Dummying is when Items or events have been taken out of a translation (usually from Japanese to English) for one reason or another. A total of eight items are mentioned in the game's dialogue, but are nowhere to be see.

Dummied out items
Image Name Description Comments
 Airplane Parts Airplane parts Probably changed to the Airfield Plans.
 Aloe Leaves Leaves from an aloe plant I am positive this does not mean Ginseng, Fever Medicine, Air Herb, Giant Leaves, or any kind of bulb. These are all listed elsewhere.
 Beeper No description. That's the actual description. Perhaps part of the trade in technology?
 Carrot A carrot Perhaps you could originally introduce different crops to farmers in an early version.
 Grass Whistle Made of woven grass Very unknown.
 Grenade No description. That's the actual description. Very unknown and not the Time Bomb.
 Heaven Statue Used to summon rainfall Could have been used in Zue and/or Nirlake.  Not to be confused with the Heaven Statue in Actraiser.
n/a Powered Gear Enabled lifting of heavy objects Possibly a parallel to the gloves in Zelda 64 which allow you to lift things which block your path.

Dialogue Questions

The following items are to do with the games dialogue (get it at Cherubae's place) from the script file:

Asked by Dais:

Also appearing in the script are these words, which I have no recollection of ever seeing :

I can't see it!

Choose what you want to see.
Dev. Rm Mole
Chicken Eating

Oh. I see. You don't want to. I see.

Choose what you want to see.
Sqrl Vil NY Town
Sqrl C NY City

Oh. I see. You don't want to. I see.

Comments: It occurs in the same text block as all the Quintet staff sayings.

A love letter?

That letter...
You don't mean to...

I'm not ready!
...Pardon me ?

A letter from people who survived a terrible fire?

Comments: I ACTUALLY SAW the following text, but its confusing as hell. It occurs when you bring one of the Nirlake letters to Marily. What did she expect ?

A friend in need...

We all know Royd's friend was killed by one of the bad guys (even though we don't know the killer OR the victim). But who is Fyda's friend? When Fyda visits you in Loire, she talks about her friend. I know she could be referring to SFP Elle, but I doubt it. And at that point, she still thinks Royd is a mercenary.

Fluffy... oh fluffy

Less important, why are the names of characters totally different from who they are? And, in the german text, excuse me, but why does the word 'Fluffy' appear over and over?

Mystery solved! Yomi is for some unknown reason called Fluffy in the German version. Hence why Fluffy always come up over and over.

Asked by Cyrus :

Ok, from a. my own observations, and b. looking through Dais' reposted Terranigma script, I've come up with a short list of things to investigate:

Luki, Luki I got Hooky

Luki, the woman who looked after you during your sleep in Lhasa, is apparently supposed to contract some kind of disease, according to the script, but there's no dialogue about her getting better. I have completed the game numerously, on level 50, but have no recollection of Luki ever getting ill !

Moovin' and Groovin'

The Quattro's talk of settling down. They move from Litz to north of Liotto, but is that where they actually settle down for good?

Mystery Man No.1059

There is dialogue where you meet a botanist who has taken up residence in a peaceful forest somewhere. He talks about being happy, then later talks of people ruining the forest and wanting to turn it into a resort. Where is this man, and does he have any kind of a story behind him?

Mole Patrol

In the Evegreen section, they mention a mole setting up shop. Any comments on this?

Hey, it's flag day !!!

In the Crysta section, someone talks about being 'the hunky flag guy who's the talk of the town. Then asks you to choose up or down, then there are a load of options about a sound test. What is this all about?