From Indus River, head west and you'll enter Tibet. Enter the mountain and you'll end up in Eklemata. Eklemata is a really cold place, but if you have the fur coat you shouldn't be frozen atleast. As soon as you enter, head left for a Magirock, then head back, walk north a little and head left again.

 Stay on the path until you find a Yeti bathing in a hot spring. As you try to pass, Yomi will come out and give you another lecture. Climb down the vine, and enter the cave. To kill the minidevils, use the spinner or slider attack. Walk as far north as possible and follow the path until you find a vine. Climb the vine, and head left. Jump down the hole to find the FirePike.

 Get back up, and this time throw away all the ice blocks in front of the ice slope to the left. Climb up on the plateu and slide down that slope to get the Ice Suit. Now repeat the process, but this time take the right slope to open the road to the next floor. Follow the path and talk to the flower at the end to receive Snowgrass leaf.

 Throw the leaves in the spring. The Yeti will be healed, and urge you to follow it. Do so, and it'll help you across a lake. In the next screen, head right to get a Stardew, then climb the vine. Follow the path and after climbing the double-vine, head right. Eventually you will reach a cave. Enter it and head to the back for a Magirock, then head back to the double-vine.

 Now, head south and get the Magirock, then climb the vine in the northwest corner. Keep going until you find a cave. Enter the cave and you'll find yourself on an icy slope. When you get out of the wall on the other side, you'll trigger an avalanche. There is no way you can escape it, so just let it take you.

 You'll awake in a cave where a mountain goat observes you. Watch the scene. Soon you'll be free again. Return to the place just before the cave with the icy slope to get a Life Potion. Now head back to the lake. Wow! The avalanche filled it! Yay! Climb down the vine and head northeast.

 Move along the path until you find a cave. To the left there is a chest containing 99 gems. Head back and head right. Follow the path again. The chest contain a Stardew. At the end, there is a Vine there, but it's hard to spot. Move along the path again, and pick up the Magirock on the way, until you see a large hole. Fall down the hole.

 Fall down the next hole, move along the path and eventually you'll find the boss: Dark Morph. Make sure to be atleast level 17 when you fight him, and equip the Neo Fang in order to do the most damage.

 Okay. Dark Morph has three forms: First he'll be a yeti that throws out ice crystals. Then he'll use a blizzard to try and blow you into these crystals. Just stand in a corner and run in the opposite direction of the wind and you'll be fine. After a little while he'll get tired of trying to blow you into the crystals.

 The next form is a bit trickier. It's a cadet with the "Agahnim syndrome" - I e only way to kill it is to reflect its own shots, and you do that by hitting the shots with your spear.

 The third form is it's true form - a dark humanoid. If you hit it it'll transform to loads of (invincible) bats, avoid the bats by attacking them using the slicer attack. Soon enough you'll kill it. Sit back and enjoy the ressurrection of humans. Congratulations! Give yourself a pat on the back, you've just cleared chapter 2.

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