Questions And Answers

This section is supposed to be a mini-walkthrough - If you're stuck on something and you do not wish to have the spoilers in the walkthrough, you might find your answer here.

Chapter 1:

Q: How do I open the blue door at the elder's mansion?
A: See those pots? Throw 'em on the door.
Q: How do I get to the top floor in tower 1?
A: Walk to the lower left corner on the fourth floor and you should see a broken window. Exit that window and climb the chains.
Q: How do I get to the second floor in tower 2?
A: See those statues? You can push the ones that's got a red gem in their forehead.
Q: Okay, so I made it to the top of the second tower, but I can't get to the door. I notice a switch in the middle of the room, but it's got water surrounding it, so I can't reach it. How do I access that switch?
A: Throw the pots on it.
Q: How do I get to the second floor in tower 4?
A: Jump in the hole in the middle.
Q: I got to the fifth tower, but the guardian always pushes me out again. How do I get past him?
A: Did you get the crystal thread in tower 4? if so, go back to the village and talk to Elle.

Chapter 2:

Q: Ok, so now I'm in the Ra tree, but the Parasite always poisons me. how do I kill it?
A: Find and drink the Ra Dewdrops.
Q: How do I destroy the boulders in Grecliff?
A: Find the RocSpear.
Q: How can I climb those walls with holes in Grecliff?
A: Find the Sharp Claws.
Q: Exactly what am I supposed to do in Windwhale?
A: Throw down those rocks you see on that shining thing in the hole.
Q: Now I'm in Zue, but I can't break that fragile wall. How do I do it?
A: Let a toad blow on you so you fly into it.
Q: I can't get the last three souls to the third altar. Where are they?
A: Remember the fragile wall? In the same screen there are two stumps on each side of the water. Push one stump into the water and push the other out of the way.
Q: How do I kill that freaking muddoll?
A: Block his rocks and throw that rock that lies under the cliff where leim's standing.
Q: In Eklemata there is a Yeti in a hot spring. I have the snowgrass leaf, but I can't put it into the spring. How do I do that?
A: You have to stand southwest of the yeti, with the face turned right.

Chapter 3:

Q: How do you proceed through the taklama Desert?
A: You have to finish Louran first. Then, ask the directions from the nomads.
Q: I can't find my way to the north side in Louran. How do you get there?
A: In the west side, there are some zombies walking into a house. follow those zombies.
Q: I found the way to the north side, but the ghosts always takes me back to the square. How do I avoid that?
A: You have to find the holy seal, which is located on the east side of the town.
Q: I've found Turbo, but he won't lead me to Meilin. How can I get him to?
A: Equip yourself with the red scarf, found in meilin's room.
Q: How do I find Storkolm in Norfest Forest?
A: Find the protect bell.
Q: How do I get the protect bell?
A: Find the mushroom, give it to the chemist, take the sleeping potion and drop the potion in the pot in the castle kitchen. When everyone sleeps, sneak up to the kings chamber and grab the bell.
Q: How do I get the wolfs to quit attacking me?
A: Find the dog whistle, located in the forest.
Q: Where are the four gems?
A: The saphirre is in the fountain, the opal is in a stove in the kitchen, the topaz hangs on the outside of the right tower and the ruby is in the room with the chandeliers.
Q: How do I build the bridge over colorado river?
A: Gather logs in Gumin forest, located nw of Nirlake.
Q: Where is the magic anchor?
A: In the cave where you could see a mystic shadow, swim to the waterfall, but DO NOT fall down. Instead, swim as far left as you can, then fall down.
Q: In the room to the left in Dragoon Castle, I can see a closed door. How can I open that door?
A: Throw the pots filled with water on the lights.
Q: Some walls sounds hollow when I throw pots on them. How can I break them?
A: Find the speedshoes, located on an island nw of Australia.
Q: I can`t find the unpaired statue Meilin is talking about. Where is it?
A: It`s in the room behind the room with six lights. search the wall opposite the first statue on the right.
Q: Where are the five starstones?
A: They are in: Neotokio sewers, Astarica, Ayers rock, Sahara (very hard to find; look in walkthrough to see how to get to it) and Greenland (check the secrets file for info on getting there).

Chapter 4:

Q: How do I hurt the final boss?
A: Stand on the edge of the star and hit his lightorb. Now strike him with your weapon.
Q: How do I avoid the final boss's lightningbeam? Everytime it hits me my HP is halved!
A: The trick's named block. When he fires it, block and everytime it hits you it takes 1-4 hp instead of half.