuracy is the plus or minus to your character's hit accuracy with their equipped weapon.  Pluses are list as %.  Minuses are listed as -%.
  • E -- This item is equipped on this character.
  • C -- This item equipped on this character is cursed and cannot be removed.  Must go to Vigger's Shop and pay him to have the curse lifted.