Once you arrive in Safarium, you'll find it (surprise surprise!) empty, apart from a couple of shops. Exit Safarium, head south and enter the next valley to find Zue.

 Zue is fairly big, but not that hard. When you get in, walk left and then north. Crawl under the bushes (there is a hole in one place; you can only see it when it doesn't rain) and take the lower-right exit. Head right and up to find a plant that tells you about the Rain altars, and two chests containing a M.Bulb and a P.Cure.

 Go back to the place where you crawled under the bushes, this time taking the upper-right exit. At the crossroads with a big tree in the middle, head left. Kill the Dungun to release a soul. Speak to it, and it'll tell you about the rainfall altars. Head back to the crossroad, and take the north path.

 Walk right, then north. Kill the lizard in the Northeast corner here to release another soul. Talk to it, and it'll head to the altar. Take the southeast exit, and kill the dungun to release a third soul. Head back to the area just north of the crossroad.

 Here, walk north and crawl under the bushes. Jump down into the dried riverbed, and kill the first Douma you see to release the fourth and final soul for the first altar. Continue along the path, and crawl under the tree trunks, then climb out of the riverbed and enter the portal you see to find the first rainfall altar. Watch the scene, and when you can move, jump into the water and get the chest. It contains a DEF Potion.

 Head back to the place where you found the second soul, climb through the opening and open the chest to get the Sticker and a M.bulb. Don't equip the Sticker just yet; Take the South-East exit once again and jump into the water. Swim to the right, and head through the exit to the north for a P.Cure. Head back, and destroy the two rocks as well as the Dungun to release the first soul for the second altar. Now you can equip the sticker if you want, but I prefer to use the RocSpear since it's more powerful against Dunguns.

 Head right. Crawl under the bushes, and destroy the dungun to the right to release the second soul. The chest contains a S.Bulb. Crawl back out, and jump down the dry riverbed. Head north and then right, and you'll come upon a fragile wall. Hit a douma and let it blow you into the wall, and you'll break it. Kill the two doumas, one of them contains the third soul.

 Now head past the broken barrier, and climb up. Go left, past the altar, and into the next screen. There you'll find a lizardman and a Magirock. Kill the lizardman and you've released the fourth soul. Now enter the rain Altar, and watch the scene. Return to where the stumps were, and push one in the water to get across, then push the other one out of the way.

 Go as far north as you can to find two treasure chests containing 65 Gems and a Life Potion. Head south. In the next screen, kill the first lizard to release your first soul for the third altar. Go south, jump down the dry riverbed, and kill the right Douma to get your second soul. Continue south and kill the two doumas. One of them contain the third soul. To the right there is also a Magirock.

 Head back to the stumps and cross the river, then jump into the river and swim south. Get out of the river at first stop and kill the lizard to release the final soul, then follow the river until you find the third altar. Head to the left a little more and you'll find a Magirock.

 Now swim back, but head to the south at first chance and you'll get back to the beginning. There's a chest there that you now can take which contains a Luck Potion. Return to the stumps, and head back to where you found the second and third soul to the third altar. Jump into the river, and follow it to find the fourth altar, and the boss: Storm Keeper.

 Make sure to be on atleast level 15 for this boss. It got two shapes. First, it's a skeleton that either strikes at you with it's scythes, throws its scythes or casts unholy flames on you. To dodge the flames, move up or down. Equip the sticker, and hit it whenever it throws it's scythes. You should have no problems taking it down; If you use the slicer attack, it should do about 50 HP damage.

 The second form is somewhat trickier. Now you're falling down into the earth, and it gets hotter and hotter... Don't worry. Just attack it whenever you got a chance, it should be dead in no time at all. Again, use the slicer attack and he should be a goner. When he's dead, congratulations! You've ressurrected the animals!

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