There exist's a rumor that says that there are 100 magirocks. If anyone can confirm this or knows where I can find the three I'm missing, send me an email.

  1. Tower 1, second floor
  2. Tower 1, third floor
  3. Tower 1, fourth floor
  4. Tower 2, first floor
  5. Tower 2, second floor
  6. Tower 2, fourth floor
  7. Tower 3, basement
  8. Tower 3, third floor, second room
  9. Tower 4, second floor (left stairs)
  10. Tower 4, first basement (room with holes), upper level
  11. Tower 4, third floor (right stairs)
  12. Sub-area south of Evegreen (where you buy magic)
  13. Ra Tree Cavern, room with Giant Leaves
  14. Ra Tree Cavern, room with Leaf Suit (right from Ra Dewdrop)
  15. Receive with Grass Pin
  16. See above
  17. See above
  18. See above
  19. Grecliff, outdoors, just before the mandatory dark boulders
  20. Grecliff, outdoors, below the first "fall tunnel"
  21. Grecliff, indoors, room with all the bouncing heads
  22. Grecliff, outdoors, climb up above second fall tunnel
  23. Grecliff, outdoors, bear right in second fall tunnel
  24. Receive with Wind Pin
  25. See above
  26. Zue, left of 2nd altar
  27. Zue, on riverbed below 4th altar, *before* activating 3rd
  28. Zue, left of 3rd altar
  29. Eklemata, first screen, by the flower in the lower left
  30. Eklemata, across the lake, at the top of the cliff
  31. Eklemata, inside the cave if you take the right fork at the top of above cliff
  32. Eklemata, after passing through the forst cave past the (now snow-filled) lake
  33. Receive with Bone Pin
  34. Sub-area northeast of Louran
  35. Louran, Meilin's house
  36. Louran, East Side (top route), house with Light Rod
  37. Louran, East Side (bottom route), first house
  38. Louran, basement of the house Meilin's hiding in
  39. Louran, top floor of Meilin's hideout
  40. Louran, Square (approach from North Side)
  41. Louran, North Side, closest house to graveyard
  42. Sub-area east of Loire
  43. Loire Castle, pantry
  44. Loire Castle, top of tower (treasury)
  45. Norfest Forest, upper right of the first screen after the screen where Meilin joins you (directions are hard here)
  46. Norfest Forest, upper right of the first screen past Bridge (second time you're there, i.e. the far side)
  47. Norfest Forest, take lower fork in screen before last bridge
  48. Loire Castle (after all the cutscenes), prize for speed-eating
  49. Sylvain Castle, royalty chambers (near bed)
  50. Sylvain Castle, tightrope passage from royalty to chapel (for the record, it *is* possible to jump back onto the tightrope)
  51. Sylvain Castle, right tower, big lake room (with the acid switch), on a side island
  52. Freedom Port, inside building
  53. Freedom, receive from Bell *if* you tell the truth about Amanda
  54. Freedom (first expansion), back room of Stoma's house
  55. Colorado River, on bridge (once it's built, obviously)
  56. Sanctuar, by the King of Kingbirds, once you've freed him from Freedom's black market (available in first or second expansion)
  57. Sub-area far south of the South America gull "stopover," prize for getting through the maze quickly
  58. Liotto, back room of Brazilian food shop
  59. Liotto, prize for Cream-a-Cat
  60. Receive with Water Pin
  61. See above
  62. See above
  63. See above
  64. See above
  65. See above
  66. Sub-area in New Zealand
  67. Sub-area on island north of Scand(inav)ia
  68. Litz (expanded), upper-left corner
  69. Litz (expanded), craft shop
  70. Yunkou, upper right corner
  71. Yunkou, go back and forth between Chija and her parents (give Chija a flower in the nomad's camp near Taklama) until they give you the stone
  72. Neotokio, house immediately on left as you enter town, first floor, left room
  73. Neotokio, underground, left door, prize for becoming the Noodle King
  74. *Japanese version only* Quintet building. A man asks you a few questions. If you answer all correctly you get the magirock.
  75. Safarium, side room in lion's den (bet you wondered what that was for the first time you were there) - after humans exist of course - prize for bopping heads
  76. Penginea, first igloo on left
  77. Great Lakes Cavern, room you flood, on island after the room is flooded
  78. Receive with Horn Pin
  79. See above
  80. See above
  81. See above
  82. Dragoon Castle, dungeon, lower left
  83. Dragoon Castle, east wing, across lower set of pits
  84. Dragoon Castle, east wing, sewer area, side island
  85. Mosque, upper right house, back room
  86. Nirlake (second expansion - first is the ruins), next to building in upper right corner
  87. Suncoast (expanded), receive with Water Pin in exchange for fever medicine, left room on the 2nd floor of the inn
  88. See above
  89. See above
  90. See above
  91. See above
  92. See above
  93. Suncoast (expanded), house in top center of town, 2nd floor, left room (i.e. the mayor's room)
  94. Astarica, the only fork in the path, take the left fork (very visible)
  95. Neotokio Sewers, "Pond," right of the exit
  96. Neotokio Sewers, room with the robots, right path
  97. Beruga's Lab Tower, room before the second staircase