Game genie codes:

Snes9X codes:

Pro Action Replay codes:

Note: for the unlimited money code, you can buy from shops at any time, but in some situations (staying at inns etc), it says that you are broke. In which case, you should turn the AR off, go and kill a bad guy and get some more money. Then it should work.

7E065FFF + 7E0660FF + 7E0663FF + 7E0666FF - When these 4 codes are used together with the 5 of the codes above, you'll have 535 Strength, 535 Defense, and 255 Luck with absolutely no strings attached. Don't be scared if the Strength value equals "35". It's actually 535, but there is only enough room for two digits.

The only thing these codes can't change is your current level/maximum HP. To quickly get the maximum of 999 HP, enter all of these codes (EXCEPT FOR 7E0691FF) at the Name Registry screen. You'll start with amazing statistics, but your HP display will read "255/28." The current HP value of 255 signifies your invincibility, but you only have 28 HP at Level 1. Go to Tower 1 and as soon as you physically enter the tower, input the code 7E0691FF. You'll instantly be promoted to Level 15. Fight monsters until you've achieved the maximum experience level of 50. This is rather easy, not only because you're invincible, but because every monster you defeat nets you about 10,000 experience points. When you get to Level 50, your maximum HP will reach 999 no matter what.

Here's what the current HP value display means:

(What the bloody hell? 23?!!?) The value is actually equal to 1023, but the display is 23 because only three digits can be displayed at one time, and the initial zero digit doesn't show.

If you entered all 9 codes, you won't have to worry about anything in the 32-megabit world of Terranigma. No more cowering in fear over the infamous battle with Bloody Mary. No more ducking whenever you see Dignal throw its mate! No more running for cover behind the nearest tree when you see a Dungun getting ready to explode! No more trepidation when treading through flocks of wild Chonchons, 'cause their glassine dust can't faze you anymore!