Baby when you're gone...

In the bar in NeoTokio, a women says something to do with 'B A B Y'. People are associating this with a Snes joypad button sequence. To my knowledge, this has no relevance.

Macho, macho man...

People have been asking me the point of your Macho Appeal raising when you take a nap at Polynesia. Some people claim it raises your defense the first time. I think it doesn't do anything. I think it was a joke, and don't really see how people can think of it as anything else. Philistines! And yes, this also goes for the blood pressure being raised by the three fashion girls in Freedom.

The Beruga Triangle

I was looking at a stumped Terranigma page, and noticed that some tit had left a message in the guestbook asking how to resurrect Bermuda. I've had a couple of E-mails about this, and would like to say... YOU WHAT ?!? Think about it, there are 7 continents - it applies to the game as well 'cos the planet is supposed to be Earth. Trust me. I hope they did mean Beruga, because then it becomes a valid question, otherwise they're probably either thicker than the offspring of a TV Weather girl and Forrest Gump, or they're stirring it, big time.

Undiscovered Land

I received an E-mail recently asking if it was possible to travel across South Africa. When you fly over this land, it gives the names of the two sections of South Africa as Kalahari and Capetown. As far as I know, there is no possible way to get here, it's just for show. Of course, I am completely welcome to any information regarding this land, there is nothing special about the way it looks, apart from the three trees. Anyway, there are no ports and no airfield strips, no caves joining them and as far as I can see, no flight paths from gulls. SouthCape is the place you begin in Illusion of Gaia (the predecessor to Terranigma) and in the ending when the worlds change form, South Cape is located in South Africa, as is CapeTown. The Enix team probably wanted to make a link between these two games.

Staff dismissed

A person in Liotto mentions the mystical qualities of Staffs. To my knowledge, the only staff is the GeoStaff which has an Earth elemental quality, but there are several other weapons with elemental qualities as well. Is there more than one staff?

Mystery solved! It appears to be a translation "error". The staffs they are referring to had their names changed in the English version.

Secret Walls Anonymous

In Dragoon castle, when you try to escape with Elle and Meilin stops you, there is a small side path heading off to the right. It looks like there could be a secret door in the middle of the wall, or you could knock the wall down with the Speed Shoes but you can't, even though Meilin's reaction indicates that their probably is a door there. Is there?

Talking to Squirrels...

Not an important one, but is there any reason that you can talk to the squirrels south of Liotto when you're supposed to not be able to communicate with plants or animals any more?