The Canyon


 You'll find yourself back in Safarium. If you speak to the Gull, it'll say that the lions wish to speak to you. Enter their den, and a few lions will decide to have you for snack! Oh no! Fortunately, king Neo comes and saves you from that fate. Follow the lions and once in the den, speak to king Neo and his wife. You'll be asked to go to the Canyon to help their son Leim.

 Now I kinda like this part. The Canyon is located south of Safarium. Just head down there, and enter. Walk south, and climb down the vine... Whoa, that's an awfully long drop, wasn't it? Head to the right and save Leim from those birds. You'll agree to help him on his test.

 This test isn't that difficult, just keep the following in mind: don't exit a screen Leim's on, unless Leim has already exited or he says something along the lines of "Wow, this is really fun". If you do, you'll have to start over. Also, if Leim get hurt too much you also have to start over, so kill all the monsters before Leim arrives there.

 Okay, let's begin. In the first area, there isn't much to do. Just walk ahead of Leim and kill all the birds. When you get to a boulder and some "scale marks", push the boulder to the right in order to access them, then wait for Leim. When Leim has stopped, speak to him and then start climbing. Leim will jump up using the boulder. Once up, Leim will rush ahead of you.

 The second part is no biggie - kill all monsters, then talk to Leim who stands to the far right. The third part is a maze, kinda - even though there is only one fork in it. Here Leim will take a wrong turn at first, so while he stands still, go and kill all the monsters in the screen, then when you come to the fork, take the right path to get to the exit. If you choose the south fork, Leim will go wrong and blame it all on you.

 In the fourth part, kill the birds, then to cross the stone bridge, walk alongside Leim. If you run, Leim will fall down, and if you walk too slowly it's you who will fall. In the fifth screen you just have to race Leim. There is no way you can win that race, so just finish it. Then in the sixth screen, you just go further on. Leim says he smells a monster, so prepare to meet...

 The evil Mud Doll! This boss is hardly worth the name. Block his shots, then pick up the rock at the cliff where leim is standing and throw on him. After a few hits, he'll give up, and open a path for you. Cross the bridge...

 Surprise! Did you really think he was that honorable? You can't do anything else but wait; eventually Leim will kill the Mud Doll, and he drops a starstone. Leim will take it, and then he'll go away to call a gull. You'll fly back to Safarium.

 Now go and speak to Neo and his wife and they'll make sure you can cross the Indus R. to the west, and also give you the Neo Fang. Head towards the Indus River and cross it, and don't forget to buy yourself a fur coat while you're there.

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